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Aku Soma
Posted - 2010.07.24 09:59:00 - [781]

Originally by: CCP Atropos
Originally by: Qubits
Edited by: Qubits on 27/05/2010 00:42:30
Snip ...
This is on Win7 x64, 12 gigs RAM, etc etc

We are aware of this issue, but we don't have a solution for it. You're just too much for us to handle Sad

Because we also enjoy a robust rig with a multi TB raid system and a Win7 x64 gaming domain, but, also suffer this annoying road-block to patching EvE. We have several solutions for you:

Simply removing the volume size check?

Maybe find out what value is returned when the size breaks the math and ask the user if they would like to quit or continue. It is known that mundanes often like to click on things without reading, but as we already know EvE is not really a fools game, so no need to hold the users hand here. YARRRR!! Besides it's likely to be an exception case where a player is patching this nearly 6GB game and is unaware if they're running out of space or not. A disclaimer could also help bring that point home.

The repair tool can often get the job done, but, when it updates after it detects a newer version, it considers its launch to be a second instance and quits after a programmatic lashing for your seeming folly at running more than one instance of the tool. How about allowing more than one instance to run to fix that. Why stop the user from running more than one? You could even have subsequent launches simply switch focus to the "first" one, and then terminate silently ... .

The repair tool is, however, more a chainsaw than a scalpel when used to do what the patch should be able to do, as it "fixes" everything, no child left behind. And best of all it either doesn't check for drive size, or does so in a way that works.

Why not just use shell commands and parse the output to find the drive size? ie:
(for /f "usebackq tokens=3" %a in (`dir c:\^|find "bytes free" /i`) do @echo %a)

Anyway, just some ideas to help get a solution crafted and released.Very Happy

Aku of House Soma

Posted - 2010.08.05 06:38:00 - [782]

first post so excuse if in wrong spot

Primae . where is it and why did i not get one Wink

i had installed tyrannis then a few days after had to end subscribe for a month
come back few days ago and i missed it
from what i read its pretty useless except for transport but nevertheless id like one

everything else .. no complaints

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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