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Posted - 2010.05.25 13:08:00 - [211]

this is a joke Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:08:00 - [212]

Hurry up!Hurry up!Hurry up!Hurry YARRRR!!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!up!Hurry up!Hurry up!Hurry up!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!YARRRR!!

Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:08:00 - [213]

Confusedwhen will we finally play on ours mobile devices like mobilphones and did change our skills in training QueueYARRRR!!?

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:08:00 - [214]

Blame the volcano!

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:08:00 - [215]

Originally by: Misunderstood Genius
Edited by: Misunderstood Genius on 25/05/2010 13:02:27
Originally by: TriadSte
Edited by: TriadSte on 25/05/2010 12:51:29
Originally by: Serenity Green
CCP is doing a fantastic job, all things considered, and EVE is an awesome game that YOU continue to play despite these unforeseen problems. Once you've developed, tested, and deployed any kind of massive-multiplayer game and hosted tens of thousands of players per day, released numerous expansions and successfully administered the game for several years with absolutely no problems, THEN you can call CCP fail. Until that day, pay your monthly fee, play the game, and endure the occasional glitches in the maintenance process. End of discussion.

See theres your problem your blind.

Yes Eve is a awesome game, WHEN it works.

CCP Do not SUCCESSFULLY Administer the game.

The OCCASIONAL glitch, Seriously.......occasionally? Are you real? Your having a giraffe.

Youve hit one nail on the head however, yes we do PAY to get f*cked around, sorry I meant to play the game...

So why are you still on the forums aka ingame, clever d*ck?
Pay and shut up or don't pay and frak around somewhere else.
Create a forum:
The bucks aren't meant to be the super-customer per months.

Just a moment. Eventually better and more constructive:
Go and make your own MMORPG and show us the secrets of perfectionism!
Show us how to deal with investors, concepts, designs, codes, codes, codes, hardware, employess, rooms, marketing, bugs, support, advertisement, ... without getting bankrupt.
Show it to us. We can't wait to read your business plan and when it comes to life in ... 3 years probably, with costs and no income?

Ok, right why dont you just shut it a bit and hear me out.

I signed up to PLAY eve, I didnt sign up to get messed around. Do I care how a MMORPG works? No I don't. The issue is I dont need to care. CCP made this game and I do enjoy it however for this to happen less than 24 hours before a major patch is utter FAIL.

Putting MORE content onto a FAIL database how STUPID is that??

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:08:00 - [216]

C.C.P : Calamity Catastrophe n Problems, strikes again,one would think, or possibbly postulate that after 5 years you knew what you where doing, ah well so much for theory..lolol

Kels Corsair's
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:08:00 - [217]

Did someone mention soup???

Marco Redwolf
Quantum Horizons
Veni Vidi Vici Alliance
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:08:00 - [218]

I better get on real early, jump clone to Jita, buy all related PI skill books so I can monopolize the market.

Yes. YES!


Vindicator Corporation
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:08:00 - [219]

wow thread growing by the minutes.... wonder if the thread gonna have a downtime also if continue to grow Wink

Commandante Caldari
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:09:00 - [220]

Edited by: Commandante Caldari on 25/05/2010 13:09:19
Originally by: kingblade

Thanksfully I am an IT clown and I am able to laugh at this :-P

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:09:00 - [221]

Originally by: guska Cryotank
They're going through the logs, and finding all the SC's losses up north, and reimbursing them all, because CCP Engineering Alliance is an IT Pet

Expand on this theory, please.

Chron Aldazaar
Royal Enterprise
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:09:00 - [222]

I find CCP's lack of technical knowledge disturbing. Neutral

Martyr's Vengence
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:09:00 - [223]

ok so the day before a MASSIVE downtime for the new Expansion we're gonna spend it waiting....NICE GOOD JOB QA.....

Mortuus VirOrtus
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:09:00 - [224]

Originally by: shenryyr
humans must be pushed

they must go down the stairs

S-Shover Bot?

Georgiy Giggle
The Sith Syndicate
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:10:00 - [225]

Originally by: Nekraz

Are you like..... new to this game?

No, noob. I'm not. 3 years of playing.
If you have more breaks of eve, maybe problem is your sily internet or sily computer???
Check before tell something!

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:10:00 - [226]

When I click next to the last page of the thread, magically new page has appeared. You keep posting faster than I can read. I guess the speed is going up exponentially as the DT end pushes further! Laughing

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:10:00 - [227]

Just when I was going to train new skill.. oog skilltraining coming soon?

GL on expantion launch!

Pheon Silver
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:10:00 - [228]

Originally by: richeal
our skills better be on the clock!!!!

They should be PUSHED Forward =)

Coldhearted One
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:10:00 - [229]

Can I have everybody's stuff?
I have 17 million =D Razz

Consortium Agent
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:10:00 - [230]

Hey CCP!

Ok, so I've asked this before and feel it necessary to ask this again... what part of 'failover' causes the Eve server to die? I'm serious. A failover is a smooth transition from one [clustered] SQL server to another - it's supposed to be seamless - it's supposed to prevent downtime - so why does CCP continue to express that a 'failover' is the cause for the problems with Eve's database? Please stop calling it a 'failover' and call it what it is: a 'fail'. Failover's keep servers running, not cause outages - see... there is a difference.

I've offered you guys my 16+ years of IT experience numerous times and offered to help move you away from the dreaded M$SQL to a more reliable, stable Oracle environment... and still nobody beating down my inbox to get me! What gives? roflmao. Not much more I can do but keep offering I suppose - so, CCP want me to come play fix fix with their database yet? :)

Aside from the database issues and the performance issues, and the endless bugs and glitches in the UI, and the severe fleet lag, and a host of exploits, and... well, aside from all of that... I enjoy Eve and am glad you guys are working hard on it. I wish you'd focus a little more on resolving issues like this - especially given the frequency with which they seem to occur (and they're causing data loss too lately! bah!)

Some of us *are* actually looking forward to Tyrannis and the new industrial aspects - long overdue by most carebear standards. Unfortunate that the PvPers only get a facelift on the Scorpion lol - but after dozens of PvP-centric patches, they can bite our carebear butts :P

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:10:00 - [231]

omg im in jita and its EMPTY btw pro tip: even tho it says unknown you can still log in :)

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:11:00 - [232]

Originally by: Javajunky
Oh by the way, to the rest of you mooks out there, 98% of you posters out there have absolutely zero database experience, programming or system management skills. To put it in perspective, 60 minutes = 0.0114% of the year. So let’s all breath a little, stop the temper tantrums, go outside or maybe go do something nice for someone you’ve been neglecting in your life because you’re playing the game too much.

It's after 11PM here and freezing cold. I'm not going outside!

Garreth Vlox
Obsidian Inc.
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:11:00 - [233]

Originally by: Johnathan Walker
Originally by: evil blake
Wow why does CCP Have Trouble running EVE I love the game but some stuff is just stupid.

Try running an unsharded universe for nearly 50k peak concurrent users with 99.999% uptime... then come talk.

Originally by: explorer1
I just wonder...if we only had to pay for the time that the server is up, would these unexpected crashes, issues, downtimes end????

No, it's in the EULA that the services are provided as is, with no guarantees or warranties.

granted it is hard to run a game designed as one big world with all players in the same universe, however if that feature happens to be one of the BIGGEST selling points to the game maybe you should work on making the server a little more dependable????

ciaphas kane
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:11:00 - [234]

Originally by: Chron Aldazaar
I find CCP's lack of technical knowledge disturbing. Neutral


Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:11:00 - [235]

And here I scheduled all of my account's skill plans to come due this morning so I could set long skills for the expansion... I am soo screwed...

Aeela Lann
The Scope
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:11:00 - [236]

CCP Navigator, I thought we told you to stop storing all those "goodies" on the main cluster...

Rhyvane III
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:11:00 - [237]

I just run a slideshow of my EVE screenshots so it still looks like I'm Playing. Keeps me calm and away fom the real world and real Issues.Besides getting podded in a slideshow doesnt hurt as much.

Chrys Yenderbrook
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:11:00 - [238]

Originally by: Ceirah
When I click next to the last page of the thread, magically new page has appeared. You keep posting faster than I can read. I guess the speed is going up exponentially as the DT end pushes further! Laughing

^ This

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:11:00 - [239]

Originally by: Psydinion
Blame the volcano!

Originally by: Sevarian
No CCP has nothing to do what is going on...
all is Eyjafjallajökull fault!


Star Frontiers
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:11:00 - [240]

LMAO! This was on page 7, as soon as I clicked it page 8.... im assuming by the time ive wrote this page 9 will be here? ....

CCP - this aint looking good for patch day is it... :P

WHIP those hamsters back into shape!

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