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Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [451]

Originally by: Furia Taurina
Originally by: Captain Eflame
Is eve one of icelands biggest exports? if so would unexpected extended DT be considered a national emergency?

No thats Volcanic Ash

No thats tears of online gamers... they taste sweet... business is good.

Red Tiger Technology
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [452]

CCP can i haz DEV tools for ingame, no cheats for eveonline man, no godmode, no unlimited ammo, no unlimited gold, o and no game avaiable atm either. What is eve online....

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [453]

looks like its booting

Morpheus Adenine
Cube Zombie Consortium
House of Gaming
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [454]

Originally by: Nicolatatay Maroun
...i wonder how much the designers are getting payed. I want a job now.

You won't be getting paid anything with spelling like that.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [455]

Starting up in 102 sec...

Kazumi Val'Serth
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [456]

Well, In 2 minutes server's gonna be up, so stop whining already.

tina tick
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [457]

Originally by: shefupity
CCP should calculate the amount of time lost by the players when the servers are offline and extend account activation with that time. 1 h every day + patches = less time for players to play . And i think all of us pay 30 days of game play but we have available 28 days. How about CCP make this updates and maintenance on their money not ours ?!!

dame right if it cost them enuff the pay roll would fial and ppl would get the hint of due it right the first time

Bran Keyye
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [458]

Wow.... when I started reading this topic, there were seven pages. People literally whined so much that I was unable to finish until page 15... and nobody said anything useful.

Giorgos Rbs
Surfers of the Apocalypse
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [459]

Starting up with countdown again :P

*** crosses fingers ***

Edward 2
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [460]

`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away".

What more can i say!

Diaishi Akye
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [461]

Originally by: Dances WithWolves
I guess the SC need longer than 30 minutes to evac from the north. Wink

Game was Canceled Due to Volcanic Ash LaughingShocked

Casimir Fenring
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [462]

Originally by: DizzyO2
hopefully with the extra hour and a half downtime that should be shaved off tomorrows update

ROFLMAO! Hope springs eternal! ;)

Kels Corsair's
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [463]

LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!! Shocked

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [464]

IŽam waiting. I have to harvest some ore.
This downtime is realy bad for my production.


Rim Collection RC
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [465]

Originally by: Frenzerelly
I've been with EVE for less then a month, and twice now you guys don't have your act together. I am not very convinced if I should keep playing this game. If it is true you guys run with MS SQL, then go figure, and consider Oracle. Also you guys should build a client for LINUX, am am sure you be doing much better. Stop feeding into MS monopoly!

Have you guys thought about reimbursing your customers if missed play time?

Very disappointing!

You can get some cookies.

ciaphas kane
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [466]

OMG it is actually starting up!!!!
in all seriousness

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [467]

Originally by: Tizona
can't believe nobody has suggested the obvious solutions.

to the whiners: go burn one.

to the database engineers: order more beer and go burn one.

I disagree, we need to take a UK political stance to this issue;

Have some politicians (or devs in this case) make an official statement
Have some senior devs criticise the junior devs who made the statement
Flail around and panic a lot
Have the CEO (aka Prime Minister) vouch there will be a public enquiry and justice will be done
Hold public enquiry two years later, at great expense
Exonerate all those involved
Smile and wave at the cameras

Job done.

Sung mai
Rebel Alliance of New Eden
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [468]

Starting up? I call bs. xD Its almost like.. you feed the hamsters and they faint again.


Last Rites
Eternal Frontier
Eternal Ascension
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:38:00 - [469]

Originally by: Maligin
Originally by: CCP Navigator
Tranquility is currently unavailable following the daily downtime. Our engineers are investigating the problem and we hope to bring you updates as soon as possible.

Duplicate threads on the server status will be locked and directed to this official announcement.

Update at 13:43 UTC. Tranquility is now online and accepting connections.

Update at 13:52 UTC. Following our normal scheduled downtime it was quickly discovered that the database required re-indexing. Operations completed this re-indexing successfully.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

I can't believe you are going to make me sift through all this belligerent nonsense the europeon types have packed on here so early in the morning, gotta leave in 20, would really like a NEW LOCKED THREAD.

they just like the jovions ?

Xyla Kador
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [470]

Originally by: CloakedEgg
Starting up in 102 sec...

/me spams connect button

(30 sec \o/)

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [471]

First time post. Thought I'd make it memorable. I have no effen idea what the hell is going on.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [472]

Just tell the truth, we all know some dumb ass pressed the buttion to up date the data base with all the new item's before every thing was set into place too do so..

We all know Eve wont be back on line till Monday so stop lieing.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [473]

lets give us all a plex for wateing

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [474]

they say 2mins but its said that often today lol and still didnt workCrying or Very sad

Jayra Zarpri
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [475]

Originally by: Morpheus Adenine
Originally by: Nicolatatay Maroun
...i wonder how much the designers are getting payed. I want a job now.

You won't be getting paid anything with spelling like that.

You can actually spell it both ways, so nothing wrong with his spelling abilities.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [476]

Another Bull**** Countdown! =/

Why they do that?

someone with heart problem can have a stroke!


Tomora ina
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [477]

hi again i see that frightened them into action checked back after writing last post and tranny on in 2mins 30 sec time Razz
regards tom
the spy amongst you lol

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [478]

with is much hardware required to power and run our game universe
it will break from time to time.
ccp will sort it.

but don't expect to get anything for free.

they will fix it.
go make some food. clean your desk, take out the trash.
and it will be back up shortly.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:39:00 - [479]

Relax everyone,

I have it on good authority that the Amarr empire will be supplying a good lot of Minmatar slaves to help speed up the whole patch process.

However they imported the slaves a day too soon and without anything to do they're running amok (amok amok amok) and taking down the database to give them something to repair.

Slave owners are encouraged to "discipline" their slaves (or any other slaves for that matter). This should help organize and speed up recovery.

Med-techs are standing by for slaves that have needed "extra discipline" or have had over enthusiastic owners.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:40:00 - [480]

start the patch we need to wait anyway.

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