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Captain Eflame
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:34:00 - [421]

Is eve one of icelands biggest exports? if so would unexpected extended DT be considered a national emergency?

Nicolatatay Maroun
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:34:00 - [422]

watch the gameplay video of DUST 514 (wattever its called) on youtube,
now... is it just me, or is the ship the player jumps into (towards the end of the clip) a complete rip off of the ones from the 'AVATAR' movie...?

i wonder how much the designers are getting payed. I want a job now.

Pra Etorian
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:34:00 - [423]

Cluster needs more duct tape.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [424]

Well, it is annoying to have to wait, but it's 1 day people, deal with it. Sure, it can mess with carefully planned skill training, but how badly will it screw that up? May long weekend just ended and most people should be home and will be able to queue in new skills whenever they bring it up, and though the game is fun, do you really need to be on it today?
Oh and though planets may add a little more lag, they need to add new content or the old players will get bored, and quit, then they'll lose money, then cutbacks come, then overall quality drops, then more people leave, then quality drops again, rinse repeat, game over.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [425]

Edited by: Fincosta on 25/05/2010 13:35:45
CCP hamster burned out

*Inappropriate image removed - Fallout

Furia Taurina
Estrale Frontiers
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [426]

Originally by: Captain Eflame
Is eve one of icelands biggest exports? if so would unexpected extended DT be considered a national emergency?

No thats Volcanic Ash

inza onoa
Cruentus Invicta
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [427]

Originally by: Test looking
I was here Smile


Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [428]

what now, we´ll make something for our patience on fanfest?

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [429]


Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [430]

omg new eden is falling apart

Easy Co.
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [431]

Originally by: OscarD
Originally by: Luwc


Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [432]

Originally by: Sarius Deteis
Sadly I skimmed ten pages of CCP haters and there is only one thing that I can say. The word of the day is grammar. If you do not know what this word is, or how to spell it, then please go back to elementary or primary school to learn it.

Honestly, it is not that hard. Spell check is built into your browser!


well whatdoyousay.. CVA guy... you got no space left, but you sure can spell.
How is that working out for you?

Next time I see you in Jita or wherever in empire you live now, can you spell something for me pls?

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:35:00 - [433]

Originally by: Josephina Marco
Originally by: Georgiy Giggle
Originally by: Nekraz

Are you like..... new to this game?

No, noob. I'm not. 3 years of playing.
If you have more breaks of eve, maybe problem is your sily internet or sily computer???
Check before tell something!

1. Today
2. 16 May:
3. 07 May:

So 3 breaks in one month. So must be very new. Like a week old at a maximum of 1 month if you claim that is breaks only 2-3 time a year

07 +9
16 +9

does anyone want to bet on next DB fault date ?

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [434]

hmh there is a hint for players for the downtime tomorrow =o

"Players should ensure that their skill queues are populated with sufficient skills to cover the downtime."

i cant do this because
i´ll hope the server starts before the next expended downtime
and i hope it gives in the future free playtime for these issues oO

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [435]

On the next expansion, CCP should:
1.) Switch database to something more stable.
2.) Take as much time as needed to fix current issues.
3.) ?????????
4.) Profit

Who cares if all the addicts ragequit because they can't play with their pixel-ships for awhile? They will resubscribe (because they're addicts) and more people will subscribe due to better performance. I for one have my doubts that the current server will hold up under EVE and Dust at the same time...

Natura1 Addict
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [436]

Do they have something to help us out during EVE downtimes at the local Methadone clinics?

Misunderstood Genius
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [437]

Originally by: UGERNAUGHT
Originally by: guska Cryotank
Originally by: Graic
It's after 11PM here and freezing cold. I'm not going outside!


I'm going to run out of smokes and catch a cold if this keeps up!

In a serious note, there hasn't been a real major issue for a while (aside from that items crash the other day), so whatever they are doing, it's been working to a degree. If you are joking around and killing time, then ignore me, if not, read on.

Sure, you pay to play the game, you also pay to have electricity and water to your house. Occasionally you get a notification that the power or water or gas or whatever will be off for a certain amount of time (Downtime if you will), do you get all uppity if the outage lasts a bit longer? Do you get a phone call to say "sorry, you can't have water because Bill pee'd in the pipes"? No, you get diddly squat. And when the power goes out in summer due to excess load, do you get some guy around to your house to say "hey, sorry guys, the substation got a bit overloaded and tripped the safety, we'll have it fixed shortly"? Like hell you do!

What gives you the right to hold CCP, a company that supplies a game, which is, after all, a LUXURY item, more accountable than the guys supplying the power to run your fridge, PC etc?

Seriously, all those having a genuine whinge, step off, go play Solitaire.

They provide a service we pay for, so yeah, we have the right to complain when the service sucks. And when the gas or electric company disrupts my power, I complain to them too, cause I pay for their services.

Not really right: you have not the right to call CCP a greedy asshat what most of here do. You have the right to use the software as a licensee. The service is finally included but not your right to force CCP doing things better. Period.
The difference between a power supplier is that they have to take care about something what is life essential.
When power shuts down you lose money by broken business or your reallife is extremely affected.
Here we talk about a frakking game. Drop it today and your reallife will just be hard because you are addicted to it for no sense.
The game eats time and gives you nothing special for your reallife but simply fun.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [438]

Grammar? Whats wrong with my grammar? Last time I checked, she was fine!

Golden Horse Trading Company
On the Rocks
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [439]

Time will come :D, Few more minutes more, hopefully.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [440]

Server is restarting, maybe this is it? *fingers crossed*

Chron Aldazaar
Royal Enterprise
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [441]

Originally by: Pra Etorian
Cluster needs more duct tape.

Well you know what they say...

Duct Tape is like the Force, it has a light side and a dark side and binds the universe together.

Hammerswift Thunder
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [442]

Originally by: UGERNAUGHT
CCP reminds me a lot of Sony Online with Star Wars Galaxies.

How about the admin listen to your paying customers, fix the bugs we have now and worry about expansions after.

capsrage off/

J'Torr Kitano
ZiiP Empire
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [443]

There was an Old Man who supposed,
That the street door was partially closed;
But some very large rats,
Ate his coats and his hats,
While that futile old gentleman dozed.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:36:00 - [444]

CCP how bout an update??? Any clue as to when it's comin back up?

The Miner's Paradise
Quasar Generation
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [445]

Originally by: yars
I don't really have any thing to add. I just didn't want to be the only player in eve who didn't post a comment

Happy Towel Day!!

Happy Towel Day to you too dude =D

And thanks for all the Fish ;)

Lord Moheebah
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [446]

LOL .... yes even the server is terrified of tomorrows patch and denies to come online. Why u guys there keep kicking a dying horse to finish the race. Dominion needs ER fixing and stay in bed till it gets full recovery from the hamster disease. As another player mentioned u seem greedy by keep on pushing tyrannis on a server base that is already that much struggled. Folks at ccp Where is this going? u trying to renew ur player base for total new ones?.ugh The old ones already are *****ing arent you watching? (LOL maybe not, they are busy chasing the hamsters).

Ok this is why console games are winning ppl for they dont need that much infrastructure to maintain their games. Either u spend on better equipment or farewell ur upcoming expansions for they will fail.

p.s. We love eve and player base will keep grow if the game is having a year of good stability and no lag. This thread having grown that much so quickly and so many bitter talking is a sign. Keep ignoring ...

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [447]

Startup in 160 secs.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [448]

Cluster starting up...

Animal control was dispatched to catch the owl in the datacenter eating all the hamsters.

Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [449]

zo when kan we haz thu survers bak up anz spinnin?
muh brain iz haveing failoverz

Pheon Silver
Posted - 2010.05.25 13:37:00 - [450]

Starting up again hopefully it will actually let us in

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