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Predator CEO
Posted - 2010.05.19 08:56:00 - [1]


I'm a phone salesman in RL, and i have this new contract with other business (i own my company). We made a deal where i get 60% of the sale price of the products when customers have paid.

So i started to work real hard, and made alot of deals. Now, 10% of these customers have cancelled the deal when the bill came. I think this could even raise more since they just got it.

I'm really ****ed, why do this turds order anything if they do not intend to pay for it. Also, when i sell products i'm fair and never lie. Now i look bad for the company that i had made this deal with.

Damn i'm ****ed. Let's see if more people cancel.Evil or Very Mad

Dan O'Connor
Cerberus Network
Posted - 2010.05.19 10:09:00 - [2]

It's a bit like PVP in Jita. You gotta be smarter and faster than the rest.

Caldari Citizen20090217
Posted - 2010.05.19 14:35:00 - [3]

Might be worth speaking to a few of the clients. You might find they either felt pressured, or found a better deal elsewhere etc. Also make sure your 60% comission doesn't lead you to try to inch prices up. Like in Jita, sales volume > one-off profits.

Oh and this is Ev...erm real life, adapt or die Twisted Evil

Wuff Wuff
The Oliver Postgate Appreciation Club
Posted - 2010.05.19 23:45:00 - [4]

If you make commission when they pay (not when they agree to buy), even if 20% cancel, you've still got 60% of the remaining 80%. Other than that your sales figures need to be revised down and there's not quite as much in your pocket as you thought, if you're still making a decent margin then what's the problem? Surely you just build the anticipated cancellations into future figures? Does this company you have a deal with not already anticipate cancellations from experience?

I would agree with the other suggestion of trying to survey the people who canceled and try and find out why they did.

- Wuffles


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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