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Xtro 2
El Bastardos
Posted - 2004.12.07 20:14:00 - [31]

Originally by: Viceroy
Edited by: Viceroy on 07/12/2004 11:40:42
Originally by: Xendie

warp scramblers scramble at strength 2 and there is no warp core stabs that has strenght 2 yet.

Yes there is.

edit: fixy. damn you dbp.

Nice, btw that has to be 1 of the uglyest window/background colour combinations ive seen to date Rolling Eyes

Never used stabs myself like, if i ever found id need stabs to go somewhere, chances are thats a place i really dont wish to visit with stabs fitted or not.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.12.07 23:00:00 - [32]

We all know the people that dont wanna get caught are the carebears who dont want to get caught while taking 200mils worth of mins thro empire on insta jumps to be suddenly jumped by some ebil pirate in a 0.4 or someone their at war with anywhere along the way.

Well thats kinda obvious, maybe ud prefer them to just self destruct when they see u? oh no theres a delay on that now cos it kills ur loot. Me wonders why they did that??

Sadly theres more carebears like this in the game than there is pirates/pvpers so CCP have to look after the larger majority and say "yes we'll make you invinsible to less than 5players" Do as lifewire once said when i moaned about this fit a raven with 5warp core stabs warp into a fleet blow some **** up n run away again.

No1. When do u stop bein a pirate and start becomeing a "why cant i kill anything" carebear urself?Wink

No2. Dont confuse pvpers with gankersWink The real pirates of eve are long gone (with the exception of MAYBE tundragon and the odd small group here and there)

The b all and end all is no matter wot ccp nerf cos gankers whine, peeps adapt and u cant catch themVery Happy

Take a look at how corps like SPVD ust to operate, they ust to PIRATE, by working 4 the kill, or maybe ud prefer there to be a 2 minute delay where u have to sit next to the gate at a dead stop b4 u can jump, during which time all damage goes straight to hullShocked

Jazz Bo
Celestial Apocalypse
Posted - 2004.12.07 23:43:00 - [33]

Originally by: MrMorph

Interceptors r by far to good, they should have a activation penalty for scramblers.
Nothing much, perhaps a second after lock or so.

So you think that the ship class that is specifically meant for catching other ships should have a penalty for warp scrambling?

Tides of Silence
SMASH Alliance
Posted - 2004.12.08 00:16:00 - [34]

Look guys here's the reason why WCS will be around.
CAREBEARS <3 WCS so they can transport their mins.
CCP Loves people who pay subscription (i.e. players).
If they **** a big group off, they won't be gettin' as many subscriptions.
So, **** the carebears off (Larger percentage of Carebizzles), then you lose more subscriptions.
Therefore, nerf stabs = less carebears = less money = NO WCS NERF!!

Stetu logic = teh bombzor.
Oh and don't take away stabs because they're the brightest module in eve.

Oh and stop crying about how you want to turn them into microwarp drives, they already tear up my cpu pretty hard.

Oh, and i still want to buy like 50 wcs II.

Convo me/mail me/eve mail me/yell at me if you got some.

Sardau Kar
Posted - 2004.12.08 06:02:00 - [35]

Pvpers and carebears are like the ying and yang,theres a balance for a reason,and one cant live without the other.If carebears would get griefed in every corner and WCs were removed/changed for insane requirements even for a pure running setup(because they surely would get griefed to no end),empire would be a empty spot and 0.0 space would fastly become a battleground with people hiting each other in rookie ships,and only megacorps with its own supplies to replace ship over ship would rule the field.

If you want to catch a ship on cores,then use buddys in frigs/interceptors(even with multiple scramblers) to stop it.

Pvpers PVP,carebears carebear,each one to its own.Its not like carebear is in any way worse than a pvp person,its different.

Sardau Kar
Posted - 2004.12.08 06:09:00 - [36]

What I gathered from reading this is:Idiots wanted stabs to stay the way they are

What I gathered from reading your enlightening argument,you should try to be more creative and see beyond a smart/******ed line.So people that disagree with you are idiots,and people that agree are cool,yay.

Its not like you have ever proven to be an erudite.
Yeah dont bother answering,I know,Im a ****tard,right?
Rolling Eyes

Ad Astra Vexillum
Sc0rched Earth
Posted - 2004.12.08 11:02:00 - [37]

Originally by: Viceroy
Originally by: Xendie
the tech2 stabs and scramblers are not available yet ingame or has there been any recent change in the last days?

they are viewable on the market interface but no one got them.

I have one, would you like to buy it?

no thnx, i almost never use them anyway.

Evona Moucrou
National Health Service
Posted - 2004.12.08 12:18:00 - [38]

I thought it was possible to use several ships with scramblers to scramble one target ship.

While it is not possible to use serveral ships to strengthen the warp-strength.

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