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Posted - 2010.05.17 19:33:00 - [1]

Alrighty, so.. in preparation for the next expansion, I've resubbed to eve and lookin' for a new corp. It's the beginning of summer, so I'm gonna try and be at least a bit active before school starts next semester, to see if things work out. Now, a bit about my eve experience..

Have around 35M SP, started back in '06, and have been playing on and off since then. I can fly pretty much any T2 minnie ship, maybe with the exception of command and T2 battle ships. Can also fly carriers and jump freighters. I run my own corps (and alliance) before, so I know my way around pretty well, although I may need to brush up on a few things. My favorite areas of the game would probably be exploration and small gang pvp.

What am I looking for? Hard to say, really. I think I'd prefer a newer/smaller corp, don't really like the idea of joining a big, already established group. What would really be cool is clear, defined goals, with good leadership. I want a purpose when I login, not just a 'whatever happens' corp. Lowsec based, if possible, I guess. Not sure what else to put.. just wanna find a cool group I can get along with really well. Hit me up sometime if you wanna chat =D.

Supreme Potentate
Posted - 2010.05.17 22:30:00 - [2]

X-Fleet - Raven Federation
Currently seeking 2 or 3 moderately skilled pilots that enjoy blowing people up and making a lot of isk.

- Mission runners that would like to step up the isk making.
- PvP pilots.

Signon Bonus: An Exotic Dancer and One Unit of Soil.
The Corp
- Small Elite PvP and Isk Making Corp.
- US Timezone - Mostly 5pm to 1am Eastern US Time
- Evetime Range - Around 21:00 - 05:00
- Blackrise Region for highsec
- And we operate in several of the 0.0 regions on the west side of the map.
- PvP Fleets. Roams and Wars.
- Complex Exploration
- Group Ops and Solo Ops
- Lots of Freedom
- We do a Variety of things so Eve never gets boring.
- Between our Corp, Alliance, and our Blues, there are pvp fleets every day.
1. Be able to use Ventrillo. This is especially important in fleet ops.
2. Be moderately skilled battleship pilot.
3. Be able to fly some Tech 2 Cruisers or soon to train a cruiser 5 skill.
4. We may require API code at any time of our choosing for security purposes.

Eve-Mail Supreme Potentate with the basics of your qualifications and what you are looking for.
Our public channel is X-Pub

Ship-n-Loot Removal Services Extraordinaires
Unequal Opportunity Employer

If you are one of our valued customers, we'd like to thank you for your business as always. We hope your ship-n-loot was removed to your satisfaction. Please come again!

Posted - 2010.05.17 22:47:00 - [3]

Posted - 2010.05.17 23:50:00 - [4]

*bump* :D

Short Bus Pole Dancers
Posted - 2010.05.18 00:01:00 - [5]

feel free to check out SBPD

Hit us up if your interested.

Posted - 2010.05.18 06:57:00 - [6]

still lookin' =]

Zoltar Torzoid
Swag Co.
Posted - 2010.05.18 07:47:00 - [7]

Check out SWAG Co. man, you look like you might fit in well.

Posted - 2010.05.18 09:20:00 - [8]

Hi Sythyss, Pacific Dawn has just joined a new NC alliance. Best friends forever is the mantra of the NC and they mean it. If being with a new alliance, up north is what you are up for, then we might be a good fit.

Here is our latest blurb

If you're interested please look us up.

Pony Tail
Martyr's Vengence
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.05.18 16:50:00 - [9]

Martyr's Vengence

Where we live:


-SOV holding alliance
-Roams everynight lots of kills
-Home Defence Fleets
-Kill Board:
-Standard Fittings and Fitting help
-Lots of Blue fleet access
-Great people who have flown together for years
-TS3 Server Availiable and active for constant comunications
-SISI practice for members
-1.2 Million isk Rats
-Maxed out Plex upgrades for great Plexing

Miners and Industrialists
-Establishing a concrete Corperation in 0.0
-Moon mining being established
-Great indy program for ship making
-Training and education on low and null
-Miners welcome as well as Industrialists
-Upgraded Mining Systems with multiple Grav. Spawns
-A,B,C,D Ores in great amounts
-Four stations to sell Goods in
-Booster Fleet running 23/7 for all alliance mining members
-Forms for all your questions

What we Ask:
-Minimun SP of 7 million
-TS3 is manditory (you log on to eve you connect to TS3)
-Listen to your CEO, and Directors, but are very open to concerns and suggestions.
-API key and User ID, NO COMPROMISE.
-Register with Alliance forms.
-Have cyno alts ready to be put in place (or start training one)
-You make your own isk (with help from corp)
-If action is slow, your able to function your own.

Contact Pony Tail or Usarius in game or EVE Mail them.

Our corp is an active one with good people, we roam, cam,p and fight together, we are building a home so expect to do other roles as well. There is no drama or **** FC's, just gaming and having fun Setting up a Self Sustained Corp in Deep 0.0. So if you want in on this growing corp which is creating a great foundation in Branch, CONTACT US.

Once again Contact Diaishi Akye, lahndrian, Ryan Starwing or Pony Tail for info and Applications

Onyx Wrathbringer
xXx 0v3rKiLL xXx
Posted - 2010.05.18 21:05:00 - [10]

Hey man, I think that minus the lowsec involvement; No Refuge is exactly what you are looking for. I'll contact you ingame or you can join the channel No Refuge ingame. Talk to you soon I hope!


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