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Lamb Federation Navy
Posted - 2010.05.11 21:40:00 - [1]

Edited by: W3370Pi4 on 19/03/2011 17:20:39

The "LIVE EVENTS" channel

To learn about or Spread the news about live events . join the "LIVE EVENTS" channel(ooc channel)

All the rules and other informations are now on the evelopedia :

Independent Traders and Builders
Posted - 2010.05.12 20:46:00 - [2]

Bump for the win.

Kith Melkor
Posted - 2010.05.12 22:09:00 - [3]

Edited by: Edson on 03/06/2010 16:53:43
Intel channel...

Lorkin Desal
Lone Star Partners
Posted - 2010.05.12 22:47:00 - [4]

been idling since the first event, will continue.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2010.05.12 23:34:00 - [5]

good stuff

Lanais Suleia
Posted - 2010.05.14 09:42:00 - [6]

Or let's use the "Events" channel for a neutral ground not run by a player corporation.

Posted - 2010.05.16 11:31:00 - [7]

Originally by: Lanais Suleia
Or let's use the "Events" channel for a neutral ground not run by a player corporation.

You can use the unmoderated, less organised 'events' channel if you wish but i'd recommend the 'Live events' channel over it anytime.

Posted - 2010.05.16 14:24:00 - [8]

Great channel to keep up with events. Enjoy the fights and the infomation.

Posted - 2010.05.16 14:27:00 - [9]

Nice channel. I like it Smile Thanks.

DeT Resprox
Posted - 2010.05.16 14:34:00 - [10]

I fully endorse this fine service :D

Squirrel Defamation League
Posted - 2010.05.16 15:43:00 - [11]

Liking the Channel so far, had all info needed readily available and got up to speed quite quick. Let's take these Sansha Bastards down!

Jarek Kalensa
The Defenders of Pen Island
Posted - 2010.05.17 08:53:00 - [12]

Can someone explain why our entire alliance was kicked from the Live Events channel last night? We were not using obscenities, and were not trolling, although some banter did occur after a particularly daft person (who shall remain nameless as I didn't care enough to remember their name) shouted loudly that "all pirates should be banned from EVE."

Quite predictably, we laughed quite a lot.

I was under the impression that the channel was to give people info about the events regardless of your position on the Sansha Nation... Was I wrong?


Posted - 2010.05.17 11:28:00 - [13]

Great channel , great fun. No to ban on pirates. Last night i would have banned the roleplayers though . They take over and just keep spamming the same bull.The key to the channel is to stay neutral and give information. Any fleet formed from the room ...should be aware that it is a public chat and act accordingly. And as i said before..ban the roleplayers and their spam if you must ban someone. Happy hunting.

Mammal Tafren
Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative
Posted - 2010.05.17 12:55:00 - [14]

Pirates are part of New Eden life, and many 'pirates' have risked their lives and ships against Sansha.

Pro-Sansha corps and capsuleers, though, ban the **** out the them.

Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2010.05.17 15:18:00 - [15]

I would say dont ban them. the roleplayers however are a real pain. none of them seem to be able to read the motd.

Posted - 2010.05.17 21:10:00 - [16]

Ban the limey blokes for good! They only use the posted info to hunt and kill!
I've seen it at work

The Environmental Management Team
Posted - 2010.05.17 21:14:00 - [17]

I have nothing against those who choose to ****, pilage & plunder, etc...
I just don't want to hand them an unfair advantage if ya get my drift.

If they are gonig to attack and steal from us make'm work really hard for it!

Cameron Freerunner
Posted - 2010.05.17 22:18:00 - [18]

Mute the players. Let RP and Pirates each create their own channel and they can ban or allow anyone they want. Provide real and timely intel. The race across the galaxy is only fun if you get to take part in the op. Maybe mix it up a little with 'reports of disturbances' in several systems, but an invasion in only one. Maybe a 10 minute lead time (10 to 15jumps out). Players who work together will easily confirm. Solo players can take a little gamble. Just give us a chance!

Kat's Discount Weapon Emporium
Posted - 2010.05.18 08:23:00 - [19]

I think a fundamental issue is that at no point did you, W3370Pi4, specify that this was an anti-Sansha intel channel.

I have seen you spamming the link for it in local channels, and you moan at role-players, but otherwise it is entirely disorganized and full of players from all walks of life.

Before you ask who should be banned, you should ask yourself what the channel is for.

Seekers of a Silent Paradise
Posted - 2010.05.18 12:32:00 - [20]

Myself and others were banned for roleplaying Nation.

Suggest you look elsewhere for event news.

Good for gathering enemy intel though, see you on an alt YARRRR!!

W3370pi4: Answer one of these questions.
1. Why are you falsely advertising your channel?
2. If it really is a place to "learn about or Spread the news about live events", why were people banned when they did nothing wrong?

Lamb Federation Navy
Posted - 2010.05.18 13:31:00 - [21]

Channel is barely 1 week old , things will get better
also 95% of the ban have been lifted

Lamb Federation Navy
Posted - 2010.06.14 00:53:00 - [22]

Events have started again come join the fun !!!

Lamb Federation Navy
Posted - 2010.06.26 19:58:00 - [23]

Event was in yulai today at planet 3 join now to learn about the other events

Posted - 2010.06.26 20:42:00 - [24]

Be even better if they carrier km was posted!!!!

Julius Rigel
Sub-warp Racing Venture
Posted - 2010.06.27 04:10:00 - [25]

Tried it for a while, but I couldn't figure out exactly what the events are which seem to happen whenever I'm not around.

Ghost Hunter
True Slave Foundations
Shaktipat Revelators
Posted - 2010.07.08 05:17:00 - [26]

Good channel in my experience. I've not seen the heavy handed behavior others have talked about, and I suppose I am lucky I did not get banned because of my accidental RP spam during one particularly laggy event.

My recommendations;

>Do not ban pirate corps, sansha loyalists etc. If the channel is neutral, everyone should get involved. However, I agree with any bans on people attempting to scam/ambush/misinform and the like. Ban on actions, not on affiliation.

>Change the 'go to roleplay channel' from SynePublic to 'The Summit'. SynePublic is operated by the opponents of the Sansha side of the events, gravely contesting the neutrality of your channel. On the other hand, The Summit has a reputation as something of a neutral ground (And many of us have fought against it turning into anything else).

>I am personally divided if I should recommend moving the "past sansha attacks" intel for similar bias issues as I mentioned above. I'll leave that to others to judge.

General Escobar
Posted - 2010.07.26 00:15:00 - [27]


Eternal Frontier
Posted - 2010.08.09 19:39:00 - [28]

Posted - 2010.08.09 19:40:00 - [29]

This is a really good service and I use it for all my live event needs.

ecks why
Posted - 2010.08.09 19:40:00 - [30]

It rocked!

(and i wasnt even there yet it rocked so much it spread over to other systems even other regions).

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