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Lina Inverse
Posted - 2010.05.08 03:47:00 - [1]

Edited by: Lina Inverse on 10/05/2010 04:46:55
Min Bid: 18 bil
Buy out: 25 bil
Reserve Hidden
Duration: 13th may DT if reserve is met or a Buy out.

Lina Inverse
83 mil sp

Awesome Name!

Has positive wallet
Has Positive Sec status
Located in high sec
4 JCs in High Sec - one in low sec

Access to almost all Caladri and Amarr level 4 Agents
Isk to this toon

Almost Perfect learning
5 Jump Clones 1 with +5s, one with +3s rest with +4s
5 R&D level 4 agents for good passive isk income

(6 m sp in drones)
(11m sp in guns) t2 guns and drones for all races
(8 m in missiles)
Frigate V all races
30 Days from perfect gunnery support skills (11 m sp)
Cruiser V (mini,Caldari)
Battle Cruiser V
BS V Amarr and Caldari
Caldari, Carrier + Dread
Destroywers IV

Assault Ships IV
Electronic Attack ships I
Ceptors IV
Logis IV
Recon IV

Ready for black ops

Ready for Amarr or Caldari Marauder
Gallente Freighter and Jump Freighter
Ready For transports


Lina Inverse
Posted - 2010.05.09 05:25:00 - [2]

Changed to sale

Kirynn Rank'sku
Posted - 2010.05.09 05:34:00 - [3]

No min/max bid price

Toon sheet is passworded. No access to look.

Lina Inverse
Posted - 2010.05.09 05:45:00 - [4]


Pasword should now be removed. not sure how it got one.

Lina Inverse
Posted - 2010.05.10 04:48:00 - [5]

Format changed to an Auction after suggestions /complaints? not quiet sure in game.

Sonja Bo
Posted - 2010.05.10 23:24:00 - [6]

msg me in game!

Lina Inverse
Posted - 2010.05.11 21:01:00 - [7]


Lina Inverse
Posted - 2010.05.12 21:58:00 - [8]


Lina Inverse
Posted - 2010.05.13 20:59:00 - [9]

Edited by: Lina Inverse on 13/05/2010 21:00:33
20 bil in game bid recieved

Lina Inverse
Posted - 2010.05.14 03:43:00 - [10]

in game BO accepted from HembO

Posted - 2010.05.14 04:13:00 - [11]

isk sent, character received. thx.


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