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Eventy One
Magellan Exploration and Survey
Mordus Angels
Posted - 2010.05.29 16:38:00 - [31]

Kind of suggests a "Ghost in the Machine" type fate for the sleepers.

Enheduanni Foundation
Posted - 2010.05.29 18:00:00 - [32]

CCP Dropbear could you confirm something for me. I am not asking you to revile how. Just are there more pops we are missing and are there pops that are trigged not by distance but something else?

I have spent months now trying to find any other pops and failed. Also a few times my corp mates reported popups during combat which they shut due to combat. Then afterwards no one could get the pops back suggesting something else other then distance triggers them.

As I have spent months looking and not found any could you confirm is there a trigger other then distance that makes pops appear? Am I missing other pops?

I am not asking you to tell us how to get the other pops. I just don't want to waste hours upon hours searching for something that's either not there or my corps mates are mistaken on.

Toot O'Rien
Posted - 2010.05.30 00:50:00 - [33]

I am not certain if this is relevant but Oruze means string in the Bantu dialect Zanaki.

Chaos Rendering
Posted - 2010.05.31 19:16:00 - [34]

wow this is amazing i didnt even know this was going on !!!

really following this now Very Happy

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2010.05.31 23:08:00 - [35]

Originally by: Pottsey
CCP Dropbear could you confirm something for me.

There's something for each Enclave in the mirror. I'm not sure if you recovered each one...? Beyond the, it's special. YARRRR!!

By the way, there's a new chronicle out Very Happy

It helps me illustrate this point:

Originally by: CCP Dropbear
The pieces of this puzzle are scattered across a wide area, and [a wide] stretch of time...all of this - all of it - is unfolding in real time. showing, amongst other things, the difference between five images and six.

Enheduanni Foundation
Posted - 2010.06.01 07:41:00 - [36]

Thanks for that info.

I was just going over our old Sleeper screenshot and spotted this one I forget to post months back. It looks pretty important to me taken by Asbalon Jade my wormhole friend.

Right now my research is on a hold as the corp has stopped doing combat raids in Wspace. Unstill I find a new corp home there isn't much I can do.
For those that missed it here is my collection of Sleeper lore
I believe gathering all the Sleeper lore together then reading though it will help us make sense of this. The problem is I cannot do it alone and getting enough help to cover the sites I am missing has not been easy.

Anyone know any real good wormhole corps I could join?

Asbalon Jade
Posted - 2010.06.01 10:33:00 - [37]

Originally by: Pottsey

I was just going over our old Sleeper screenshot and spotted this one I forget to post months back. It looks pretty important to me taken by Asbalon Jade my wormhole friend.

Don't remind me of that one. AI's have the most screwed up prioity list I could think of. After I found my heart happily hopping around in the pod, and reintroducing it to my body, I gave Carina one hell of a stern talking to.

*mimiks a female voice* "bla bla bla, by the way two dozzen sleepers want to kill you. Does this program make me look fat?"... wait.. what?

Anyway. Sorry to say no way of finding out where the "mass" was transported to, or how much. But there seems to be a lot of activity going on, as there are also active Talocan Gates in lower WH classes. Which does kind of strike me odd, as those Sleepers are decribed as being "new".
Hehe, kind of makes you wonder if the "mass" that was transported was those sleeper ships, as you find the energy readings in High class WH's, and the gates that seem to be cyno's are usually in lower class Wh's...

but who knows..

((*looks to the newest Chronicle*... hmm..))

Asbalon Jade
Posted - 2010.06.01 11:07:00 - [38]

Edited by: Asbalon Jade on 01/06/2010 11:07:00
Originally by: CCP Dropbear
Originally by: Pottsey
CCP Dropbear could you confirm something for me.

There's something for each Enclave in the mirror. I'm not sure if you recovered each one...? Beyond the, it's special. YARRRR!!

Actually we did.. Pottsey had sent me in there another time after I opend the first results. The second time around I gave the mirror and longer spinning and made sure to get each construct.

I need not say that Carina (my ships AI) has not forgiven me the torture I put her through (most of all having to live in that damm Zephyr.. damm those computers are small..)

Anyway here a breakdown of every site within the Mirror:

The Archive Enclave:

The Comunications Enclave:

The Medical Enclave:

The Oruze Enclave:

The Research Enclave "BioGenetics":

The Research Enclave "Theoretical Genetics":

The Research Enclave "Virtual Genetics":

The Security Enclave:

I've been looking at every enclave ever since I found this, but I just can't my finger on everything.
Okok.. I'll give you a few examples of whats been going on in my head. Yes only examples, as my corp mates will warn you that listening to me any length of a time will lead to permanent brain damage.

Lets start with the Comunications Enclave:
"Proliferation News Networks Studios". This was one of the first things that hit me, as it reminded me of Wallach News Networks that I had headed in or first collonized Wspace (c1 btw). I thought the use of Proliferation in this sense was wierd.. as another word for it would have been "breeding", "reproduction" or generally "to spread"... in the end I believe they just mean to "spread the news".. but who knows.

Something I though odd though was the importance of the first part.. "Microvirtual transmission sensors". If the numbers truely indicate things like rooms or sectors within the enclave, then more than half the enclave is busy with these things. The word "Virtual" is very important in another enclave...

The Research Enclave "Virtual Genetics". At first I though maybe they use Virtual Reality to manipulate Genetics and "simulate" the outcome.
We see things like "Neurodegenerative case studies", and "Non-natural Teleology". This I find particularly intresting.. as Teleology is a philisophical aproach of goals. Maybe Wikipedia can help us with this one:
Medical ethics

Main article: Medical ethics
Teleology provides a moral basis for the professional ethics of medicine, as doctors are generally concerned with outcomes and must therefore know the telos of a given treatment paradigm.[6]

Another example as to how much information is sitting in this "Mirror".
The Archive enclave. Yes very interesting "Terran artifacts", "eve gate theories" and "Emergent Ideologies"...
wait, what? "Emergent Ideologies"?

And last but not least..
The security enclave.
Interstaller surveilance Task force.. nice name for sleeper drones.
"Modulation Navigation Network"... well... *looks to the "strange energy readings"... I wonder..
Artifical Inteligence Perpetuation Technology.. seems that who ever put the sleepers up, knew exactly that AI's tend to have a mind of their own. After a few thousand years they change. The "end of the world" allready showed us that ...

Nathan Jameson
Talocan Vanguard
Talocan United
Posted - 2010.06.01 12:00:00 - [39]

That's a great webpage, Pottsey. My alliance is the "Revival of the Talocan Empire," and we're based completely in wormhole space, so we also have a vested interest in learning about the fate of the Talocan Empire. We're trying to put together a forum now to collect any knowledge capsuleers have gathered.

If you want to spend more time in wormholes, there are plenty of corporations in our alliance that are looking for new members. I'll try to contact you in game.

Also, great chronicle. I especially appreciated the words and phrases that were in themselves tips of the hat to other stated concepts.

(And that initial quote to the story...what was that about? Seems to imply that getting stuck behind the wormholes wasn't exactly the Talocan's decision.)

Chaos Rendering
Posted - 2010.06.01 12:06:00 - [40]

i dont have any evidence to support this but i have been reading the fourms about the sleepers and there past and i seem to feel that the 4 old races Yan Jung, Talocan, Takmahl and Sleeper are the 4 races of eve now like a mirror into the future maybe the sleepers arent very old but maybe from future or an alt reality.

i also like the idea that the sleepers are the rouge drones or thats what they become at some point maybe there research into wormhole tech was slighty wrong and instead of finding the eve gate they got the calculations wrong and ended up opening a test wormhole into the present and programed the rogue drones to harvest the isogen-5 like in the first eve novel to create the wormholes in the first place as the book says the these rouge drones look different they were organised like never before.

Inoqua Solubilis
Posted - 2010.06.01 12:52:00 - [41]

The development of the story is intriguing indeed !
Itīs a shame that my real life time is so consuming that not only i canīt look for the clues myself, but i also canīt put 1+1 togehter and need to look and compilations by players of important info.

Worm-holes always reminded me of the game Zelda: A link to the past, where you could acess the "Dark World", similar, but different. Perhaps there are different instances of reality being accesed, with the easiness of virtual consciousness (after all, we get our organic brain information transfered to organic bodies, why canīt they have the ghost in the shell of sleepers doing recon around)

Keep it up CCP, eve is not only about territorial disputes between North and South. Plus, how can i pledge alliance to the Sanshas and their research ? Very Happy

Nikilaiki Ruutarhara
Project Daedalid
Posted - 2010.06.01 14:11:00 - [42]

Edited by: Nikilaiki Ruutarhara on 27/07/2010 01:01:40

Enheduanni Foundation
Posted - 2010.06.01 14:19:00 - [43]

Nice view on the Jove, but if I recall correctly they are split into more then three distinct factions.

Nikilaiki Ruutarhara
Project Daedalid
Posted - 2010.06.01 14:35:00 - [44]

Edited by: Nikilaiki Ruutarhara on 27/07/2010 01:01:54

Asbalon Jade
Posted - 2010.06.01 16:08:00 - [45]

Originally by: Nikilaiki Ruutarhara

So, no one realizes that The Mirror is special for a reason? LOOK AT WHAT IS STORED IN THE ENCLAVES!

This is an "old" story I wrote. ;) It's... incomplete in a sense, and it has some unfinished lines of questioning, but I think it may be fairly accurate from a certain point of view. Especially given the new chronicle. Wink

A couple key lines from the new chronicle:

-Our research?
-"You are correct. There was activity on the line. She was at one of the mirrors."

Hehe, I knew the article was refering to the very same sight about in the 4th paragraph. I've been living in Wspace for almost all my Eve time, roughly 8months. I have seen Silos, Gates, destroyed power-thingies (one hacker site, forgot the name... really impressive), active military bases and destroyed structures, but in all my time I have only found one site that would fit "the image showed a ring of circular, dome-like structures".. and that is the very Mirror.

Thanks to Pottsey I've started catching up with the history of eve, so many times I see something and I have no idea if it is really new, or just something everyone knows.
That the mirror is special is without a doubt, since sofar it is the only site we can interact with, as far as I know.

I'm not so sure about the Jovians, what the know, and what they don't know. But yes, the very first quote in the story is one of the most intruiging, especialy if you know who wrote it. Personaly I would say our prison is the Eve "Kspace". We are bound by the Gates and the physics behind them. With wormholes, somone has unlocked our door, freed us from our known universe.
Ofcorse the questions are very important. First off, who really set in motion that the doors were opend. Who really saw to it that Jamyl got the weapon she did, who made sure it was destroyed (I do not mean the Minmatar...), who was behind those milions of drones collecting the rare Isotope with enough power to rupture space and time enough to open the wormholes... or.. was it the drones keeping the wormholes closed?

An old Idea of mine was that the drones were gathering the isotopes from the stars, making sure that it did not reach a critical mass within the stars. Now that the drones doing this are destroyed, the stars begin to react in a natural way, and odly enough they pulsate. Why is this odd? Ofcorse many stars pulsate... but how many of them pulsate in the same frequency as the EvE gate?
Even more odd... wormholes are begining to form all across Eden...

Ofcorse this would mean someone planed this.. planed to keep us bound... to hide the wormholes.. stabalize space and time.. "You never remembered who it was that closed you in."

but who knows. I might be spot on... or miles away. We will have to wait and see.

As to sleeper technology. Man I just had this idea how nice it would be if we could steal something from Diablo II. The Horadrim Cube. Add a melted nanoribbon here... some weapon tech there... some fullerite for the good measure.. viola! Tech three module. To bad we are so bound to boring blueprints and schematics..

Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2010.06.01 16:12:00 - [46]

This has awakened my interest in EVE's back story and lore. Fascinating stuff.

Throwing some 'light' on a subject, the stars in EVE are true spheres now. Like planets. Just sayin.


Enheduanni Foundation
Posted - 2010.06.01 16:52:00 - [47]

Nikilaiki Ruutarhara said "The only one that really needs mentioned is the Society of Conscious Thought."
Not sure I agree on that. Some of the other factions seem very distinct.

"Jove Statics
The different branches of Jovians that exist are not the result of variations in geographical or climatic differences, but rather that of genetic engineering through the centuries. The Statics are one of the two main branches. Statics are generally introvert and prefer status quo, both socially and biologically. The Statics regard themselves as observers that should interfere as little as possible with the world. They believe that they are as genetically evolved as can be and generally frown upon large-scale genetic engineering programs.

The male part of the Statics is often aloof and condescending. They are the biggest hoarders of knowledge there is, but they enjoy sitting on their knowledge like dragons on gold, reveling in the knowledge of their own importance. Fortunately, they rarely use their power to influence world events.

The female part of the Statics is more open and friendly to outsiders. Though they are driven by curiosity the same as their male counterparts, they don't have the pathological need to sit on it by themselves and are generally quite willing to share in their discoveries. Female Statics pass for what can be termed leaders in the Jovian Empire; other Jovians acknowledge that their stable nature and extensive knowledge makes them best suited for the task.

Jove Modifiers
The different branches of Jovians that exist are not the result of variations in geographical or climatic differences, but rather that of genetic engineering through the centuries. The Modifiers are the enthusiasts of the Jovian family. They are curious and constantly willing to try or experience something new and fresh. Modifiers have lower life expectancy that other Jovians and are more susceptible to the dreaded Jovian Disease. It seems that by constantly living on the edge makes them burn out faster.
Male Modifiers are constantly in search of something new and different and can never stay in the same place for long. They're fickle and undisciplined compared to other Jovians and are prone to manic-depression. They are also the most reckless, which most often takes them into trouble, but sometimes it results in some spectacular new discovery that would otherwise never have been found.

Female Modifiers are renowned within the Jovian Empire for their constant body enhancing experiments. More than any other group, female Modifiers are taking genetic engineering to the extreme and back. There is little rhyme or reasons in their experiments, as they're most often done on individual level. Although the results are often disastrous many Jovians put more stock in the chaotic gene therapies of the female Modifiers for finding cure to the Jovian Disease than the more respectable formal research teams.

The Elders were one of the first groups to use genetic engineering for a special purpose, namely that of slowing the aging process. Once, the Elders were a prominent political force in the Jovian society, but after they brought about the fall of the first Jovian empire they have become more reclusive. Elders can become many centuries old, it's uncertain exactly how old they can become, but some suggest they can outlive even members of the Amarrian royal families.

Genetic engineering has through the centuries transformed Jovian society in every aspect imaginable. Many Jovians believe that enough has been done. The Unsullied is a group of Jovians that have rejected further generic experiments and instead adopt conventional methods to deal with sickness and old age. They are advocates of cyber-implants and want to use machines instead of genes in the search for better life.

Enheduanni Foundation
Posted - 2010.06.01 16:59:00 - [48]

The Existentialists are the most energetic and vociferous Jovian group. They live for the moment and are always ready to experiment, even with their own bodies. To them, nothing is sacred. The Existentialists tend to have little to do with the other races, as they find them boring and uninspiring.

Many Jovians dream of returning to their genetic roots, now long since lost during the Shrouded Days. Those that are most active in their search for the 'untainted' Jovian genes are called the Puritans. In the hope of cleansing the nation of the Jovian Disease the Puritans try out ever-more outrageous genetic engineering stunts, often with quite unexpected results. But unlike the Existentialists the genetic engineering of the Puritans has the specific aim to return the human element to the Jovians, instead of being just narcissistic in nature.

Lab Rat
All Jovians are artificially conceived. In most cases a family unit is involved, donating genes, taking care of the rearing and so on, but this is not always so. Often, persons are conceived for some altruist reasons, usually research purposes. These Jovians are treated the same as everyone else, but they tend to be a little 'off', due to the clinical way of their conceivement.

Stasis People
For many Jovians their race is in the twilight of their greatness. Ever since the fall of the first empire the Jovian society have been in a slow, steady decline. Most blame the Jovian Disease for this and believe that the Jovians can only hope to turn the tide once a cure for the disease has been found. The Stasis People are Jovians that voluntarily go into cryo-stasis for decades or centuries, hoping that when they wake a bright and better world will greet them.

Nikilaiki Ruutarhara
Project Daedalid
Posted - 2010.06.01 18:30:00 - [49]

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Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2010.06.02 17:51:00 - [50]

Edited by: Istvaan Shogaatsu on 02/06/2010 18:25:08
Maybe we're looking at the wrong thing, when trying to decode the meaning of "Oruze Osobnyk." Many have said that it sounds Russian, or like a Slavic language, and my Polish folks agree that it probably means "armed fort" or "security enclave" - but think about that on its own merit. Our characters aside, the players behind them recognized it as a language of earth. While Drops said that being a Russian speaker wouldn't help, he also mentioned the evolution of languages, and how language morphs over time.

If the Sleepers use language from pre-Eve times, then they have a link to those times - something none of the four races really have. The Sleepers can probably trace their lineage directly to the guys who came through the Eve gate. I mean, sure, Gallente swear in "french" but that's just our modern-day approximation of their cheese-eating surrender monkey dialect.

I love the number of possibilities opening up. My mind is awash in extrapolation and anticipation.

- We know that there are extinct races in Eve, all of whom perished to some indeterminate cataclysm. Oddly, the further back in time we go, the more advanced these races become.
- We know that these extinct races were interested in Terran artifacts - possibly with an aim to rediscover lost technology, indicating the superiority of that technology.
- We know the Yan Jung refer to a mysterious "middle kingdom" (thx Potts) in their texts... I suspect this could be the second Jovian empire, and evidence of contact between 2nd empire Joves and the advanced Yan Jung.
- We know that the oldest suriviving race, the Jovians, prefer genetic engineering over technology. They are in their third empire. They've tried this twice before.
- We know the Jovians are fighting an indeterminate foe for whom mastery of technology is innate. The Jovians are terrified of this enemy.
- We know of evidence of advanced races meddling in the early development of the four Eve races, in their infancy (The Sefrim visiting Amarr, Ametat/Avetat) - this suggests these races were guided along their evolutionary path with purpose. Note the Amarr specifically... they extend their life spans through implantation, technology - not genetic engineering. In fact, the reality that each of the four races is uniquely earth-like in certain cultural aspects, and talented in ways innate to their culture.
- Another interesting thing about the Amarr is their relationship with the Takmahl. According to what I've been able to understand, the Takmahl were an offshoot race of the Amarr - while the Amarrians remained planetbound, the Takmahl went off into space. Could it be that the then-primitive Amarr were left behind planetside for the "next round of experiments" while the Takmahl and their 2nd empire Jovian friends went off to space to further advance their life-extension technologies? It is possible that after the Takmahl fell, their extensive knowledge of human biology and life extension could have degraded over time, and been perverted into a form of... blood worship?

Maybe, just maybe, New Eden is the Jovians' petri dish. Perhaps what the Jovians are doing to our four cultures, they've done to other cultures before - guided them along a path designed to extract some quality of humankind long lost to the Jovians themselves (the instincts they bred out, and the strange new ones they cultivated.) Maybe each Jovian empire is an experiment, finally resulting in collapse at the experiment's conclusion - whether by the Jovians' design or some other malice.

Perhaps the enemy is technological singularity. The disaster on the opposite side of the Eve Gate was not a disaster, but an evolution - mankind there became something the Jovians feared, and they sequestered themselves in New Eden, manipulating their genes to ensure surviving long enough to run a few 'experiments' on how to create a new kind of human; one without their genetic flaws, and one on equal footing with this high-tech foe.

Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2010.06.02 20:18:00 - [51]

Edited by: Istvaan Shogaatsu on 02/06/2010 20:31:01
As an addendum to the Takmahl being the Amarr's advanced Jove-allied cousins that mysteriously disappeared, here's another thought: in contemporary Eve times, there's another similar group - extracted from its empire, sequestered away from their kin, and granted access to seemingly ultra-advanced technology; tech powerful enough to take out CONCORD and run roughshod through imperial borders... the Thukkers.

Who happen to have positive standings with two entities - the Republic... and the Jove.

So now these Jovians are showing a modus operandi. A pattern of repetition. They divvy up our species into subcultures, accelerate their advancement, perhaps even establish basic social order via angelic visitation that incinerates anyone too close, or other forms of gentle nudging... but overall, the Jove allow the early humans' environment to shape them, to obtain some valuable quality out of evolution that the Jovians themselves want to recapture. For the Amarr, the quality is probably faith. The Caldari, cooperation/interaction. Gallente, individuality, Minmatar, the desire for life and freedom. Look at Malaetu Shakor, who got taken by Joves. He is a prime example of Minmatar freedom fighter, and likely got awarded secret Jove-vision despite his blindness as a reward for lying still and letting the Joves poke him.

I'm not sure whether the Joves themselves cause the four races to crash into each other intentionally, to control the overall population, (one guy did say the Minmatar "fell too soon" as though their fall was already planned, just not yet) ... or if they are trying to battle some malicious outside force causing the empires to go to war. But before those lesser empires fall to an inevitably synchronized cataclysm, the Jovians select the best examples of natural selection, and whisk them away to Joveland. Each time this happens, the Jovians undergo a massive shift themselves, forming a new empire - perhaps, I suspect, due to rapidly integrating those best examples' genes, traits, and precious bodily fluids into their own racial makeup.

I imagine they do this to buffer the havoc being wreaked on their current bodies by tens of thousands of years of evolution into weird and horrible post-human things, through life in space, around high tech, and on alien worlds. Their ships look like weird amalgams of stuff, supporting this, as does their addiction to any information about the lesser races. The Jove are trying to stay roughly human, growing subcultures of humanity from scratch to have a hardy stock of delicious genes with which to refresh their own advanced and evolving form. However these subcultures inevitably destroy themselves somehow in an orgy of disease and death, whether through advancing technologically faster than they can biologically... or by becoming advanced enough to encounter a sort of hidden, species-ending "landmine" left either by the Joves, or their technologically flawless antagonists.

This landmine, perhaps an all-destroying contagion (kyonoke?) or perhaps an insane artificial intelligence (drones?), perhaps something in the middle (sansha?) is implanted into early human technological fascination. This landmine emerges, and is designed to wipe out whatever the hell is alive in due time, but remain useful enough to create willingly, or hide somewhere lucrative enough to mine for. THIS MEANS EVERY HULK OUT THERE COULD TRIGGER THE END OF DAYS. Perhaps the Jovians don't care about the culling, or perhaps their attempts to cull the best of us are an attempt to continue/refresh the line of man.

Either way, the Jovians in this incarnation are dying off from the Jovian disease, which has taken the form of depression. Possible antagonists to depression: faith, cooperation, individuality, and freedom. Holy crap. I just blew your mind. Empire four is about to happen, the kill-switch is being hit, and we're all gonna die. Except for me. And some hookers. And my puppies.

Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2010.06.02 20:35:00 - [52]

Edited by: Istvaan Shogaatsu on 02/06/2010 21:46:59
Check out this bit from Theodicy. It's right at the top, which is where we writers put subtle hints to torture you with - I enjoy this style of writing and practice it as well:

Originally by: Theodicy
“I will tell you how this madness is born: A man peers over the edge of chaos, into the event horizon, where light can never escape. Then he turns and sees the remnants of his shattered life, of what was taken from him without pause or remorse. The soul decides, because the man is already dead, and it craves chaos for this purpose: To kill the god who did this to him.”
- The Thukker Testament, excerpt from Volume III

What this tells me, is that the Thukkers were enlightened to the "grand truth of the universe" and it touched them enough to write a testament about it. You don't just write a testament on the john, it's pretty serious business. The Thukkers saw one of two possible things:

1. That the Jovians were soulless mutants, shells of humankind creating creation itself in an effort to inject themselves with vitality (vitrauze?) while simultaneously battling technology they themselves created, that all of humankind almost surrendered to (and all humanity on the other side of Eve DID fall to)

2. Or that the Jovians showed the Thukkers the horror unfolding beyond the Eve gate, and thus the two were allied. Either's possible. The final battle will be the decision whether to cross Eve and become a robot, or stick around and remain meat!

Rebel Inc
Posted - 2010.06.02 21:26:00 - [53]

I think my eyes are drying up. Shocked

Drace olan
Posted - 2010.06.02 22:52:00 - [54]

I think that the Jove weren't manipulating the sleepers and the talocan but they were equals because I don't really see the Jove as an all encompassing evil that manipulates everything.

I think the terrans are trying to get through the eve gate and they decided it would be more efficiant to wipe the sleepers etc etc with a biological virus the kynoke pit and the quartine warnings

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2010.06.03 00:54:00 - [55]

The conversation at the end of Anoikis deserves closer investigation...

I invite brave souls to try and make some sense of the basics in that scene. The fundamentals, such as who is speaking, remain hidden because they say a lot; too much to be approached in any overt manner. There are other ways to infer their nature, and the nature of their conversation. I watched people do a fantastic job of this stuff for Blind Auction a while ago, this one should be easy in comparison to the work players pulled off there. Very Happy

I wrote a bigger, more revealing reply, but then I bit my tongue. At this rate I will have no tongue by Friday. Neutral

Kenpachi Viktor
Electus Matari
Posted - 2010.06.03 06:46:00 - [56]

Originally by: CCP Dropbear
I wrote a bigger, more revealing reply, but then I bit my tongue. At this rate I will have no tongue by Friday. Neutral

The massively epic stories are always the most exciting.

Nikilaiki Ruutarhara
Project Daedalid
Posted - 2010.06.03 07:19:00 - [57]

Edited by: Nikilaiki Ruutarhara on 27/07/2010 01:02:16

Posted - 2010.06.03 08:54:00 - [58]

I'm curious, does anyone know what the empire corporations do with the "sleeper tags" once they take them off our hands?

Atropos Group
Posted - 2010.06.03 15:55:00 - [59]

Originally by: Nikilaiki Ruutarhara
Originally by: CCP Dropbear
The conversation at the end of Anoikis deserves closer investigation...

I invite brave souls to try and make some sense of the basics in that scene. The fundamentals, such as who is speaking, remain hidden because they say a lot; too much to be approached in any overt manner. There are other ways to infer their nature, and the nature of their conversation. I watched people do a fantastic job of this stuff for Blind Auction a while ago, this one should be easy in comparison to the work players pulled off there. Very Happy

I wrote a bigger, more revealing reply, but then I bit my tongue. At this rate I will have no tongue by Friday. Neutral

The one giving the information is obviously a Jovian ambassador. The following line I see as the biggest hint:

We could use the Inner Assembly to arrange for the meetings quite easily under the guise of an understandable concern for these events, which have touched our worlds too, as we will inform them.

The one asking the questions I'm less certain of; my gut says a CONCORD representative.

Also, I do notice one thing about how the Jovian name things; they use multiordinal reasoning. Anoikis for instance, and enh... well, might be too early to bring that one up. Wink

I had assumed that as well, reading it. It just seemed overly obvious, to me at least.

And as for istavaan: Lol. Awesome theory. Hulkageddon, for sure. YARRRR!!Razz

Bartholomeus Crane
The Crane Family
Posted - 2010.06.03 20:34:00 - [60]

Originally by: CCP Dropbear
“If you're planning on not being around, as it were, what's your safest, most easily acquired, 100% guaranteed source of electricity?”

If you're not planning to be around, the safest, most easily acquired, 100% guaranteed source of energy is the one created by radiation, back-ground radiation to be precise. It's everywhere, doesn't go away, and with superlubricants used to take away friction, even the small amounts as in background radiation can be utilised. To bio-materials it is destructive even in small dosis, and I guess it will create 'mutations', 'alterations' to be precise, in nanites, but in a neo-darwinistic environment, that can be put to good use. The stronger the radiation (pulsars, black-holes, and the other stuff you find in wormholes) the easier it is to harvest and supposedly the faster and more adaptive the darwinistic evolution in the nanites.

If I'd be looking for a stable energy source that's destructive to biological life but available everywhere, I'd be looking for a source of radiation. We've been doing it for millennia with with heat (also a source of radiation), but with enough technology, back-ground radiation would do just as well. It's easy to excite electrons with radiation, thus creating electricity as well.

Maybe that's why the Sleepers were investigating solar engineering and genetics of various kinds. Maybe they were developing mechanical systems to use radiation of different kinds while developing/evolving along neo-darwinistic principles. Continued long enough such mechanical system would emerge intelligent behaviour, even conciousness, so the theory goes; instead of carbon-based biological life, you'd create nanite-based mechanical life ...

(Research on this is already being done actually within Artificial Intelligence. We just don't have the tools to build the nanites yet. It's quite interesting (ahum).)

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