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Posted - 2010.05.04 23:14:00 - [1]

I am looking for an 0.0 Alliance to ideally purchase Alliance membership from or rent blue status, I run my own solo corp (which will stay solo), and am looking for space to settle in long term.

My requirements:
- A remote system off the beaten track with a station that I am able to dock in.
- A free moon to raise a medium or large POS (specific moon not needed).
- The approval to plex if I'm in the mood (will be very rare), and rat through the belts.
- P.I on planets within an agreed system (not sure I'll bother yet).

My activities will include, ratting, plexing, mining and building. Day to day I intend to stay localised to the system with the station and my pos in, however may venture a couple of jumps in each direction to rat or plex (I am happy to agree to specific system access for all activities).

My corp is only for myself and I have roughly 2-4 alts (2 at the moment over 2 accounts). There are plans to expand this to a full blown corp eventually, but the earliest this would occur is 2011. I would seek approval before taking on any members, but as noted, this won't be occurring for at least 6-12 months as I'm slowly coding a complicated website prior to going public.

My manufacturing plans are due to take off within the next two weeks, and can tailor these to your needs - but this'll be a slow process and you shouldn't expect any stock for the first few months as preparations are finalised. I obviously have no issue with blue traffic through the system, using belts, plexes etc - but am looking for a system which is not on a trade route and will not have regular traffic.

I can and will, lend a hand to defend your / our space when called on, I will not participate in regular ops, but if the need is great I will assist where I can. I have a small amount of experience in 0.0, but spent a lot of time in low-sec being primary / back-up scout. I cannot use caps and am not training in that direction at the moment.

Things I can offer: In the future I will be using a jump freighter and can provide a weekly pick-up / drop-off service for the alliance if needed, I can also (eventually) help stock your trade hub station(s) with items once my building is underway (or alternatively these will be shipped to hi-sec). Lastly, I can also make your Alliance website if one is needed (ask to see portfolio and in game references) - you will however need the server space and domain name (or an agreement can be made using my server space and domain purchase).

So if you believe you can offer me the above, please respond below, or contact me in game and I will be in touch very soon. As mentioned already, I will put far more weight on actual Alliance joining offers - whether from fee's or deals and would basically like a remote system with a station where I can raise a pos and have free reign in the immediate neighbouring systems.

Thanks for your time.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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