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Sanctum Fal'Cie
Posted - 2010.05.04 20:50:00 - [1]

Black Star Drilling INC is a relatively new corporation with many plans for the future. Though we may be new, we have plans that involve rapid expansion with projects includes constructing and operating a POS base in Wormhole space, allowing access to higher quality ores, missions, and potential PvP.

Our mining ops boast Orca support and an Instant payout scheme that allows miners to earn isk while having fun!

Currently in the process of developing a manufacturing division that will manufacture goods for corporation sale or use by members, giving avid traders the chance to show their stuff in the market whilst taking a portion of all profit that they make.

If Mining is not for you there is a private military division that incorporates both that of the mission runner and the PVP enthusiast. Mission runners will be able to join in on level 4+ missions for standing increases and profit making. PVPers will be able to take advantage of our ship replacement policy while defending our territory!

In summary

- Orca support in mining operations
- Opportunity to get corporation manufactured goods
- Level 4+ mission running
- PVP engagement in W-space
- Best of all a mature player base that is good fun and well structured

CEO: Amaegith
Diplomat: Tiberiananus


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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