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Posted - 2010.05.04 17:52:00 - [1]

Edited by: Hyyjak on 05/05/2010 03:14:10

Jolia Darkstrider
Posted - 2010.05.04 19:05:00 - [2]

Hello, Hyyjak.

I am the CEO of Gears of Progress (GOFP). I'll convo you in-game when I am able to log in, or you can contact me at any time. Allow me to address your points:

1. Our corporate headquarters is in Solitude, which is Gallente space, so this does not address your preference. With that caveat, I believe we can accommodate all of your other points:

We are a mature Corporation and most of us have RL obligations, so we all understand where our priorities lie. We operate primarily in low security space, within a hop, skip and jump from 0.0 but with our headquarters only a jump or two from high security. The region is relatively sparsely populated, though there's no shortage of combat for the adventurous.

We have access to all Gallente agents up to L4, with L5 not completely out of reach.

It is our policy to always replace ships and modules lost during corporate operations. If you're putting your stuff at risk for our benefit, it's only right to reimburse you when the worst happens.

We battle pirates regularly, and have a corporate policy against smacktalk which WILL be enforced (though we rarely need to do so).

We run frequent (currently weekly, though that'll increase if we need to do so) operations of a variety of types, from mining to missions, exploration to PvP; and NONE of them are mandatory. They are organized purely for the benefit of our players, and if a player isn't interested in the op, then he isn't getting anything out of it and shouldn't feel obligated to participate.

Sorry, I'm really rushed for time at the moment, so I can't be as detailed as I wish I could be atm. You can contact me ingame or email me at any time. I'll try to contact you directly as soon as I am able.

Thanks for your time, and hopefully we can be of service.
Jolia Darkstrider
CEO, Gears of Progress

Chemal Research and Development
Posted - 2010.05.04 21:01:00 - [3]

Not only do they exist, but there are tonnes of people out there that feel just like you do!


ofc, eve-mail me in-game if you have questions! The best way to contact me or my friends is to join our public chat channel "The Bloody Bucket" and we can hug it out man.


Posted - 2010.05.05 00:01:00 - [4]

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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