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Victor Fenris
Posted - 2010.05.03 15:26:00 - [1]


I am looking for a corp with a teaching program for PVP (Solo and small gang). I never really touch this aspect of the game being mostly PVE. I have been preparing for the PVP side of the game for a while, so I can fly HAC, Covert ops, Command ship, Force recon, Heavy dictor, ECM ships… Etc

Hopefully, if the training is adequate, I will stay a long time member of the corporation to repay my dep’t to its members and be a productive asset.

I am in American time zone. Please contact me in game.

Victor Fenris

Phathcom Enterprises
Posted - 2010.05.03 16:17:00 - [2]

Hey Victor,

I am at work right now but will contact you when I get home. Were a US TZ PvP corp that is based in low-sec and offers a target rich environment. Here is a link about us: Chekc it out and I look forward to contacting you this evenening.

Marcus Luso
Mercenaries of Andosia
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2010.05.03 17:42:00 - [3]

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You sound like you belong in Rayn Enterprises. Please look us over...

Rayn Enterprises Recruitment Thread
Our Main Website

Invictus Australis
Posted - 2010.05.03 17:51:00 - [4]

I saw your post on the forums and thought I'd drop you an evemail. Not sure if you signed up with a corp yet but wanted at least make you aware of our 0.0 PVP corp. I added a link to the forum post and some general info are below.

*Cowboys From Hell*is recruiting

Our FC's and CEO's are 2003 chars and over 7 years experience. we range 10+ mil Skill Points

We PVP...Thats what we do.

-We love to PVP
-Experienced FC's
-We do have access to upgraded PVE/for isk
-Daily roams
-Oh and we love to PVP

Other notables
-We can help with logistics
-We have real lives
-We are settled in 0.0
-We like to have fun
-We like to PVP (did I mention that)

check out our killboard - -

Join THERANCH chnl and say hello. or contact Kurt Armstrong, iron Maiden, Uagen, firestrm for info


Nestor Laurenitis
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.05.03 18:51:00 - [5]


STIMULUS is a US TZ corporation that specializes in small gang PvP. Normally we look for pilots with PvP background but if you are willing to learn and are financially self sufficient we are always willing to integrate new people into PvP.

We have active forums with robust discourse on PvP ship fittings, gang concepts, and guides. We also write After Action Reports following major engagements to learn from our mistakes.

We also have logistic support to jump your ships/fittings into our home system.

Be fair warned, however, we don't carebear as a corporation or alliance. Ratting/Plexing is fine provided you don't get killed doing it and provided you only do it when gangs aren't active.

If you are interested hop on our public channel STIMULUS or eve-mail myself.

Victor Fenris
Posted - 2010.05.03 22:34:00 - [6]

Thank you guys, i will make sure to check you out.

High Flyers
Posted - 2010.05.04 00:00:00 - [7]

We have plenty of pvp for ya... we are not trainers pr say, but u'll learn pvp as we go..

Priory Of Empire

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2010.05.04 09:47:00 - [8]

Hey there,

i am representing Feudum Chalybis, a PVP corporation and member of Primary. Alliance.... and certainly a corp, you should take a look at

Holding our own space and going on regular campaigns, we offer a lot of opportunities for 0.0 action, small roams and big fleet battles alike (and the other regular stuff like ratting/plexing blabla).

checkout our website (kb-link there, too) and feel free to visit us for a chat.
either in game (Channel: FEUDUM CHAlYBIS RECRUIT) or just click "Chat!" on our website, if you are interested in a quick chat and maybe can't log in to the game during work houres.

in any case, good luck with your corp hunt!

Victor Fenris
Posted - 2010.05.04 12:51:00 - [9]

Thank you to everyone for the interest you gave me. I have met a lot of you guys and will make my choice very soon...

Consider this tread closed and I will not be looking for anymore corps.

Victor Fenris


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