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Posted - 2010.05.03 03:43:00 - [1]

Wuts up All!? I am looking for a new Corp in low sec/null sec involved in PVE/PVP. I have had experience in both and I am interested in pirating and willing to go to -10.0 sec status. I can fly hacs, recons, SB, Logistics and more. I am looking for a relaxed an down to earth corp that keeps RL in mind and overall fun to Fly with! I am willing to do w.e requirements i need to fill a spot on the team.
MSG Me in game (Bishop187) an take a look at my toon. Thx fer the opportunity!


Easy Co.
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2010.05.03 06:01:00 - [2]

Hey man,
I think we might be a good fit for you. We are pretty laid back and like to have a good time. Anyhow, I'm unable to log in game right at the moment to send you a message. But when you get a chance feel free to drop in "EZPUB" or shoot me a mail. I should be on either later tonight or tomorrow.

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Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2010.05.03 06:58:00 - [3]

Hey there,

i am representing Feudum Chalybis, a PVP corporation and member of Primary. Alliance.... and certainly a corp, you should take a look at Wink

Holding our own space and going on regular campaigns, we offer a lot of opportunities for 0.0 action, small roams and big fleet battles alike (and the other regular stuff like ratting/plexing blabla).

checkout our website (kb-link there, too) and feel free to visit us for a chat.
either in game (Channel: FEUDUM CHAlYBIS RECRUIT) or just click "Chat!" on our website, if you are interested in a quick chat and maybe can't log in to the game during work houres.

in any case, good luck with your corp hunt!

Maman Brigitte
Licentia Ex Vereor
Intergalactic Exports Group
Posted - 2010.05.04 08:46:00 - [4]

I honestly have no idea if you're a good fit for us. piracy generally isn't our shtick, but if you're interested in larger engagements and profitable ratting we might be good for you.

You can check us out here to see if we look appetizing.

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2010.05.04 09:41:00 - [5]

Lo Bishop,

think you were in our website's chat while i was afk a good bit.
not sure if had a chance to talk to one of our recruiters in game yet (FEUDUM CHALYBIS RECRUIT).
if you wanna chat, feel free to make another visit. Razz

Rameus Luxmaar
Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2010.05.04 13:28:00 - [6]


Check out the recruitment link in my sig and then head to Shadow Cartel Public in game or contact me or Johnny Raye for an interview.

Good luck with your search.

Cmd Prompt
Cryptonym Sleepers
Posted - 2010.05.04 16:55:00 - [7]

hey Bishop187

take a look at this: recruitment

Invictus Australis
Posted - 2010.05.04 20:19:00 - [8]

I saw your post on the forums and thought I'd drop you an evemail. Not sure if you signed up with a corp yet but wanted at least make you aware of our 0.0 PVP corp. I added a link to the forum post and some general info are below.

*Cowboys From Hell*is recruiting

Our FC's and CEO's are 2003 chars and over 7 years experience. we range 10+ mil Skill Points

We PVP...Thats what we do.

-We love to PVP
-Experienced FC's
-We do have access to upgraded PVE/for isk
-Daily roams
-Oh and we love to PVP

Other notables
-We can help with logistics
-We have real lives
-We are settled in 0.0
-We like to have fun
-We like to PVP (did I mention that)

check out our killboard - -

Join THERANCH chnl and say hello. or contact Me, Kurt Armstrong, iron Maiden, Uagen, firestrm for info


Chemal Research and Development
Posted - 2010.05.04 20:39:00 - [9]


Will also send you an eve mail in-game.

Good luck with your search dude!


Hunlight Faithus
Initium Malum
Posted - 2010.05.04 21:05:00 - [10]


Heroes is a corp made up of long standing members and friends, we are an active 0.0 corp currently involved in the large war up north with the IT coalition, as well as having a relaxing home in fountain to help fund your pvp.

The corp is made up of very experienced members and fc’s who help each other out when ever needed. We are looking to increase our numbers with people who are up for a challenge and aren’t afraid to fight against the odds, People who are looking for pure pvp. We constantly pvp with frigate gangs up to battleship gangs, as well as opportunities for solo work. Although we do take gangs seriously it is a fun and relaxed environment as after all it is a game.

What We Offer

-Fleet BS Replacement Programme
-Team environment
-Daily pvp ops
-Corp Logistics
-Very active EU tz with increasing US tz activity.

What We Require

-Minimum Skill Points 10 million
-Previous PVP experience

Contact killfest, Hunlight Faithus or join ‘HEROES RECRUITMENT’


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