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The Legion of Spoon
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2010.04.30 09:16:00 - [1]

Went to my new "private" dentist yesterday for an extraction, straight forward enough if not pleasant.
First tooth I've had pulled in 25 years or so. Was in the chair for over on hour, 45 mins of that was trying to pull the tooth out.
After his 5/6 apology I stopped counting and just lay there with arched back on the seat like I was having 20,000 volt through me.

After the event we both stared at each other in disbelief, he was sweating more than me. He admitted at one point he was getting a tad concerned at my state of nerves.......... and his. In 25 years dentistry he said that was the most difficult extraction he had ever performed.

Not sure which hurts most my aching jaw (still) or my forearms from grasping the seat for what seemed an eternity.
To be honest it was not his fault as my previous National Health dentist had patch filled the said tooth for many years resulting in mostly metal topping like an ice cream cornet, most of which broke away a the first crunching of the pliers leaving the remainder of the tooth level with the gum. So basically he had dig it out like a road navvy . I reckon he was as relieved as me when it was over.

At the end we both had a smile and quandared at our next meeting, the receptionist smiled at me sweetly as I did to her as she fleeced my debit card for 145. It's great to be British stiff upper lip (literally) and all that .

Was one of the most excruciating events I've been through for awhile, will I turn up for the next appointment?.......yes wouldn't miss it for the world.Shocked

Musical Fist
NAP Coalition
Posted - 2010.04.30 09:33:00 - [2]

My teeth are perfect, never needed any work ever, I now after reading your story respect my teeth more XD so why did you get it removed anyway?

The Legion of Spoon
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2010.04.30 09:36:00 - [3]

My teeth are pretty much in fine fettle, just this particular tooth was beyond repair so had to come out. Still have most of my own teethVery Happy

Ship spinners inc
Posted - 2010.04.30 13:09:00 - [4]

I've had something similar but it was a lot shorter, I went to a (female) dentist and asked her to take the tooth out, she said she wanted to save it and I insisted no root canal, just pull it, after much to-and-fro she eventually agreed to pull it ..... then she went ahead and started a root canal anyway, after she was done I got up and asked her wtf and she said to come back for 2 more appointments to finish the root canal, I said I asked you to pull it like 5 times and eventually walked out of there (I did pay the 100 or so bucks on my way out because I was just so worn out and was like 17 years old at the time and didnt have the backbone for confrontation you get as you get older)

I told a friend of mine who recommended me a dentist who worked out of a converted garage in a housing estate, big hairy dude, so I went to see him the next day, and he went to pull the tooth, but the other dentists half arsed root canal had weakened it a great deal, so as he was gripping it with the plier thing, it burst with a big pop-crack sound and all, with most of the tooth at gum level he had to dig in, grip the base of the tooth and wench it out sideways, very painful but it was over in about a minute anyway, could hear the gums tearing and the cracking sound through my skull as it came out, threw his secretary 50 bucks and that was the end of it.

Luckily these days despite all the smoking I do my teeth are perfect, after 10 years I went to the dentist a few months ago and had to just get 2 fillings, they are probably so strong because of all the tea with milk I drink (lots of calcium)

incidentally the common stereotype of english with bad teeth couldnt be more wrong, statistically english have the best teeth in the world, the polish have the worst.

CCP Shadow

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2010.04.30 16:07:00 - [5]

A dental mishaps thread, what a horrific idea. Twisted Evil
I'm sending this link to my friend who's terrified of dentists and even needles. Very Happy

Caldari Citizen20090217
Posted - 2010.04.30 16:27:00 - [6]

CCP Shadow

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2010.04.30 16:29:00 - [7]

Originally by: Caldari Citizen20090217
is it safe?

I have never seen this film, but I've heard about that line.

Ademaro Imre
Posted - 2010.04.30 16:37:00 - [8]

Edited by: Ademaro Imre on 30/04/2010 16:38:36
This seems excessive. It should have been easier than an impacted wisdom tooth. I have had two impacted wisdom teeth removed. What the dentist could have done was drilled some holes on the sides of the tooth to fit the extractor clamps into.

145 pounds for an extraction? Was that because it was difficult? My recent extraction for a cracked tooth from a 20 year old filling, which lasted about 2-3 minutes cost me just $140 US at the most well regarded dental facility within an hour driving distance, and that included local anesthesia.

Posted - 2010.04.30 16:41:00 - [9]

so wat he give u for pain meds and will u sell me some? Laughing

Short Bus Pole Dancers
Posted - 2010.04.30 16:48:00 - [10]

Edited by: Vogue on 30/04/2010 16:48:29
I had to have five teeth removed when i was in my early teens as my jaw was not big enough for all the teeth growing in it. And in my early twenties i had three wisdom teeth removed because my jaw 'is to small', one of them was growing sidewards. Four years ago i had a tooth snap off that was rotton. Got the root removed. Despite all of that my teeth dont look to bad. My mouth is small so it obscures the missing tooth when i make an expression with it open.

After i lost one tooth to decay i started to use mouthwash. To try and ensure no rot starts in any nook.

Melkath Bandrom
Posted - 2010.04.30 17:46:00 - [11]

My teeth are not the greatest. When I went in to the dentist and he started talking about the new Mercedes he would now be able to afford Shocked, I got the message and took my leave. Never went back to him. Think he still drives a toyota.... Twisted Evil

Posted - 2010.04.30 18:17:00 - [12]

Edited by: Sazkyen on 30/04/2010 18:17:40

Had seven extractions in January, received 14 caps. The pulls were quite okay but living for nearly two weeks without caps, the exposed surfaces of the teeth roots hurt like hell.


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