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Mythos Military Solutions
Posted - 2010.08.09 02:18:00 - [301]

Edited by: Stelianos on 09/08/2010 02:18:53
Originally by: EaSy LouiSe
Please proceed with placing a full halt on Incarna and Dust until said fairness is restored.

You act as if there's only one coder developing the entire game, when there's at least 100 people working in CCP's development teams. You can only have so many people working on one thing at a time; I'm extremely certain that they're working on plenty of other things at the same time.

ED: To those griping that CCP does no right: Why the hell are you guys even playing the game, then?

Posted - 2010.08.09 13:20:00 - [302]

SO this gets done tomorrow.... What's the betting that they break something completely unrelated...

Posted - 2010.08.09 20:40:00 - [303]

The blog also ignores that this will be done in downtime, and we all know what that means. Long skill in training queue.

Posted - 2010.08.10 00:16:00 - [304]

Damn! 5,900,000,000 AU away from the sun?? From what I know of fastest warp time belongs to Interceptors at 13.5AU/sec. It'll take ~13+ -years- to warp back from deep safe to a gate. This is with an Interceptors with unlimited capacitor. Who has this safe spot? LOL

Jasmin 5
Posted - 2010.08.10 06:43:00 - [305]

I was once in a mining outpost in the cloud ring and I heard that there was a un-piloted titan at that DSS BM - it had been left there by a lazy QA guy and everyone else at CCP was to busy to do anything about it.

Apparently, whoever rocks up there first can claim it for their own. Because it is a GM ship it doesn't need skilss to fly and it's fitted with these amazing mods.

The capsuleer who told me this was this 1/2 crazy guy just before he used his jump clone in the Amarr system. I later heard that there was some problem re innervating his clone and he never resumed consciousness. Something tho do with his scrambled neural networks.

Anyway I don't believe everything he told me - all that bull **** about ghost capsules.


Liliane Woodhead
Intergalactic Charwomen
Posted - 2010.08.14 00:15:00 - [306]


A light-year is equal to about 63241.1 astronomical units and exactly 9,460,730,472,580.8 km.

So 5900000000 AU's are 93293.76 LY and not 95000.
For this 1.796% error the Pioneer 10 spacecraft will take 40,949,459 years. A pink painted interceptor
needs approx 138 days and 18 hours to cross this distance in warp.

Please excuse this nitpicking but the producers of a space game should know it better Razz

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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