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Army College
Posted - 2010.04.12 16:39:00 - [1]

hi to all alliance leaders my name is rubonxz i live in the usa now u have a spy in your alliance his name is amonse he is a big spy for it alliance he is trying to get his corp in to it alliance and well as being a spy for it alliance i have all the evidence u need to get him remove from this alliance if a alliance diplo dose not get back to me with in 24 hours from now i am so sorry for the is going to happy to u

the following is the evidence:
dear Army College
From: Amonse
Sent: 2010.04.12 02:59
To: Army College,

dear Army College my name is amonse i have a corp what is a spy corp for it alliance and red alliance and gonns is how it works if this if u wood like to join my corp hear will be a fee of 1 bill isk to join this corp and i will allow u all the access u need to spy on cva and all of it allis and i wood like if u can keep this mail to u only and do not send it out to any one at all if u do i will f***ing kill u and end your life in eve do u hear me

i want him and his corp remove now u have got 24 hours from now to do this if not i am so sorry for the is going to happy to u

RD Hooker
The New Era
Posted - 2010.04.12 16:46:00 - [2]

Idiocy and fail spying belong in CAOD, take it there.

Posted - 2010.04.12 19:38:00 - [3]

No that wasnt me. That mail is from Denis Daley of manchester london. As you can see by the way i type i can actually speak english. Even if i was a spy why the **** would i tell it to you? Consider a dec from me within 24 hours.

Army College
Posted - 2010.04.12 19:52:00 - [4]

amonse do not line u will be out of the alliance with in 24 hous one way

Cow Boys From HeII
The Volition Cult
Posted - 2010.04.12 20:57:00 - [5]

Army College, thank you very much for posting this. We have taken this into account, and upon further review we've found that Amonse is in fact a spy since we were able to reference the various evidence you have shown us.

Also, with taking in account the threat of the great "Army College" we don't want him to feel sorry for us. Thank you for the evidence of him being an IT, RA, and Goon spy, we've decided to prepare our forces to fight the real threat of Eve.

Global Warming

CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2010.04.12 21:02:00 - [6]

Locking thread, off topic for the Recruitment center and OP does not qualify for transfer to CAOD.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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