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Xander XacXorien
Posted - 2010.03.27 20:43:00 - [1]


I recently filled out a survey attached to the latest Eve news letter sent out to my e-mail account.

Does anyone know why the survey has been sent and what the intended out come will be ?

Is there a chance someone from CCP can give us some guidance on what will be the net result of the survey ? A nice devblog would be good.

Can we also have some kind of feedback on the survey results ? Something like how many people think they should be changed and why ?

Thanks and best regards,

Miati Leekon
Posted - 2010.03.27 21:18:00 - [2]

Good public relations?

Alt Tabbed
Posted - 2010.03.27 22:55:00 - [3]

Originally by: Xander XacXorien

Can we also have some kind of feedback on the survey results ? Something like how many people think they should be changed and why ?

I underlined the part I think might be rather hard to quantify. Just took the survey..not a lot there to to suggest "why".

Posted - 2010.03.28 00:19:00 - [4]

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I doubt there was a specific reason for the survey. I got a survey 9 months ago and read questions asking about surveys in the forums periodically. CCP probably sends them out regularly. Companies like to understand their customers and their issues. Plus they like to segment their customers: in the EVE context they may see carebears, lo-sec pirates, traders, and null-sec sovholders as segments. So a feature that might only appeal to to 20% of the population but appeals to 95% of one segment.

You want a continuous knowledge of the customers because for a lot of "motherhood" issues it is the change that is interesting. Everyone wants software that costs less, lags less, crashes less. So there isn't much info in knowing that 45.6% of the survey thinks the product is too expensive isn't near as interesting as knowing that it is twice what it was 6 months ago.

Releasing survey information would also help competitors target the EVE users. TBH EVE is niche market with loyal customers and CCP is quite liberal with sharing information.

Originally by: Miati Leekon
Good public relations?

What the previous poster was cynically referring to was that since well-run customer-driven companies are in touch with their customers, there is value in appearing to be that. E.g., putting out survey cards for customers, even if nobody with power actual sees them, let alone does anything about it. Other examples would be putting up a suggestion email address or a "Features and Ideas" forum, even though feedback there is never used.

tl;dr: no

Posted - 2010.03.28 04:49:00 - [5]

i implied missions were broing

Ghengis Tia
Posted - 2010.03.29 14:26:00 - [6]

I'd like to see the various pirate faction missions available to all agents, and thrown into the mix.

Players would be forced to fit their ships differently, or train/fly different ships altogether.

I've flown missions in Caldari/Amarr space primarily, and have only occasionally gotten Angel and Serpentis missions. This would at least make the mission mix a lot more varied and relieve some the boredom.

As it is I rarely fly missions other than to test a new ship or fitting. After grinding hundreds (thousands?) of missions to get corporate/faction standings for a number of characters, any change to the mix would be a welcome change.

Posted - 2010.03.29 18:32:00 - [7]

I wish faction standings actually meant a claim on elite territory and not just loyalty points for loot. I want to see elite regions of space which , through a purchase of a State specific contract using "loyalty points" allowed you access to high standing space.

This space would NOT be open to low standing individuals, IE rats and looters people who leech off the backs of others and don't fly missions at all, but instead would allow you exclusive rights to mine, for example, an area for a limited time. Once the contract expires you're back to missions....


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