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Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2010.04.27 08:12:00 - [121]

Originally by: Kazzzi
So Eran, how did it feel the other day when you... oh.. joined a paramilitary unit attached to the 24th Imperial Crusade? How eager were you to swear that oath to protect the Amarr Empire and uphold it's values?

I suppose by your logic in order to save ourselves from becoming overwhelmed by our warrior drive, all who oppose the Empire should surrender and swear oaths of fealty to the witch Jamyl so we may avoid all future bloodshed.

How did it feel? Terrible. It hurts when you have to kill someone you love.

The point when a man has to turn against his own to do what he believes is best is not something to be happy about. This decision was not made easily nor quickly, and it was only due to the people I came to know in the Knighthood that convinced me it was right.

The example I wish to present is not that we should 'swear fealty' to Jamyl, nor accept the ways of the Empire; I certainly do not. We are capsuleers after all, and everyone knows to take 'loyalty' in regards to us with a grain of salt...or a handful. Certainly our stance needs re-thinking though.

My aim is to oppose Shakor and this foolish position we allowed him to put us in. I have not changed in my desires to advance the Matari cause and abolish slavery completely, but I have come to realize the rationality of the 'Sanmatar' is nothing but short-sightedness.

After almost two years of bloodshed, many systems have been captured and lost and countless lives sent to their temporary resting places, and what do we have to show for it? The Minmatar people are suffering due to all resources being diverted to a war everyone so desperately wishes we will win, yet do not realize is not winnable.

I have a re-occurring nightmare; one that was manifested and born from the initial gains of Ezzara and Kourmonen when the war first broke out. The Minmatar right now are blinded by a cloud of smoke. This smoke rises from the flames of the burning children of Minmatar and Amarrians, flooding our senses and making it difficult to breathe and see. We all gasp, "Freedom! Freedom!"

Yet the Matari cannot breathe well enough to tell his brother to extinguish the flame that they carried from home to home. Thus the whole village burnt to ash, and all those who marched the streets crying for freedom could not find their way out of the smoke, and either choked to death or burnt with the children.

I don't consider myself a seer, but it is something that has stuck with me for over a year...

Kade Jeekin
Posted - 2010.04.27 09:29:00 - [122]

Eran Mintor, Knight Crusader, jeebuz? Heh, well, if Kazzzi, who was in PIE Inc before he joined Ushra'Khan, although he's now moved on, and Dame Death was also a Crusader, I guess there's still hope for you.

General advice: Whenever someone says they need to harm, or enslave, you for your own good, shoot them.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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