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Posted - 2010.03.17 18:25:00 - [31]

Edited by: SurrenderMonkey on 17/03/2010 18:44:59
Edited by: SurrenderMonkey on 17/03/2010 18:26:58
Originally by: Hirana Yoshida
Originally by: SurrenderMonkey
Oh, easy. My "assumptions" carry more weight because they're... not assumptions. Hey, look there! It's our victim! And look who killed him! Gosh, that was exhausting.

If only one could know if there is some way to falsify kill-mails posted on public boards. Mails are questionable at the best of times, you should know that. If mails are "proof" then 10 Titans and motherships died inside of a week on the Amarr/Minmatar front last year .. plausible?

Yeah, someone falsified a kill mail to make it look like Loren killed someone, when it was really someone else entirely. That's what happened.

You've gone from merely making assumptions to full on grasping at straws.

Last thing, the GM snippet, which we must assume is not verbatim (or it would be moderated), makes no comment as to the case at all, it is the generic form-letter crap so you really shouldn't keep using it as evidence of anything

Not actually relevant. What the OP posted was, "GM said decoying faction ships is okay!" And then a bunch of people who either don't understand the rules or failed to read it responded with, "NUH UH THAT'S NOT TRUE ESCALATE ESCALATE!" When, in reality, like I pointed out before, even YOU know decoying is okay.

I don't know what I'm talking about or understand how the Navy works so I'll just believe everything some random newb told me 'cos it's not like FW ships get ganked in their own Hisec every single day.


This tbh.

Posted - 2010.03.17 21:33:00 - [32]

This entire thread is like a biologist explaining why chuck norris can't have a fist under his beard.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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