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Posted - 2010.03.29 04:35:00 - [121]

Going to join the channel and see about our new little (yes very little atm) corp joining up


Dion Haig
Icarus' Wings
Posted - 2010.03.29 06:46:00 - [122]

Still open for more corporations and pilotsSmile

Admiral Pelleon
White Shadow Imperium
Posted - 2010.03.29 09:07:00 - [123]

Edited by: Admiral Pelleon on 29/03/2010 09:07:54
Z.E.R.G Dotlan Stats

0-500 members in 3 weeks.

Capital ops are already underway, nightly roaming gangs, experienced leadership and solid corps. This is just the beginning. Twisted Evil

Posted - 2010.03.29 17:02:00 - [124]

Great corp and awesome alliance. Always someone around to help out us newbies with answers to to fleet with. Always looking to run ops in low sec or 0.0 space.

I am glad to be a member of the ZERG, the thought of being on the recieving end of a ZERG attack is just too scary to contemplate.

Xiong Wang
Posted - 2010.03.30 02:14:00 - [125]

bump for the homies

Xiong Wang
Posted - 2010.03.30 06:46:00 - [126]


PaIe Rider
Secret Squirrel Readiness Group
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2010.03.30 13:53:00 - [127]

Posted - 2010.03.31 01:40:00 - [128]

LOT'S of fun Join today ugh

Posted - 2010.03.31 05:43:00 - [129]

Good group of guys very friendly to new players.

freddy dare
Posted - 2010.03.31 08:59:00 - [130]

friendly bump from the Narnia crew.Wink

Xiong Wang
Posted - 2010.03.31 11:22:00 - [131]


Posted - 2010.03.31 15:41:00 - [132]


Posted - 2010.03.31 15:44:00 - [133]

Justice ZERG Bump

Alermela Delo
Fledgling Freight Company
Posted - 2010.03.31 17:23:00 - [134]

After reading the add here I talked it over with my CEO, I'll be bringing him over to the recruitment channel today for some communication.

Dion Haig
Icarus' Wings
Posted - 2010.04.01 04:05:00 - [135]

We are still growing and we want more corporations and pilots, Join our ingame channel "Zerg Recruitment" and talk to a recruiter:) We are having a blast here with 0.0 and low sec roams etc etcCool

Admiral Pelleon
White Shadow Imperium
Posted - 2010.04.01 11:07:00 - [136]

New Alliance video, detailing our operations and our plans for domination:

ZERG Alliance Leadership

Deejell Nexxis
Posted - 2010.04.01 20:54:00 - [137]

Still looking to fill up the Europe timezone for the PvP-cause a bit more ! ! !

Help us fill it up! We like to fill things up :-)

White Shadow Imperium
Posted - 2010.04.02 00:25:00 - [138]

Originally by: Admiral Pelleon
New Alliance video, detailing our operations and our plans for domination:

ZERG Alliance Leadership

I am Famous!!!!

Seriously though, join ZERG it's a blast.

Dion Haig
Icarus' Wings
Posted - 2010.04.02 02:33:00 - [139]

Still open for more corporations and pilots, We are now a 700 man strong alliance in a couple off hrsCool

Azura Nester
The Foreign Legion
Posted - 2010.04.02 08:17:00 - [140]

Z.E.R.G is so awsome, that when ever we move anywhere, CCP has to reinforce the server nodes.

join the swarm now

Dozer Gunner
Posted - 2010.04.02 13:07:00 - [141]

Good times.

Bake Mono
Posted - 2010.04.02 13:09:00 - [142]

bump for a great alliance

cmdr J
Tech 3 Assembly and Manufacturing
Posted - 2010.04.02 15:56:00 - [143]

Tech 3 Assembly and Manufaturing

***We have a spot in New Eden for you***


Watch our video!

Tech 3 is currently seeking combat op pilots. Looking to fill fleet positions in the following roles: Interceptor, DPS, and Tanking for Wornhole Fleets.

I am looking to develop my corp into Wormhole and Archiological Exploration, R&D, and Development. I am hoping to develop a group of people interested the this aspect and scout out and find stuff. Valuable minerals, rare ores, salvage, etc to bring home the goodies. My Corporations Name is Tech 3 Assembly and Manufaturing, (T3AM) Please Contact Dari Chu or Cmdr J for information involving executive positions with the Corp.

T3AM's focus is the manufacturing of tech 3 modules and ships for profit, including all operations required to achieve this goal which include, but is not limited to:
-Combat Ops (PVP and PVE)

We are currently seeking Department heads for Military Ops, Mining, Manufacturing, Research, Marketing and Sales,

Thank you.

D 666
Posted - 2010.04.02 16:09:00 - [144]

Great Alliance and Awesome leaders

Dion Haig
Icarus' Wings
Posted - 2010.04.03 08:10:00 - [145]

Still looking for more corporations and pilotsSmile

Posted - 2010.04.04 01:17:00 - [146]

Nearly 1000 members strong and heading to our own space in 0.0 -- who wouldn't want to join!?!?

Dion Haig
Icarus' Wings
Posted - 2010.04.04 08:34:00 - [147]

Still open for more corporations and alliancesSmile

Legio Prima Victrix
Imperius Legio Victrix
Posted - 2010.04.04 12:18:00 - [148]


Still recruiting, join today and get a free easter egg

Cythera Zohar
Posted - 2010.04.05 07:30:00 - [149]

Still waiting for my egg

Calvin Starfisher
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2010.04.05 11:01:00 - [150]

Hi all, I have just returned to the game after a bit of a break and am looking to join a friendly active corp :D Have 0.0 experience, can scan, scout and am looking to get involved in 0.0/wormhole/anything fun again!

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