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skye orionis
Posted - 2010.03.06 15:52:00 - [1]

So warfare is now the domain of giant cap fleets firing at 350million HP structures for hours on end. Small mobile gangs can't do much more than harass the locals and stop them raising industrial or military indices. Now with tyrannis providing planetary interaction as a source of new resources I would be great if this could also include some targets that small groups of ships can effectively interfere with.
So I'm thinking planets need to move material on and off planet so they need a small facility in orbit that acts as a staging area. These would be civillian facilities with relatively small amounts of shield and armour that can be knocked down to disable it, or repped up to restart it. However these facilities should not be something that can get destroyed (after all it would be a crime to cut off a planet's population from the rest of the universe).
When these facilities are disabled by enemy wolfpacks the planet essentially stops being productive until it's repaired, again in both cases this should be a quick process.

No need for reinforcement timers or anything that is associated with serious sov warfare, this is something that a small number of enemy ships can do to 'hurt' opposing alliances.

Now, let's take it a step further, and make it possible to profit from this model, goods need to get to the station by shuttles, so have these spawn on grid in the same way that station haulers do so that pirates can go about stealing stuff from planets for personal gain. There'd need to be some level of intelligence in the spawn mechanics, the shuttles wouldn't spawn if there were known enemies (low standing/low sec status) visible on grid, but cloaky ships will still have enough firepower to kill these things. if someone kills these things then they drop trade goods that the planet is producing. Since this is attacking other player's resources this is going to flag the participants to concord and possibly give the target corporation(s) rights to shoot the pirate too.

Orion Batman
Posted - 2010.03.07 16:28:00 - [2]

If this were in Tyrannis it would be complete win, putting a genuine in game mechanic behind existing smal gang harrsing tactics in 0.0. I also like the fact that it works in positive sec status space, and lets pirates raid civillian operations for their booty.

Personally, I give it 3 expansions before we see this implemented.

Thera Romana
Posted - 2010.03.07 17:42:00 - [3]

Small gang harassment capabilities are needed, very much. I would keep small gang tactics to shutting stuff down, vice destruction(so yes I agree with poster).

Well developed systems could have hundreds of small logistics targets that could be disabled, to impede the flow of goods.

I would make the planetary orbital bodies numerous, if you divide a planet up into sectors for planetary interaction, i would have a minimum of 1 per sector, maybe more. They would act like silo's and couplers do with pos's. So you have some production storage on planet(not raidable till dust), then transfer locations in orbit, that could be shut down and raided(reward for taking out).

I would allow for some orbital defenses, uber to kill, but not uber to shut down. Could use some of the hacking skills in combination with this as well.

skye orionis
Posted - 2010.03.07 21:01:00 - [4]

Thanks for the vote of support.

While it would be nice to have a whole plethora of orbital facilities, I'm leaning towards just a single simple hub because it makes the whole concept easier to implement, the fewer extra models needed the less work it means for ccp and the easier for this to get added sooner rather than later. The transport ships can use existing hauler models too so it saves time there.

It also occurs to me that such facilities could play nicely into FW objectives with a littl work, but that's not required.


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