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Willem Revolati
Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2010.03.02 21:10:00 - [1]

Evening all,

As the title suggest I've recently returned from a break from the game and now want to find a new corp to join.

I'm 14m SP, all in combat skills. Self-sufficient via my alt. Well accustomed to low-sec living and pvp, however, I am looking for my new corp to be 0.0 based preferably.

I can fly a fair number of ships. My pvp experience has found me specializing in T2 frigs (Ishkur is my particular bundle of joy Smile ) though I can also field t2 fitted BC's and at present training the last skill I need to get in a HAC

I'm UK GMT timezone and find it important that the corp I join is active around that time. Also a mature corp is preferred.

Perhaps most importantly I'm looking to PvP for fun not ISK. I'm also not interested in drama... lifes too short to be crying about internet spaceship politics :)

Feel free to get in touch in game, I'd prefer eve mail but I don't mind private chat if I'm not busy.


Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2010.03.02 21:36:00 - [2]

Recruiting Active Members to join us for PVP and Industrial Operating in deep 0.0. Experience in 0.0 required for PVP, Industry we'll work with you to find a fit for you.

Skillpoint Requirements for pvp: 9 Mil
Skillpoint Requirement for Industry: 5 Mil

Skillpoint minimums are not set and stone and we review on a case by case basis.

Limited API key is required to join, if your not willing to disclose it, do not apply.

Join Channel VISC in game for more Information

Quazal Atreides
Low Orbit Industries
Posted - 2010.03.02 21:42:00 - [3]

hi Willem

Well we are a uk corp, i have only last 48 just re-opened recruitment as our alliance was going through re-structure are moving down to 0.0 so we couldn't offer anyone anything concrete.
However we are now firmly based in 0.0 (sov in 2 systems) We are part of a decent alliance. We dont take ourselves too seriously *(just look at the title of our corp recruitment gives it away)

Basicaly just read the corp add pop on over to public channel and have a chat

Public Channel "Destruction Bar"

Willem Revolati
Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2010.03.03 12:34:00 - [4]

bump, still looking

Willem Revolati
Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2010.03.04 11:04:00 - [5]

bump, still trying to sell myself like a Vietnamese hooker

...I'm also still looking for a corp Laughing

Posted - 2010.03.04 11:23:00 - [6]

Edited by: GENT on 04/03/2010 11:25:01
Hey Willem,

Listen dude: I'd drunk atm. That should give you an idea of the kind of corporation we are right off the bat. lol

We're about having fun. Solid PVP core. We actually have 60% if not more of our member base in the UK tz, but we are round the clock action. Hor Hounds is part of the THREE WOLF alliance, the most awesome alliance ever created. It's a reputation we are proud to uphold. Why? Not because we are the most killing mother ****ers, but because we have the most fun together.

Right now we have 24 members and one corporation in the alliance (lfm, any takers?). We fly together, we die together, we laugh together. It's small gang pvp and we rock it like no tomorrow. You want in, give me a shout.

**EDIT** I'll be on after DT, and I'll try to hit you up then.


Recruitment thread

Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2010.03.04 12:04:00 - [7]

Hey dude

EAK m8, the only way to fly ;)

On a more serious note, we are mostly UK or EU (in EAK, other tz are covered in the alliance from other corps) and are ex low sec pirates now in 0.0.

Ill link our thread:

Drop into EAKFOREVER for a chat m8


Queens of the Stone Age
Posted - 2010.03.04 12:11:00 - [8]
ig channel:QOTSA

Your a match. we average around 30 in years, with a few younger pulling down slightly. All mature by hearth though.
We are the type of people to pick a bad fight for fun, over a good fight that we have to idle for days to no end to get to.
Mostly UK TZ, and if your quick you can have a pint with us on the 12th where i myself fly in from forrin-land, in york.

We live in low sec, with regulair trips into .0

Zaphod Jones
The Real OC
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2010.03.04 13:47:00 - [9]

really recommend the QOTSA guys, top bunch some good friends in that corp

that being said we're also recruiting, corp is mainly UK/Viking (though they only speak that crazy stuffs when they're being rude about me) and US

expanding 0.0 pvp corp in a pvp alliance, though we have a good industry support too (no-one is forced to mine ! thank %$&* !)

drop into our public channel "the wyld hunt" for a chat if you're interested, i realise you said evemail but we would rather get a feel for you (we're all touchy feely) and we'd rather you're happy with us

oh..nearly forgot our really boring recruitment thread is here


Nestor Laurenitis
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.03.04 16:00:00 - [10]

If you were US TZ I'd recommend STIMULUS.

Since you are UK, I have to 3rd the recommendation for QOTSA. Solid PvP'ers there.

Celestial Apocalypse
Posted - 2010.03.04 20:28:00 - [11]

It sounds like you might fit in quite well in our corp - you're ticking all the boxes from my point of view - being self sufficient being a big one, as we are not a ratting corp.

Celes is a small gang PVP corp based in nullsec. We aren't part of an alliance, and there are no plans to join one in the near future.

There are a core of experienced players who've been playing together since Insurgency days, and as such the drama queens have been weeded out. Almost all our members are UK/Euro timezone.

If you want a bit more info join 'Celes Public' in game, jump on the forums or by all means convo me or any other member.



Posted - 2010.03.04 20:33:00 - [12]

Geo Inc was formed by 30 high skill point, experienced, mature, English speaking, 0.0 pilots looking to build a close nit, democratic corporation.

Arrow What makes us diffent is our togetherness as corp, often over half on line with all on voice chatting away.
Arrow So Join our Public channel Geo Public for a chat right now or read on. :)

Arrow40 odd highly active experienced members.
ArrowSmall gang sub battleship PVP.
ArrowReal support of new members.
ArrowGreat logistics.
Arrow1.85m bounty rats.
ArrowPlexing gangs.
ArrowHigh end Roid and Ice mining operations.
ArrowMassive range of researched BPCs.
ArrowAccess too the most productive system in Wicked Creak.
ArrowMembership of Omega. Alliance.
ArrowStation and sov holding Alliance.
ArrowLevel 4/5 missions when in highsec.


Read on ---

With many equipped combat and logistic capital pilots, excellent individual PVP records and many years 0.0 experience we will help you get established in 0.0 space.

Our pilots we are all highly active and many UK US TZ times you will see up to half our members on line at the same time, all on voice, all working together.

Across the corp we have high average skill points, with most over 20m, many over 30m and some over 50m.

What we are looking for are English speaking pilots with a minimum of 7.5m SP who want to live in 0.0. You may or may not already have 0.0 // PVP experience, but dont worry either way we will help when the time comes.

As we stand for anti-piracy, we actively seek to engage anyone under a -5 security rating in lowsec and expect all members to maintain a positive security rating.

Positions in Geo Inc are limited, but at this time all disciplines / races will be considered as there are great opportunities for all 0.0.

What we want more than anything is a willingness to join in, to get on Teamspeak and speak up.

To meet the guys or discuss a possible application please join our public channel "Geo Public" or contact Elrock Storm or Natbackett or Kubol in game for a chat.

Ka Jolo
The Tuskers
Posted - 2010.03.05 08:46:00 - [13]

I think you may find the home you're looking for with the Tuskers. We're on of the most active and successful lowsec pirate corps out there. Click here for a link to our killboard, instructions on joining our public channel, and more.

The Priesthood
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2010.03.05 12:11:00 - [14]


Hired Gunz is new corp in a new alliance and we have 0.0 acces.

We do lowsec / 0.0 roams and also do some merc work.

We have roams to 0.0 almost every day with our friends at 21:00 eve time.

Join "Hired Gunz" channel and ask for more info if interested.


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