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Shi Mingwei
Posted - 2010.03.04 23:53:00 - [31]

Edited by: Shi Mingwei on 04/03/2010 23:53:46
Edited by: Shi Mingwei on 04/03/2010 23:53:32
Here it goes:

Hope you enjoy. :)

Metallic Dragons
Posted - 2010.03.05 05:41:00 - [32]


Can't post it on a blog, will link when it goes up.

Posted - 2010.03.05 10:08:00 - [33]

Edited by: GregoriusAtlas on 05/03/2010 10:10:01
Sir this is my submission in your contest , i hope you like it .

Toy Ships , at

Pitch Black.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2010.03.05 13:35:00 - [34]

The Conciouss

My little piece written for this. It comes out at like 3400 words, a bit more than the 3000 words, but sorta required Embarassed

Ecaf Ersa
Blue Faced Giants
Posted - 2010.03.06 18:50:00 - [35]

Edited by: Ecaf Ersa on 27/03/2010 18:30:59

Nice idea Silver and ultra-cool prizes.

Here is my submission: Father

Link to new forum page: New Link

It's slightly overweight at 3,074 words but I'd shaved a lot off already.

Good luck to everyone.



The Concilium Enterprises
Spectrum Alliance
Posted - 2010.03.07 03:09:00 - [36]

Edited by: Xideinis on 07/03/2010 03:17:51
Think Dust 514 as you read this.

Child Of Dust


Nashh Kadavr
Posted - 2010.03.07 03:18:00 - [37]

the above links tell all. nice and short as i feel for ya chief! reading all that rubbish. hope you like my stuff.


Club Bear
The Seventh Day
Posted - 2010.03.07 06:24:00 - [38]

My submission: A Life of Faith

It is hosted on my corporation's website which is totally legit, and you don't have to download to view.

Thanks for the opportunity. I dont know crap about eve fiction but i know a lot about eve so thats what i banked on.

Posted - 2010.03.08 03:11:00 - [39]

When this contest is over...I would love to post some of these stories on my website. If anyone is interested...take a look at the site.

Chronicles of EVE



Mike Azariah
Posted - 2010.03.08 23:41:00 - [40]

Edited by: Mike Azariah on 08/03/2010 23:41:40
My entry, such as it is.

Sic Semper


Posted - 2010.03.09 02:10:00 - [41]

Posted - 2010.03.09 12:21:00 - [42]

Colour me interested.

Reserving the soot for mine. Oh and I am dyslexic and British so I apologise if things are spelt wrong or differently.

Shandra Fierce
SOLAR Horizon
Posted - 2010.03.09 12:23:00 - [43]

Ancien Nero
Posted - 2010.03.09 13:52:00 - [44]

Edited by: Ancien Nero on 09/03/2010 14:09:28
A bright light shone on the child, maybe three years of age. Around stood figures in dark grey robes. As one started, another would finish his sentence, as if they shared the same mind. The child looked up at the cowled faces above, studying them, as if he knew..
"The child has assimilated all of the required knowledge"
"Yes, but it fails to show the required temperament"
The tallest of the figures scooped up the child and placed him on a small cart. From the shadows an attendant appeared and wheeled the cart away.
"That makes three hundred and forty seven."
"Yes, though they do show more promise with each incarnation"
"More care must be taken with the genetics and the child's upbringing, we need brutality and hatred, and more of it.."

According to procedure, the child was to be taken to a separate part of the complex, then placed in an incinerator. No drugs were used to put the child to sleep or dull it to the pain, such measures were considered wasteful. With a heavy heart the attendant lifted the child from the cart. For a few moments he considered placing the child in the incinerator, closing the door and walking away. He wouldn't hear a thing, the sound insulation assured that, but the child's eyes were too familiar, to similar. Too much like Tayisha's..

*seven years later*
Father! Father! A young boy laughs with joy as his father returns from the farm. At his side an old dog, worn out from work, but loyal and a good companion for the boy. Every night when Yuhn returned from the fields, his son came out to meet him, to see the boy brought a smile to his face. One day he would help his father run the farm, then have children of his own and it would continue for generations to come.

As they finished their meal, there was a knock at the door, sending a chill down Yuhn's spine. The Covenant wouldn't of forgotten him. The child was supposed to have been disposed of, but Yuhn couldn't bear to put the child to death. Instead he took the child and escaped from the complex, into the countryside where they were unlikely to be found. As he answered the door, he was relieved to note that it was his neighbour, Sigus, a man who was obsessed with the buzz and news from the City.
"Yuhn!, Yuhn!, quickly, it is about to happen!"
"What is? Slow down, your not making any sense"
"The chosen one, the child of salvation, Theey're sending him to the Titan! Toa is about the be awakened!"

So, it finally happened thought Yuhn. They found what they were after. After decades of trying, of sorting through genetic material from thousands of Pilots. Mixing and matching, the DNA of various pilots was combined, then the resulting child underwent surgeries and operations, bio-ware installed into its brain to speed up the assimilation rate exponentially..

As Yuhn stared up at the sky, the titan Toa visible even from this distance, he saw the glow from its massive thrusters. Cheering sounded from the Cities around the planet. Celebrations lasted forty two days. Until the Titan began its crash decent into Terra..

*** My entry for the comp, its a few words over but I hope that's ok? Enjoy :)

My nose'omg
Posted - 2010.03.09 15:18:00 - [45]

Originally by: Spectre3353
Here is my entry:


I think I would let you win for the comments on your blog.

"Omgah said...

Fan fiction is **** and I'm removing you from my blob list on my blob. DIAF rp ***."


Saxon Hawke
Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative
Posted - 2010.03.09 15:24:00 - [46]

Sometimes our sons grow up to be the men we always hoped they'd become. But, for some, there is a different path.

"The Lost Boys"

Posted - 2010.03.09 15:44:00 - [47]

I give you Life in the Station!

Posted - 2010.03.09 16:42:00 - [48]

Edited by: Phaezon on 17/03/2010 20:25:17

Linkage ^^^

Gaumarol da'Bostich
Posted - 2010.03.09 16:55:00 - [49]

Reserved for story.

Posted - 2010.03.09 19:10:00 - [50]

I submit a simple story - Harvest

Riato Hargoumi
The Nietzian Way
Posted - 2010.03.09 19:45:00 - [51]

reserved for entry

Posted - 2010.03.09 19:58:00 - [52]

LifeÖ. Life in space can turn a man for the worst or the better; on the other hand it can leave a man dreaming of what could have been. The simple choices made in what seems like a small blip of the infinite universe swirling around us brings about dire futures to those caught in its graspÖ. My father was a pirate in deep space and was taken from me in the blink of an eye! Revenge has buried itself deep into my soul, burning the image of my fatherís death in my mind like a reoccurring dream. I can almost feel the warm blood splash against my faceÖ There isnít a day, not a single day my mind isnít planning for revenge on those who have taken my life from meÖ Soon my face will be ablaze with the light of exploding battle ships from a far. My father didnít raise a fighter or a foolÖ. But a daring strategist and a target has never made my mouth water and my soul hunger for death like the task before meÖ Let the great generals of the past rival in the future I am about to create! As I stare over countless maps of our galaxy I give the universe a last farewellÖ. I will destroy everything I lay eyes upon.Last Goodbye

Saul Dhampir
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.03.09 20:05:00 - [53]

Edited by: Saul Dhampir on 09/03/2010 20:05:44
Voices from the past

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.03.09 20:41:00 - [54]

You know what would be an interesting, if spooky, story...? A killer who murders pod pilots in their pods through some chemical or mechanical means... Talk about getting you where you're vulnerable ...Shocked :)

Jarik Utoni
Valhalla Industries
Posted - 2010.03.09 20:57:00 - [55]

chatsubo is blocked my Mcafee now -_-

Posted - 2010.03.09 21:03:00 - [56]

Edited by: RogueCitizen on 21/03/2010 23:19:34
Edited by: RogueCitizen on 21/03/2010 23:19:07
-Harper's Tale-

Harper blinked sleepily, looking around as everything seemed to fade in and out. He was
lying facedown on the metal floor of a small service corridor. He turned over and propped himself up against the cold wall. The Gallente born mechanic rubbed his hand over his rough shaved head, wincing as his calloused fingers came to a clotted gash above his left ear. Looking around he noticed something very strange, very strange indeed. Silence. In space silence is bad, very bad. It means that something major is broken. The first thing a crewman has to get used to is the never-ceasing hum of the engines. When it's quiet, its time to be scared. Panic seized him. Harper stumbled to his feet and made a nearly comical attempt to run to the nearest terminal embedded in the wall. Again and again he called out familiar commands, nothing. He reverted to slamming his fists against the lifeless screen. The only image returned was the reflection of his own frightened, bloodied face.

ďAll right, all right. Get a hold of yourself, Harper. You're one of the best damn mechs on this ship. Figure it out.Ē Harper stated convincingly to his now calming reflection.

Looking around he noted that the harsh service lights were still on and even better, he wasn't dead so the life support systems must still be functioning, for now. He tried to think back to what had happened before he woke up on the floor. Every recent memory seemed dark and murky, like watching a scene through a window of smoked glass.

Full Story - Click Here

Feral Noir
Tech Noir Inc.
Posted - 2010.03.09 22:19:00 - [57]

Not really a poster on the forums, but after reading about this via Capsuleer, I thought I'd flex my writing skills after what seems an age.

Hope you like it (and that it fits within the rules)

"The Journey"

Trimutius III
Avalon Guards
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2010.03.09 23:04:00 - [58]

Edited by: Trimutius III on 10/03/2010 05:45:42
Hello, I was a slave until now. My name isnít important, nobody remembers names of such people, probably you have heard about my son, he is very interesting person, but this is not important now. Maybe years or even centuries passed and this story isnít important to you at all, but if you want to you may read it. I want to tell about my life. My ancestors were working as slaves for 7 generations and so Iím 8-th in a line. My life may be divided into 3 stages.

My childhood wasnít bright at all. Master didnít care a lot about slaves, we had a little bit more then a minimum. He was better then some others. At least he wasnít separating families; he was saying something about morale of slaves and so on. So my parents brought me up. But I knew my future. Nobody here knew other life. As my father was saying there was no means for escape, especially if you consider that we live on a planet that is far away from any main systems.

So I grew up and entered a second stage of my life. I was doing construction works, thanks to that I know how to read and write because I should be able to read blueprints. Very soon I got used to my work. So I didnít mind doing it every day. My work wasnít that bad, if blocks are put right there will be no punishment and I was satisfied with such position. Then I met her, she was from cookers stuff on our site. She was beautiful like a spring flower. So I did everything I could and she became my wife. And a little bit later our son was born. We gave him as much love as we could. He is very stubborn guy. He was trying to change anything, he tried to be the best of the best just to be recognized, probably, it helped him after.

And suddenly the other stage of life began not so long ago. Empress Jamyl made her announcement and my son was set free. Of course master wasnít willing to set anybody free in the beginning, but when he heard about Kor-Azor fleet he made up his mind and my son was released at last, because he was from 9-th generation. Somewhy he decided to take Interbus offer and go to Gallente Federation. He said that his skills would be most useful there. I havenít heard from him for some time. As I heard afterwards he was searching for opportunity in Gallente Federation. Then some Intaki politician found him in a crowd, in fact he was making a very good speech, so that politician hired him. And now he is on his first vacation. So he decided to go back and buy his parents out.

At this moment instead of sleeping Iím sitting here and carving this message on some faraway construction block. Probably nobody will ever see this message, but I want to leave some mark on this planet. Iím old, so master wasnít at all against selling me to my son, a bunch of ISK is better then two old slaves, especially if you consider the price which he got. Tomorrow I will be flying to Gallente Federation in Interbus Shuttle, it is really happy reunion of family. And probably my father was right; there is no escape here. However I have a permission to go elsewhere now. Even better, I donít need any permissions, Iím free at last.

Posted - 2010.03.09 23:06:00 - [59]

Edited by: Zranti on 09/03/2010 23:10:27
hope you are entertained by this entry, probably not everyone's cup of tea

Brennus Aodh
Association of Commonwealth Enterprises
Posted - 2010.03.09 23:46:00 - [60]


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