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Skazmanian Industries
Posted - 2004.11.28 12:45:00 - [91]

Well my nick is an evolution of my ancient original IRC nick I used way way WAY back, it got shorter and ended in Skaz which incidentaly sounds in Icelandic like Skass which means something like "biatz"...Laughing

So you can imagine what I've been called if I happen to get lucky in games... ;)

Eponymous Debut
Posted - 2004.11.28 15:00:00 - [92]

Was watching an episode of Buffy where a character had chided another character for their temper, and had gotten the reply "Well, you're not exactly Joe Restraint yourself."

I instantly thought that would be a pretty good name for an EVE character.

So I went and made this one.

Omber Zombie
Frontier Technologies
Posted - 2004.11.28 15:55:00 - [93]

/me starts singing the 7 dwarf's Hi Ho song... Very Happy

The Fallen Angels Unit
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2004.11.28 16:25:00 - [94]

Yarrick - Saviour of Armageddon, yep it's a WH40k character =]

Yarricks History

Daisuke Shiriken
Posted - 2004.11.28 16:54:00 - [95]

Created this character yesterday on a new account after getting bored of my nearly 2 year old character. Seeing as Caldari all seem to have Japanese style names, I chose a name I liked, Daisuke, which I got from the credits of the original Seven Samurai film. I then saw the surname of a head of a division in CBD corp, Shiriken and liked it. So Daisuke Shiriken was born. Turns out Shiriken is a japanese ninja star which is cool.

Posted - 2004.11.28 17:51:00 - [96]

Took the name from the principal player in the "M.Y.T.H." Book series by Robert Lynn Asperin... I liked the series a lot and thought the name would work well...

James Swindle
Posted - 2004.11.28 18:38:00 - [97]

James Swindle..... i couldent think of anything original at the time so i thought i would use my real name.... and now i cant seem to make any deals with anyone cos they think im going to "swindle" them out there money/items.

Dreams of Desolation
Posted - 2004.11.28 21:19:00 - [98]

[email protected] "Your Mother was a Hamster.. and your Father smelt of Elderberries!" - traditional French Insult

Msana Foundation
Posted - 2004.11.29 17:40:00 - [99]

I like spotting the names of characters from books I've read (and loved) as I travel through space. I see plenty of Iain M Banks references - kudos, as Mr Banks has produced some of the finest Science Fiction I've read. I only wish that ship names in Eve could be longer, so I could have proper Culture-style ship names for my ships.Very Happy

I struggled choosing a name for my character - I decided not to use my normal online name (one that I have used since around 1994) on the basis that it might possibly be deemed offensive, and I didn't want to take that risk.

Wanoah is actually the title of a song by an obscure band from the 70's called Black Heat. I was looking for something vaguely afrocentric to reflect the Minmatar race and it seemed to fit the bill. It has crossed my mind that it might be something offensive in Swahili or something, but Google hasn't produced any evidence of this being the case...Wink

Reese Man
Posted - 2004.11.29 17:44:00 - [100]

My name was suppost to be rese man but I was experimenting and screwed up. So I had to use Reese Man.
That stands for REfining rESEarch and MANufacturing.

He's my second account, about a year ago as Castor was about to come out, and I realized I needed a character for teh science type skills.

The Ankou
The Reckoning.
Posted - 2004.11.29 20:39:00 - [101]

Badshah is the main character in a Bollywood film entitled Janwaar. Badshah's mother died of starvation when he was just a boy of 10 or so. He was taken in by a crime boss and trained as a professional killer/thief. In the course of the film he rehabilitates himself and tries to live down his past.
My character is the Badshah. In EVE he is a good guy trying to live down his past. Will he succeed, or will he be drawn back to the dark side? Hmmmmm..... Question

Dystinee L'amour
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.11.30 02:02:00 - [102]

bump Very HappyVery Happy

But while I'm at it, I'll explain my alt Truly's name. Truly Scrumptious was a character in a movie called "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" but when I tried Truly Scrumptious, someone already had it, so I took the Scrumptious off.

Bermuda Syndrome Industries
Posted - 2004.11.30 02:12:00 - [103]


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.11.30 03:10:00 - [104]

Very Happyany one really wanna take a guess where i got my name from? Very Happy

ya, when i first started playing eve, i was running a sony vaio. and with all the names i tried to think of that were cool were taken. so walla Vaio came. Very Happy

Eldorado Exploration Expedition
Posted - 2004.11.30 03:21:00 - [105]

Kurtz is the antagonist character from Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”.

Not the remake “Apocalypse Now” either, the real Kurtz. He is Mister Kurtz, not Colonel Kurtz.

Dystinee L'amour
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.11.30 03:48:00 - [106]

Edited by: Dystinee L'amour on 30/11/2004 03:51:55
The horror! The horror!

edit: OMG! I hated HOD.

Demiurge Ialdaboth
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Electus Matari
Posted - 2004.11.30 04:20:00 - [107]

Demiurge was originally taken from Lucasarts game Afterlife which I played many years ago. I've been using it ever since but in EVE it was taken so I put Ialdaboth behind it which is another definition of the Demiurge.

Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2004.11.30 04:46:00 - [108]

Edited by: pxmars on 30/11/2004 04:54:15
Edited by: pxmars on 30/11/2004 04:51:38
This name I used when I was playing Quake lll PX was the clan tag {Phoenix} In a mod.. Called [Team Fortress]. very cool teampler game with differnt class that was specicalized. The clans would battle on a map for the others flags. The Mars part of the name was for the God of War. i just didnt seperate the tag for the name. should be

Atog Uth'Matar
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2004.11.30 05:18:00 - [109]

Most probably know where my name comes from.

Atog is a creature that eats ancient artifacts to gain power in a Trading Card Game, called Magic: The Gathering.

Uth'Matar is from the DragonLance books. Its the family name of Raistlin Majere's half sister Kitiara Uth'Matar. The name has alot more history to it, but i'd rather not write a book or two. Laughing Just ask some of the other Dragonlance named characters if your curious.

Posted - 2004.11.30 05:19:00 - [110]

F'nog is the martial arts master from Futurama who trained Leela. Since this is my fighter character, I chose it. Also, F'nog was my PW in EnB, so I wanted to continue him here.

A couple Greco-Roman notes:

Alaric was the king of the Visigoths who sacked Rome in 410 AD. He was the first "person" to do that in over 700 years. Good choice for a name.

Flavius Aetius ruled what remained of the Roman Empire in the fifth century, defeated the Burgundians (it's not just a wine), and defeated Attila the Hun with the help of the Visigoths. Not too shabby.

Demiurge comes from Greek, demiourgos, and means "worker". Marvel also uses it for the name of a celestial being who defeated the demons who ruled Earth long ago. See the Serpent Crown annuals for more detail.

Note - Yes, I'm a geek.

Posted - 2004.11.30 05:30:00 - [111]

Did anybody else name their character A**hole in games like the original Wing Commander, so when they put your name in it would say fun things like, "Hey, A**hole, what were you thinking on that last mission..."?

Posted - 2004.11.30 05:36:00 - [112]

Way back in the dim dark ages of mah youth :-P i used to be called Blade because of a 2 inch long sword i wore as an earring. When i started online on bbs boards somewhere round 1987/8 i started using Blade as my online nickname.

When that friggin movie came out people started using blade or variations of it non stop on every chatrrom/game i played so i changed it to Shadowblade. When i started eve that name was taken so as a play on the name i Chose Shadowbrother.

Only time I ever used a different name was when playing everquest and i created a dwarf warrior by the name of Bruenoar Battlehammer on the Xev Server - and if u dunno who he is i gonna smack ya over the head with a R A Salvatore Book :-P

Arcana Imperii Ltd.
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2004.12.17 07:24:00 - [113]

NatExpressen is a cheap Danish beer, and i have been using it as my char name in all games i play foe years.

Posted - 2004.12.17 07:31:00 - [114]

My real name, was easy enough.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.12.17 08:25:00 - [115]

Various incarnations of my nick were:
[Š.i.S.C.o.R.P.o.R.a.T.i.o.N.] - till I decided alt capping was ghey
[Šiscorporation] - till I removed the brackets
Šiscorporation - on the old Eve forums
Discorporation - ingame, as eve doesn't accept the Š in character names (odd, since it's an icelandic letter, afaik).

It has a meaning too. Discorporation is the art of seperating ones 'spirit' from the body, a shamanistic practice. Not that I'm into that, but it sounded cool enough to justify taking the nick, over 5 years ago.

jason hill
Clan Shadow Wolf
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2004.12.17 08:28:00 - [116]

cos im completely devoid of any imagination whatso ever..Embarassed

Posted - 2004.12.17 08:32:00 - [117]

I used to play Neverwinter Nights a lot (past 2 years really) so I'm used to dreaming up names on the fly.

My favourite character I created was an Elf called Calad so I just made a slight variation.

Although I believe everyone has the right to air their views I too think that the level of non-constructive critisium and flaming on the EVE forums is totally out of proportion to what service we do receive. Remember, manners cost nothing and being an EVE 'veteran' does not give anyone the right lambaste other players.
*Get's off soapbox and wanders off*

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2004.12.17 14:00:00 - [118]

on some drunken spree this was the first thing that poped in my headVery Happy

Titus Duxas
Posted - 2004.12.17 14:06:00 - [119]

My character is named after a famous scottish laird known for his generousity

Posted - 2004.12.17 14:14:00 - [120]

Edited by: Juniper on 17/12/2004 14:14:44
Sad but true, my character is named as a "tribute" to my long departed cat of the same name. And in all honesty, I can't remember why I originally called her Juniper...

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