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El Barco Pirata
Posted - 2010.02.21 11:22:00 - [31]

loev it

Catari Taga
Centre Of Attention
Middle of Nowhere
Posted - 2010.02.21 19:47:00 - [32]

Really nice job (also the siege launcher animation). Would benefit greatly from some background music. Hope to see more!

Rebus Valstay
Posted - 2010.02.22 00:37:00 - [33]

Extremely cool stuff, CameraPilot. Lots of talent and attention to detailed involved there. If it wouldn't slow down the game I'd love to see something like that from CCP in-game but that won't happan. Props, chief.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.02.22 17:28:00 - [34]


Temporal Group
Posted - 2010.02.23 09:20:00 - [35]

I would be very grateful to the designers CCP if they were told how to properly set the ship fraction colors. all textures are generally in the same range - gray, but the ships have a different hue. By the way - in the further development got the best battleship Amarr Empire - Abaddon

Posted - 2010.03.23 01:49:00 - [36]

Originally by: CameraPilot
youtube -
HD (1280х720)

Now full version with sound:

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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