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Ghost Festival
Posted - 2010.02.12 13:26:00 - [61]

Originally by: Sturmwolke
Any cute anime girl voice. Lina Inverse (Megumi Hayashibara) anyone?
Seriously, people respond better to a female voice in command Very Happy

o so so true
someone needs to create an voice program similar to the ones they use for sat navs for fleets in eve.

Phenglei Kai
Posted - 2010.02.12 13:30:00 - [62]

Originally by: rand0mch1ck
Christopher Walken Laughing

.....that would be REALLY cool

Le Sabre
The Dead Canary Mining Corporation
Legion of Honor
Posted - 2010.02.12 13:35:00 - [63]

Micheal Gambon, or Tom Baker as they both have excellent voice talents. Very Happy

Posted - 2010.02.12 13:57:00 - [64]


Seishi Maru
doMAL S.A.
Posted - 2010.02.12 14:12:00 - [65]

Donald Duck !

Future Mutant
Republic Military School
Posted - 2010.02.12 14:14:00 - [66]

Master shake from ATHF..


Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.02.12 14:16:00 - [67]

Edited by: Konoch on 12/02/2010 14:18:02
Off topic but i have to say: Blizzard getting the dropship pilot from aliens for the terran dropships was genius.

Who would i want? Lets see....


As for some of the other names: Batman. Which version? Animated If so which animated. If original which movies?

It'd be kinda cool to have Chris Rock leading comms.

Since i'm sticking with a movie theme there is one other actor in two roles that would also ROCK: Mel Gibson

And of course if we're doing this topic we can not forget Russel Crow. (Who the **** would NOT want Maximus calling targets)

I missed the anime stuff here's another: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Wonder who she is? The Major in GITS SAC.

Asuka Smith
Royal Black Watch Highlanders
Posted - 2010.02.12 14:56:00 - [68]

Meryl Streep.

Alhambra Trellane
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.02.12 15:05:00 - [69]

Morgan Freeman is absolute win, but other than him...

That dude who used to do all the movie trailers in the US


Bill Cosby. Seriously, how funny would that be?

The Scowling Men
Posted - 2010.02.12 15:08:00 - [70]

Originally by: Alhambra Trellane

That dude who used to do all the movie trailers in the US

Yea he would be good, him or jack black Very Happy

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.02.12 15:23:00 - [71]

Originally by: Krennel Darius
Originally by: ceyriot
Mr T.


Damn right, foo!

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2010.02.12 15:33:00 - [72]

Pee-wee Herman or Golden Helmet..

Not much different, imho.Smile

DarkPhate Endovari
Posted - 2010.02.12 15:37:00 - [73]

When you absolutely positively have to kill every last mother.. in the blob, accept no substitute.

Samuel L Jackson.

Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2010.02.12 15:45:00 - [74]

Edited by: Kandarus on 12/02/2010 15:46:19
I wanna die in fire with Sling Blade!

"What'd he say???" Rolling Eyes

Annianka Dreams
Posted - 2010.02.12 16:00:00 - [75]


Known Commander
Dharma Industries
Posted - 2010.02.12 16:04:00 - [76]


K'uata Sayus
Posted - 2010.02.12 16:14:00 - [77]

Originally by: Thynar
Can't resist - James Earl Jones

^^^Him. No backtalk, no inane chatter, just STFU and TCOB.

Posted - 2010.02.12 16:17:00 - [78]

Frank Oz

Nye Jaran
Posted - 2010.02.12 16:37:00 - [79]

It depends. If we're actually in the middle of combat, Ving Rhames. If we're sitting idle, Stephen Fry.

Kuar Z'thain
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.02.12 16:37:00 - [80]

Ron Perlman

Because, war... well, you know. Twisted Evil

Advanced Planetary Exports
Intergalactic Exports Group
Posted - 2010.02.12 16:39:00 - [81]

Edited by: Freyya on 12/02/2010 16:41:00
Kosh, Simply to confuse the hell out of you in respect as to what you're actually supposed to be doing.
Otherwise i'd go with Edith Bunker, any of the prime actors of Babylon 5 or perhaps Samuel L. Jackson as he supposedly plays or played EvE.

Sniper edit to add vote @ Christopher Walken as i do need moar cowbells to run down this fever...

Zombicidal Mania
Penumbra Alliance
Posted - 2010.02.12 16:41:00 - [82]

Alan Alda

Jackie Fisher
Syrkos Technologies
Joint Venture Conglomerate
Posted - 2010.02.12 16:42:00 - [83]

Brian Blessed

Posted - 2010.02.12 17:08:00 - [84]

Edited by: Marchocias on 12/02/2010 17:09:19
Well, for FC it'd have to be the E4 tv channel ad voiceover dude... (Patrick Allen, who is apparently dead, or Peter D1ckson who took over).

To be honest though, I'd rather have the Aurora voice changed to be KITT from Knightrider.

Johnny Malloy
Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.02.12 17:10:00 - [85]

that hill billy dude from "deliverance" that says "sure gotta pretty mouth"

Posted - 2010.02.12 17:10:00 - [86]

Edited by: Cornaris on 12/02/2010 17:11:21
1972 Miami Dolphins

Posted - 2010.02.12 17:13:00 - [87]

Patrick Stewart.

Magnus Orin
Wildly Inappropriate
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.02.12 17:21:00 - [88]

Great replies to this thread. I'm enjoying reading this whilst sipping my morning coffee.

You still can't top Morgan Freeman though, is voice is just so calm and soothing.

/lobbies CCP for a Morgan Freeman voice font.

Jint Hikaru
OffWorld Exploration Inc
Posted - 2010.02.12 17:40:00 - [89]

Edited by: Jint Hikaru on 12/02/2010 17:41:43
As a followup to my earlier post nominating Brian Blessed (in Flash Gordon), i am attaching this youtube vid.
(for you younglings he is the Hawk leader with the huge beard)

Watch it for at least 2mins.... then try telling me you wouldnt follow this man into hell itself!

Slade Trillgon
Endless Possibilities Inc.
Posted - 2010.02.12 17:52:00 - [90]

I vote for Alan Rickman

Originally by: Aurora Nyx
Edited by: Aurora Nyx on 12/02/2010 07:19:08
My wife, because i love her so much and want to be with her forever.

(somebody please help me. I'm locked in the cellar)

Stop crying. You have internet don't you Twisted Evil


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