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Posted - 2010.10.21 06:35:00 - [571]

Originally by: Van Haulen
Will you make a fresh mirror of TQ before this? The most recent one is getting a bit old and some people (me!) can't log in on Sisi.

you are a dip

Njana Ti
Posted - 2010.10.21 09:50:00 - [572]

Can I have right-click-menu on Sisi please? I need more ships to try and fail, so the option to 'assemble' new ships is, say, helpful... or am I missing something?

Posted - 2010.10.21 18:44:00 - [573]

Are our old sp gone for good now with the new mirror?

Outcast Heroes
Posted - 2010.10.21 19:37:00 - [574]

i have noticed that with the new mirror that the skill points we obtained from a mass testing a few weeks ago (the 2 million points) they have been wiped out. Are we likely to get that back at some point or is it gone for good?

Ash Donai
Kanu Industries
Posted - 2010.10.26 17:27:00 - [575]

Originally by: CCP Tanis
  • All participants of the mass test will get 2 million free skillpoints on Singularity as small reward

  • ... and you guys keep wondering why you can't get enough people to show up for the testing.
    Why is it so difficult to just go ahead and give skillpoints on TQ (not 2M ofc)? Who on the team is it that maintains that giving skillpoints on TQ would break the game? One (or more) of the team members who is in a decisionmaking spot has an irrational view on this and an unrealistic view on what players do for entertainment.

    Time is my most valuable asset. My entertainment time is limited so I need to juggle competing products and services to fit them into that entertainment time the best I can for maximum benefit to me.

    I play EVE for fun (though it admittedly hasn't been much fun lately, which is why I largely play other games at this time). I also pay to play and thus I have an expectation that stuff works, especially after years and years of development. When I am then asked to give up my free time to assist in fixing stuff without any meaningful reward, that's when I get a little sore.

    Yes, I could help fix EVE, or I could just spend my time playing another game and unsubscribe most my accounts till EVE is fixed (if that ever happens).

    Bottom line; Pay me to help you. The outlook of the game maybe getting fixed in the future isn't reward enough for me.

    Celina Lawbringer
    Posted - 2010.10.27 17:27:00 - [576]

    Mass Testing is currently conducted on Tranq. in LXQ2-T. Feel free to join :)

    Posted - 2010.10.27 19:51:00 - [577]

    How do I insure I start with the ship I want to use when I login to sisi?

    Posted - 2010.10.27 23:44:00 - [578]

    can anyone join in ?? or you looking for a specific ship type being flown ... i just reactivated my account again after being away for 4 years but had to start over again as my toon apparently had been sold without me knowing and would like to get back into eve again and help out anyway poss as i used to.

    Xovoni Directorate
    Posted - 2010.10.31 08:21:00 - [579]

    this thread needs a title change >.>

    CCP Habakuk

    Posted - 2010.11.09 13:22:00 - [580]

    This thread is now replaced by a new thread:

    Katarin Savage
    Posted - 2010.12.25 05:33:00 - [581]

    hi, I got a couple of bugs with sisi I'd like to report:-

    1) by far the biggest problem with this latest patch/upgrade for sisi (640216104) is that annoying and extended siren background sound instation == wtf is that for?? I'm instation minding my own business and that siren is constantly playing and annoying me!!!

    instation life is an essential part of neu eden life and we capsuleers and guests alike dont need to be distracted by annoying sounds, and i would suggest ccp remove that annoying sound!

    2) there seems to be a massive increase in instation UI lag like when I reprocess stuff, there's like a 2 min delay between selecting a right click menu item and the the process completing == I thought the lag monster had been slain??

    3) Where's the link to edit your new avatar in incarna?? After designing a really nice character with black hair I now got crappy yukky color and no way obvious to correct this obvious flaw in the character design process == where's the options to discard, edit and save the avatar?? And where'd my original full-sized walk-in-station character go??

    A step too far? and can we have the character/avatar design option back?? koz frankly, I liked playing with that apparently one shot wonder despite the massive improvements (and some deficiencies) you are obviously working on but that bloody siren is getting really annoying now...

    deficiencies include:-
    a) crappy 'pastel' and bloody boring skin, clothing and hair color; lipsticks aint very diverse or imaginative either: where's the flourescent tatoos, decorative headwear and other super hi-tech gear in the GURPS/Steve jacksons Games, star wars kinda feel??

    the distinction between the various color palettes aint very clear either, I mean how many shades of brown look the same?? Where's the standard 256 color rgb color picker and paint dropper and other basic paint tools??

    check out second life, massEffect2 and ubiquitous other character design engines for a buit more interesting examples of good design in games; I'm sure you're all working very hard on this but cvolor, color, color and variety is the key to customising your characters, followed closely by personalisation and 'uniqueness' == how can you get that if everything is so /dull/ and based on boring characters??

    Jaded by years of constant priacy and resolute defence against rats and canflippers is one thing, but design is all about hope and dreams, not boring pastel colors!!!

    appreciate the incremnental and significant improvements but you aint got no way to edit a work-in-progress or to import a saved grafic file (like I screengrabbed tyhe other day when the char genny was released and good looking characters were designed but only her blusher and eye make-up looked interesting, every thing else was so dull and boring... defo need paintbrushes and a better color picker... then an option to edit a saved and temporary character file == can we not just use a common filetype (like whatever you 3d designers use for architectural concepts and illustrations in games??

    Paramount Commerce
    Posted - 2010.12.25 05:43:00 - [582]

    post this in the current thread and you will get some help sorting this out

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