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Raistlen Avmantam
Posted - 2010.02.08 23:51:00 - [1]

I was thinking sometimes I have so many items in a station I have trouble finding ammmo and weapons to fit to my ship why not make a special spot for ammo, lasers, missile launchers, and crystals, so I can find my ammo faster?

darius mclever
Posted - 2010.02.09 00:11:00 - [2]

did you see the little search box on the upper right?

it helps me a lot

Jim Luc
Rule of Five
Vera Cruz Alliance
Posted - 2010.02.09 00:45:00 - [3]

Perhaps if you knew what you were looking for, but keeping items organized in separate compartments is a great idea.

It's a simple add-on, because it can be held on the user-level similar to bookmark & friend folders.

This simple change would allow me to separate loot from all items I currently am saving or need. Simply sorting by quantity or type will mix them all up again.

Jack Sabastian
Posted - 2010.02.09 09:14:00 - [4]

There called "Station Containers" "Station Vaults" And "Station Warehouses". They are seeded at all NPC stations, are too big to move around so you have to buy at the staion you want it at.

They can be found on the market under Ship Equipment->Deployable Equipment -> Cargo Containers.

Reggie Stoneloader
Posted - 2010.02.09 09:50:00 - [5]

Yeah, but station cans are flawed. You can't repackage stuff that's in them, for one thing. Tabbed personal hangars have been on the wish list for eons, and CCP doesn't seem to acknowledge the idea. I haven't heard an official word on the matter, anyway. Also, search is pretty much useless on this board, I never use it.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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