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Ike Jackson
Posted - 2010.02.01 06:34:00 - [1]

in your opinion, what are the minimum skills required to effectively pilot a moros?

and not nessesary to answer, i can do my research, but how much do you think that such a pilot would net on the character bazaar?

Qui Shon
Posted - 2010.02.01 10:50:00 - [2]

Cap gun 4, dread 4, Jump calib 4, cap rep 4, armor comps all to 4, DI 5, Sentry 5, EW drone interfacing 4, Sig analysis 5, all gunnery support to 5, though some chumps try to cheat with surgical strike 4. Oh and cap ship 4 too. And of course max capacitor skills, should go without saying, as well as the absolute basics, i.e. electronics, engineering and so forth, though in most cases they're prerequisites anyway.

Will net you maybe 9-13bn on current market, but, if you start now you'll be done in what, two years or something Laughing. Prices could be anything by then.

Mashie Saldana
Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.02.01 11:05:00 - [3]

Also add Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration 4 to that list.

Ralph Hardimon
Posted - 2010.02.02 03:40:00 - [4]

Edited by: Ralph Hardimon on 02/02/2010 03:40:54
thanks for the replies guys. evemon is telling me about 450 days from where i'm at right now =p

Edit: wrong alt.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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