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Florin Pelecaci
University of Caille
Posted - 2010.01.25 20:58:00 - [1]

I'm doing the Kirstan mission on the Sisters of Eve epic arc and I'm stuck on the Kirstan mission. I'm flying a Catalyst with 8 turrets (3 x 125mm, 3 x 75mm and 2 Light Ion Blasters) and I'm getting hammered each time. I have taken out the escorts but everytime I start taking down the shields I get blasted into oblivion and have to retreat.

I'm currently training Gallente Frigate level 4 and then cruisers so I can buy a Vexor but waiting for this means I'll lose the bonus, which I hate doing.
Is there anything I can equip on my ship to make the job a little easier?

Also, is a Vexor the best Cruiser to go for? I run mainly missions, no pvp


Florin Pelecaci

skye orionis
Posted - 2010.01.25 21:28:00 - [2]

First thing you need to do is fix your setup, you've got a mix of guns on there with different ranges, you'd be better off settling on a single type of gun focussed on a specific range. For a catalyst use a full rack of light ion blasters with antimatter ammo.

For Kritsan it's best to get in close and orbit at 500m using an afterburner, that'll stop most of the incoming damage since they can't hit you. Also, Kritsan will steal your capacitor, so put a cap booster + charges in your other mid slot.

Xia Kairui
Lone Star Exploration
Posted - 2010.01.26 11:57:00 - [3]

Alternatively ask in local if someone is willing to help you. There's usually enough people around who can help you out.

Posted - 2010.01.26 12:25:00 - [4]

Agree with what the poster above said about the mix of guns. Pick one type and then an AB to keep your orbit of the target within your optimal range, you'll do way more damage that way.

Re: Cruiser, yes i'd go for the Vexor as your first Gallente mission runner. Gallente specialise in drones, and this is the cruiser drone boat, plus you can fit quite a decent tank on it as well. Thorax can fit more guns, but since MWD's are usless in deadspace complexes you're losing a ship bonus.

Posted - 2010.01.26 13:48:00 - [5]

I think it's just a matter of skills and guns.

You can do some research here:

Everyone I think has had issues with that hoser, he's a tough one... but not impossible. I beat him in a Catalyst... using railguns and a drone. My AB kept me at distance, and he did do some damage. I added power grid rigs (whatever they're called) to help add armor etc. and more guns.

A Vexor would be ideal... the difference between 5m of drone space and 100m is epic, assuming you can fly a Vexor through all the gates.

Last (and best advice) I've read so far is to grab someone that will help out. People will jump at the chance to pop that knob again.



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