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Posted - 2010.01.19 12:39:00 - [1]

Edited by: hyperfly on 20/03/2011 04:42:29
FireBird Squadron =FBS=

Firebirds stage from their home base codenamed Phoenix ( Class V Wormhole )


Phoenix has a C5 static - This means every-time the static closes a new Class 5 opens up.
This allows squadrons to clear sites in those adjoining C5 wormholes without much pre-planning.
Generally we run 1 - 2 CLASS V Ops a day. We have on occasion cleared up to 30 Class V sites in a single Ops
Peak times, we will clear out the wormholes with larger groups and start controlled collapsing wormholes until we generate a succulent one to harvest
PVP is a fact of life in Wormholes so there is ample opportunities for pew. We only recruit pilots that are combat capable and willing to fight


The corp atmosphere here is pretty laid back. As long as pilots display competency and get the job done Leadership do not add unnecessary organizational bureaucracy. Ample opportunity for pilots that have initiative to empower themselves and grow with the corp

TeamSpeak is mandatory if pilot is in Wormhole. Our TS is a nice place to chill and chat. Of course if the situation requires it, we exercise fleet discipline on comms

We have presence across all time zones but a rough indicator for popular Sleeper Ops timing would be 15:00 | 19:00 | 24:00 Eve time.
Sleeper Ops are not compulsory but we have very high activity levels in the corp, everyone resides in the wormhole so you will not feel alone or disconnected from your corpmates

Our crew are friendly & will gladly share knowledge. FBS has been doing this for over a year so wormhole experience runs deep here. Fun and group participation are the corporations main drivers. Once pilots are acclimatized, they earn based on their activity level. Hence if you are active its extremely lucrative whilst reveling in a the great team atmosphere.


For Sleeper Ops, we offer ship reimbursement program for BC / BS / Logistics
Scanning is usually done ad-hoc by most of the pilots but guidance is given when required. FBS tracks these via in-house developed tool
We expect everyone to become well rounded. If you need to be "carried ", the axe will fall on you eventually.
Logistical support and scouting is provided when requested. We also have extensive manufacturing capability and programs that benefit player-base

Firebird Squadron utilize in-house developed tools for Loot Tracking and Payout. Thus members do not have to worry about the hassle of loot logistics.
Corp also stock modules, ammo, exotic dancers & drones as backup in the Wormhole.

We are looking for:

1)Pilots that can handle living full time in wormhole space

2)Applicants need to be active players with 8 mil SP & Astrometrics skill to level 4 ( capable of scanning )

3)You must have a good personality and not be afflicted by any social malady attributed to MMOG's or the need to overcompensate ( ie Not a tard) We value our great social atmosphere

4)Able to field EITHER Command ships / Logistics / Tech 3

5)Have Initiative

6)Decent gamers. Meaning your already competent OR able to absorb instructions & not be a total spazz

7)Someone who wants a long term home and to make some new friends

Contact :
- in-game Join Channel bfwar

We be pimpin, they be hatin..

Wormhole PIMPIN

Posted - 2010.01.20 09:39:00 - [2]

Still need some BS pilots for some class 5 radar and mag sites.Very Happy

Posted - 2010.01.22 03:15:00 - [3]

Still Filling the Ranks..

Posted - 2010.01.23 08:36:00 - [4]

2 hrs of sleeper ops in class 3 wormhole today, only 4 pilots, had a net of 225mil just selling at buyers prices..

Sign up today..

Posted - 2010.01.24 11:34:00 - [5]

Stovo kor
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.01.26 10:23:00 - [6]

Minimum we get 1 static C3 opening every 16 hours so we need more pilots to fully exploit this across timezones.

These C3 sites could be done solo or up to 4 people for max efficiency & speed.
Billions to be made everyday cause we got the routine down, just need pilots Twisted Evil

-- Opportunities in Corp --

C3 - Combat sites, Mag, Radar
- Shield tank or Armor tanking BC / BS / HAC / HIC /Command Ship/ T3 / Logistics pilots
- Remote Reping skills a plus

C5 - Connecting Wormholes
- Focus on filling a few more slots for Remote Repping Battleship group ( Armor )
- T3 and Logistic capable pilots ( or willing to spec into them in a month )
- Scorpion pilots

C5 - Charming Home Base
- Gravimetric ( A,B,C ) and Ladar ( T3 gas ) daily for mining folks
- PVP roaming ops by demand

New or returning Players
- Willing to learn and play an active part in corp more important then SP
- Initially could fill scanning roles until able to fly BC
- Opportunities for pilots with Salvager IV, Codebreaker and Analyzer skills as well

Some of the guys in here are pretty hilarious and the corp atmosphere is laid back.
Everyone willingly spreads the workload like scanning throughout the day and when needed collapsing WH's so no stress on a select few.

Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.01.26 11:19:00 - [7]

Very Happy

Stovo kor
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.01.27 16:37:00 - [8]


Some of the crew found 2 POS towers today with no shields !!!
1 Mega & 1 Apoc popped out hehe
Loads and loads of Strontium and ozone? where hauled back to Charming base as well YARRRR!!

Wormhole space sure throws surprises, people seem to do weird stuff with POS'es in Wormhole.
Wonder what caused the above situation with the POS ?

ps. Still looking for more pilots to strip all the C3 sites that spawn every 16 hours( BC and higher )
BS remote rep / logistics / T3 pilots needed for future C5 Ops

Fireswarm Gaggle Squadron
Posted - 2010.01.27 16:46:00 - [9]


Stovo kor
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.01.29 06:23:00 - [10]

Some interesting recruits in past couple of days

Still looking for suitable pilots who want to show their prowess and make some sick ISKies Twisted Evil

Posted - 2010.01.29 20:18:00 - [11]

Firebird Squadron

Attack the sleepers!!!


Stovo kor
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.01.30 20:21:00 - [12]

We have been getting good response thus far. The more te merrier >>>

FireBird Squadron

=FBS= stages from its home in Charming ( Class V Wormhole )

We have a static C3 connection ( every 16 hours ) that allows small squadrons to clear sites in those adjoining
wormholes without much pre-planning and organization.
It is possible to do these sites in a well tanked BC solo & up to 4 ships for max efficiency

Given the potential in these sleeper sites, our current goals are to drain each flush C3 that pops up and collapse
less desirable wormholes.
With a critical mass of pilots we would be able to continuously harvest these sites.
Hence our recruitment drive to fill most time slots

The corp atmosphere here is pretty laid back and not structured.
As long as pilots display competency and get the job done we don't want to add unnecessary organizational
Assistance is given when required.
Pilots also share knowledge collectively to make sure everyone benefits
Fun and group participation are our main drivers and utmost we try to avoid becoming a 2nd job.
Once pilots are acclimatized they would earn based on their activity level. Hence if your active its lucrative.
Corp only takes 10 % for base maintenance.
There are no compulsory Ops but collectively we are required to defend our home @ Charming if the need arises.
PVP also comes up when we feel the need to mix it up.

The group is helpful and corp support is forthcoming for consumables like ammo and drones
Experienced players are on hand to handle delicate or critical task but mundane task like scanning is usually done
ad-hoc by most of the pilots so the workload is spread
Logistical support and scouting YARRRR!! is provided whenever requested

We are currently planning for the next stage in our progression in handling C5 sites
Plans are already set in motion for this endeavor.
But we adapt accordingly as new tactics and player capabilites evolve.
In this, we also welcome member input so pilots become stakeholders in the whole process and have a sense of
achievement rather then just turning up to farm something.

We seek :

- Pilots that seek camaraderie and a long term home
- Active players that understand teamwork
- Command ships / Logistics / T3 / HAC capability are our preferred choice
- Able to fly BC or BS will also be considered for current ops
- PVP pilots with niche skills in Interdiction and Heavy Interdiction ( HIC ) with an interest in exploration also welcome
- Capital capable pilots

Contact :
Convo Hyperfly in-game
or Join Channel bfwar
Visit us online at FireBird Squadron

Posted - 2010.02.01 01:00:00 - [13]

Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.02.01 01:15:00 - [14]

Actually only been in the recruitment channel for a couple of days (waiting for WH opening :P) but already having a laugh with some members. Smile

Stovo kor
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.02.01 10:37:00 - [15]

Hey Typhoon o/

Some very impressive recruits in past 2 days
We are still on the lookout for pilots that could chill with us would fit in with our culture.

Capable Logistics / Command ships / T3 / Capitals a big plus

Posted - 2010.02.04 19:53:00 - [16]


Posted - 2010.02.04 21:11:00 - [17]

Please contact me I've something that might be of interest to you

contact: Olefina Gilgamed or Sweet Rider

Posted - 2010.02.14 01:54:00 - [18]

We are still tearing up sleeper sites and exploring wormholes. Contact if interested.


Posted - 2010.02.19 19:06:00 - [19]


Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.02.20 03:14:00 - [20]

We get down with some sleeper killins.

I am a sleeper PIMP...

I am a Station GUNNN....


FBS Website

Operation Cloverfield
Posted - 2010.02.20 04:16:00 - [21]

Im looking for a new corp! You guys sound really fun, i can fly drake competantly and i can mine and also PvP efficiently, training up BS skills at the minute and hope to be more competant soon

Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.02.26 13:12:00 - [22]

Join BFWAR channel in game.


Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.02.26 23:38:00 - [23]

Indian Station Gun Sleeper Pimps. Rawr.

Posted - 2010.02.28 03:01:00 - [24]

*snip* Slightly off-topic for a bump. Shadow.

Posted - 2010.02.28 20:44:00 - [25]

So on a serious note..

We clear class 3 systems regularly, sometimes up to 30 sites at a time, only takes 3-4 hrs depending on the fleet. As fleet sizes grow, so does the isk intake and speed.

Class 5 with a class 3 static means that we have super easy sites to run and can close the class 3 wormhole very easily to access absolutely any kind of wh system we want to, shield bonuses, armor bonuses, ecm, whatever we are in the mood for. Or just anything at all, if we are looking for PVP or a system with no one in it and 30 sites to clear. Whatever your flavor of action, there is always something to do.

Current running class 5 sites has become the thing to do, so we are setting up a pos in a class 5 with a class 5 static to run the better sites.

Weekly ops payouts based optimized by customized web applications to track sleeper ops income and attendance along with Tech 3 production.

Customized web applications to track signal scans and everything. We have a very tight system to do the administrating so we can all just play eve and have a terrific atmosphere.

Join BFWAR channel in game for more info.

Firebird Squadron Website

Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.03.01 10:03:00 - [26]

In 4 weeks these guys have shown me how to fight sleepers, lead an op, wormhole pvp, how to survive in a wormhole and how to make ISK (a lot of ISK Smile). Great corp, great people. Highly reccomend it to anyone who can fly a battlecruiser.

Manufactured Outrage
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.03.01 21:48:00 - [27]

Edited by: Manufactured Outrage on 01/03/2010 21:49:48
Our recruitment focus is on pilots that want to PVP and earn ISK from running PVE sleeper sites regularly ( C3 and C5 )
The Sleeper Ops are not compulsory but essentially there are Ops once or twice daily.

From a economic perspective, the ability to consistently harvest these wormholes seem to enrich a much larger group of pilots more evenly
in a corp compared to other lucrative PVE activities like Level IV's and Ratting.

If you are looking for a laid back environment to enjoy PVE and PVP look us up Very Happy
Current needs are Command Ship / Logistics / T3 and HIC pilots
but we will look at other prospective applicants if you are exceptionally active and could fit in.

If you would like to discuss specific details, get a hold of Manufactured Outrage or Hyperfly by evemail to set up convo
Our channel is bfwar

Firebird Squadron HQ

Apogee Realms
Posted - 2010.03.02 12:13:00 - [28]

what timezone is most active ?

Manufactured Outrage
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2010.03.02 17:12:00 - [29]

Originally by: Apogee Realms
what timezone is most active ?

Starting from 2 hours after downtime & the subsequent 14 hours after would be the period where most of the Sleeper Ops take place.
PVP varies.
There are always pilots online though in corp
Most of the members are either US or Euro

Posted - 2010.03.03 23:01:00 - [30]

I like to call it SLEEPER PIMPIN...

So come be a sleeper PIMP with us... Cool

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