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Devalon Aernonnire
Posted - 2005.04.29 08:29:00 - [661]

My mother always told me I had nice eyesSmile

Al Haquis
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2005.04.29 12:35:00 - [662]



Nero Scuro
Jejaikaro Corporation
Posted - 2005.04.29 13:00:00 - [663]

Originally by: Devalon Aernonnire
My mother always told me I had nice eyesSmile

Doyle is your mother!?

*runs off to the nearest Scope reporter

Karol Kei
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.04.29 15:48:00 - [664]

Name: Karol Kei
Race: Deteis
Occupation: A small business owner (A diner / cafeteria)
Hobbies: Taking long holidays, slavedriving the workforce, badmouthing competition and making new excuses for bad coffee

The Forsakened Few
Green Alliance
Posted - 2005.04.29 19:51:00 - [665]

Name: Magunus
Race: Caldari
Likes: That feeling you get when you first immerse yourself in the biogel in a fresh pod. Hawt chix. Rogaine :D
Dislikes: Needing a new pod. Spell checkers. Rogaine.
Hobbies: Restoring Planetary vehicles to original condition. Shining my forehead.

Posted - 2005.04.29 21:36:00 - [666]

Name: Asestorian
Race: Minmatar | Sebiestor
Likes: Maiming
Dislikes: Fluff (it sticks to you when you first get out your pod :/)
Hobbies: Drinking blood, maiming, eating carebears (gotta watch out for those fangs they have hidden in their mouths, can be quite painful if you jab your tounge with them)

Devalon Aernonnire
Posted - 2005.04.29 23:53:00 - [667]

No, just someone who happens to agree with herWink

Felix Artaga
Posted - 2005.05.01 03:03:00 - [668]

Edited by: Felix Artaga on 01/05/2005 03:03:57
Posting to feel slightly better about myself, hopefully.


Tirun Araun
Posted - 2005.05.01 13:11:00 - [669]

Name: Tirun Araun
Race: Gallente | Intaki
Likes: Moons
Dislikes: You. You're boring.
Hah, shall we go out and have a nice dinner?
With candlelight and a smell of lovely music to
dance on sticky tarpaulin? I'll have to show
you my collection. No I insist! Who were you
again? That's for dessert, keep it, you cute
moron. No I don't collect moons, I collect
whips! Oh you're boring, I'm logging.

Gusar Mora
4S Corporation
Posted - 2005.05.02 02:08:00 - [670]

Name: Ivan Ho
Race: Minmatar
Occupation: Fighter pilot

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2005.05.02 03:36:00 - [671]

Edited by: Bhurak on 02/05/2005 03:37:56

Name: Bhurak Nossrep
Race: Ni Kunni
Likes: Wine, scriptures, a well made shuttle
Dislikes: Bounty Hunters, Fedo's, Pulgor
Hobbies: Beating my face with a sack of doorknobs while selling shuttles at Ridiculously low prices!

Posted - 2005.05.02 07:57:00 - [672]

Edited by: Traction on 02/05/2005 08:00:01

Rionnag Alba
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2005.05.02 08:01:00 - [673]

Name: Ramruqai
Race: Amarr, Amarr
Occupation: Killing Terrorist right and anarchist left
Hobbies: Suicide Bunny Fleet
Likes: That SF think they are winning
Dislikes: Only haveing 1 Jade Constantine corpse, I want another one. It is for sale btw.

Paedri Yakati
Posted - 2005.05.11 12:24:00 - [674]

Name: Paedri Yakati
Race: Caldari, Deteis
Likes: The thrill of speed and acceleration. Feeling the hull vibrations caused by high accceleration and experiencing the moment of perfect peace when reaching maximum warp. Also, I think I've become addicted to the sensation of being covered by bodywarm podfluids, it's so relaxing.
Dislikes: Smelly people. Joyless people. And men who can't keep up with me.
Hobbies: Joyriding, doing crazy space maneuvers, overtaking men ^^

Khaldorn Murino
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.05.11 12:30:00 - [675]

Originally by: Al Haquis


Bested by the Haquis, the shame!

Rebecca Himawari
Posted - 2005.05.12 01:35:00 - [676]

Name: Rebecca Himawari
Race: Caldari
Occupation: Groundfloor smelting and steelworks
Hobbies: Watching the molten steel flow from the vats, reprocessing rouge drone minerals, bar drinking challenges, and darts with the boys
Likes: Sweat, dirt, molten tungsten, sparks, darts, and the feeling of a hard day's work
Dislikes: Men afraid to get even a little dirty, hard-assed supervisors, and robotics.

Jadzeea Dilorn
Posted - 2005.05.12 06:58:00 - [677]

Name: Jadzeea Dillorn
Race: Minnie scum
Occupation: Typherin LaiDai's Slave
Hobbies: Collecting treasure for Typherin LaiDai
Likes: Sex
Dislikes: Xetic

Manfred Doomhammer
ShadowTec Inc.
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2005.05.12 09:32:00 - [678]

Name: Manfred Doomhammer
Nickname: Targetdrone
Occupation: CEO ShadowTec Inc.
Race: Caldari (Mother has been of Amarrian blood, didnt influence my appearance though Sad)
Hobbies: Shore leave parties with the Crew, Learning more about my mothers past, Caldari and Amarrian history, Thinking Games, Shooting Contests...
Dislikes: Terrorists, Pirates, Prohibition, drug-crazed kids denting the paint of my Ships, Pods...

I guess that scar and my age will void any chance on a decent rating, unfortunately my podphobia puts me at the risk of being on a ships bridge when things start flying around ..Wink

Shaun Ronin
Merciless Reckoning
Posted - 2005.05.12 14:56:00 - [679]

Name: Shaun Ronin
Race: Caldari
Occupation: NGH Special Ops + Enyo Specialist
Likes: Upgrading and Maintaining all of my combat ships + using my covert ops behind enemy lines.
Dislikes: Having TS crash during fleet ops Laughing

Violet N'sha
Posted - 2005.05.18 23:13:00 - [680]

Name: Violet N'sha
Race: Gallente
Occupation: Graduate student at the Center for Advanced Studies, part-time Drone specialist
Hobbies: Reading, Sketch Art, Interactive SimsWink

Mebrithiel Ju'wien
Posted - 2005.05.19 04:55:00 - [681]

NAME: Mebrithiel Ju'wien
ETHNICITY: Sebiestor, Matari
CORPORATION: Glamour Bunnies
LIKES: the night, experimenting with different ship types, and guns... oh the guns...
DISLIKES: daylight and idiots.
HOBBIES: Qualified bivatch. Disregarding sec status and chatting with people of all backgrounds. Oh, and guns... oh the guns...

Cloned Mark
Posted - 2005.05.19 17:55:00 - [682]

Name: "Cloned" Mark
Ethinicity: Civire, Caldari
Corp: The Black Widows
Likes: catching butterflies with his net
Dislikes: smacktalk
Hobbies: Collecting ships and corpses (for proper burial, ofcourse :) )

Andriel Dugalle
Posted - 2005.05.20 00:55:00 - [683]

Name: Andriel Dugalle
Race: Caldari
Occupation: Small time Miner/Surveyer
Hobbies: Literature, Classic holoreels

Andriel Dugalle
Posted - 2005.05.20 01:02:00 - [684]

Name: Manfred Richtofren
Race, Bloodline: Caldari, Deteis
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Reserve Soldier
Hobbies: Hunting Angels, Debating
Likes: Loyal friends
Dislikes: Intruders into ASCN territory Wink

Manfred Richtofren
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.05.20 01:03:00 - [685]

Oh my dear how embaressing...

Name: Manfred Richtofren
Race, Bloodline: Caldari, Deteis
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Reserve Soldier
Hobbies: Hunting Angels, Debating
Likes: Loyal friends
Dislikes: Intruders into ASCN territory

Mercurialis Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2005.05.20 04:35:00 - [686]

Edited by: Linavin on 20/05/2005 04:36:23
Edited by: Linavin on 20/05/2005 04:35:45
Name: Linavin Gratis
Race, Bloodline: Caldari, Civire
Occupation: Freelancer
Hobbies: Firearms, Sleeping, Lounging around planet side
Likes: Friends, Isolated space
Dislikes: Slavery, Too much makeup

Ange Diabolique
Posted - 2005.05.21 00:04:00 - [687]

Name: Ange Diabolique
Race, Bloodline: Gallente, Intaki
Occupation: Engineer / Freebooting gunship for hire
Hobbies: Chess, Zero-G interpretive dance
Likes: Solving interesting technical problem, Black Coffee
Dislikes: Slavery, Close-mindedness

Narciss Sevar
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.05.21 00:38:00 - [688]

Name: Narciss Sevar
Race: Caldari
Occupation: Mercenary, Loyal Citizen of the State.
Hobbies: Gallente hunting
Likes: Profits and State
Dislikes: Gallente and deficits.

Luke Verone
Posted - 2005.05.21 21:51:00 - [689]

Name: Luke Verone

Race: Gallente | Gallente

Occupation: Production & Mining Specialist, Gallente Federation Loyalist.

Likes: Close Friends, Kaleigh Doyle's Run For President, my only living relative, my brother Ethan Verone (Known to most only as Verone) I hope one day he'll come home, the bloody anarchist swine.

Dislikes: Amarrians, slave traders, enemies of the federation, looking vaguely like his older brother, even if that's a good thing (he seems to attract the ladies for some reason). Thieves, the vitoc supression methods, The Caldari State. spiced wine.

Well there you have it, rate my sexyness Surprised

Posted - 2005.05.22 15:56:00 - [690]

Sarkos notes that Al Haquis went from a 54 to a 61 by dragging an entire alliance into a war to aid the Glamour Bunnies. Laughing, he wonders just what Al must do to get a date.

Al, not matter what is thought of you, you are still a loveable, bald homely guy to the rest of us. :)


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