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Thelma Todd
Posted - 2010.01.16 23:24:00 - [31]

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Originally by: Shawshanke
Originally by: Awesome Possum

So since you can't complete the mission, you just drop it.. losing a bit of standing.

And then you lose another mission objective.. and just drop the mission, losing more standing.

If someone decided their isk was more important than their standings*, I would make it my business to steal every mission objective of theirs I could until they lost the ability to run that agent.

lol. Young man I'm old, so that gives me all the patience in the world to wait out a little ninja kid keeping him from pestering other people. I decline several missions a day if I don't like the isk/min ratio or just don't feel like doing that mission and stay at mid 9's with my agents and corps due to the fact that I'm going to complete far more mission than decline in the 15 hours a day that I play this game. And finally militants are the most common mission obj I need per day of which I have 4080 extra, if you want my militants you can have every single one that drops for the next few months.

I'm only here to waste my time and if needed I'll waste your time too.

These are good virtues to have when playing Eve, patience and an ability to laugh when people are trying to make your game experience a bad one. You win Sir! Smile

Posted - 2010.01.16 23:59:00 - [32]

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Posted - 2010.01.17 00:04:00 - [33]

Originally by: Velocity Prime
Originally by: Shawshanke

I'm old ..... I'm going to complete far more mission than decline in the 15 hours a day that I play this game

Laughing That's awesome.

Hay, Suddenly Ninjas, I know a few of those guys. Personally I find pestering people to be a childish activity but I've got to have respect for how organized the corp is. I really wish I could remember the names of the guys I know but I've never been good at names. There's one guy that I've talked to that makes a good living off popping navy issue macro missioners who use a poorly coded macro shooting at anything red.

Ran Khanon
Swords Horses and Heavy Metal
Posted - 2010.01.17 22:54:00 - [34]

Originally by: Calydonian Boar
Some people say petitioning works and you get it back. Response time is quite good usually. I got stucked with missions for a couple of times, they responded within 5-30 minutes, which is OK and not worth losing sec. What you can do is fit a warp disp go back to mission convo the guy and tell him you will shoot him if he comes back, he will be jumping hoops thinking he will get a missioner kill after you agro, when he arrives kill him and immediately warp and dock for 15 minutes :) that's how you can waste some time while waiting for petition response :)

Didn't work for me just now:

I've read on the forums that sometimes specific mission loot can be reimbursed. Seeing that stealing mission items can not be resolved by legally killing the offending player (player won't turn red) there is nothing I can do about it in the current game mechanics without agressing concord. I hope you can reconsider and reimburse my 20 x Ship's Crew and/or bring this discrepancy to the attention of the developers. Having no way to deal with this in the current game mechanics is something which should be addressed.

Sincerely, RK


I am afraid we do not give mission items without there being a bug or a server error involved.

Best regards,
GM **********
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

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