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Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2010.01.14 15:59:00 - [1]

Greetings Eve citizens.

Do you have a great idea for an improvement? Has something bugged you for too long? Then perhaps the CSM can help.

Before you post please follow the simple procedure.
  • Proposals must be raised in the Assembly Hall Forum (but feel free to discuss them in this forum first).

  • Proposals should be concise whilst still containing sufficient detail to explain the problem and your solution. "Fix X" is not a valid proposal. Also don't rant, just state the problem, proposed solution, drawbacks and any other relevant information. Remember you are not just selling your idea to the CSM but trying to gain support from the other players too.

  • Proposals must be submitted to the Assembly Hall Forum at least seven full days before they can be raised at a CSM meeting. This is to allow people to comment and for the CSM to do any required background reading.

  • The CSM keep an eye on threads with support in the Assembly Hall however feel free to evemail or post a link in this forum. Don't spam though and don't be offended if you don't get a reply straight away.

My proposal was ignored!
  • Did your proposal contain the information listed above?

  • Time during a CSM meeting is limited so proposals may be prioritised based on support. If your proposal didn't make it onto the agenda then try to get more supporters.

  • If it is an issue that a CSM representative campaigned about have a chat with them about it.

My proposal was amended or rejected during the CSM meeting!
  • The CSM represents a good cross section of Eve players and might have spotted something that needed amending in your proposal.

  • If the CSM rejected a proposal was it due to lack of detail? If so you can talk to any of the CSM who supported it and see about amending it for a future meeting.

  • Some ideas will never be accepted, this is unfortunate but not a decision taken lightly

My proposal was accepted during the CSM meeting, when will it be implemented in game!
  • The CSM will sort and prioritise the accepted proposals and sent the lists to CCP

  • CCP will look at the proposals and discuss them with the CSM at the next summit (one is in person in Iceland, the others are online as per usual CSM meetings).

  • CCP are not obliged to implement anything the CSM propose but will certainly take ideas on board even if not implemented as is

  • Some changes will take a while to implement even if both CCP and CSM agree on them. Soon (tm) applies.

If in doubt feel free to ask and we'll try to answer.



This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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