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Madam Frost
Posted - 2010.01.09 09:51:00 - [1]

Edited by: Madam Frost on 13/01/2010 01:18:23
Hi there Wink

Yes I'm posting with a alt for the survival of my corp as I am the ceo. I do however find myself at a loss for alot of information on pos. Almost all the information I find stock piled around the net is from way back when things ran alot differently.

Now to the questions(will edit as more arise).

First we have set up a pos in w space and have a very profitable way of doing so however I seem to of run into a a few problems.

-Moving ships into and out of a POS-
Max space i can figure you will have to move assembled ships is 400,000m3 in a orca's maintanence bay. I find this to be a major problem because after everyone is in w space; when want to move on are we going to have to attempt to move all these ships while they are assembled or is there a way to repackage them in w space?( This is the first major problem I am facing so far. We put POS up in class 3 w space, and BattleShips are reguarly used...If we simply needed to move 5 people this could break the worm hole trapping whoever was left to find another way out.)

-first edit-
Ok we have become very good at the concept of moving in and out of worm holes. However, I will now go into more detail about our basic way we do things. I am still seeking ideas and sujestions to modify this and make it better.

Now to the details. We move in with a orca loaded with all the suplys we need to not have to leave the worm hole untill we are finished(This includes a POS, weeks worth of fuel, scanning ships, ammo, and extra fittings for various task). Each member brings their own ships besides the universal scanning and salvaging ships store in the orcas ship bay. We deploy the POS defend the area untill the pos is online then go to work clearing sleepers, we are not interested in mining at all this is a combat deployment on a short term basis(about as long as 4 or 5 dedicated people take to clear a good amount of sites(20+ is required for us to deploy)). Now the problems come in if we bring extra ships to say speed up taking down the pos( such as a MWD itty 5 for grabbing the guns quickly(we like to be able to take down the pos not counting storeage units which take 10-20 mins to take down, within about 20 minites or so). Now those of you that are aware itterons take a LARGE amount of space, but it is basicaly required for us to be able to get in and get out quickly without sticking around to grab attention. our personal ships for running sites and doing damage are the ones we stay in if we need another ship we eject our ship inside the shield and just use the ship we need to, however, for the itty it is defitted and destroyed to reduce the need to have someone to make a double trip. We have moved to mainly using highly skilled battle cruisers or t3 ships to make sure we can fly our entire fleet plus the orca out of even the smallest exit wh. This is our basic setup and works quite well, any sujestions or ideas people have to improve this method are greatly needed and praise by me and my corp. If there is a particuarly good idea might even be a bit of isk in it for that person.

once again i will clarify this set of questions as i get ansers if i have not been clear enough. please forgive my ignorance.

thank you all in advance for constructive ideas or information.

Gavin DeVries
Posted - 2010.01.09 14:19:00 - [2]

The ships cannot be repackaged except at a full station where you have docked (NPC station or outpost, in other words). To move them out of a wormhole system, if you can't fit them in a ship maintenance bay, you have to manually fly them. That involves shuttling, flying out in a ship and generally coming back in a pod.

When we are moving, each Orca only moves once, and it's fully loaded when it goes. We also have tended to bring as few ships as possible into the hole if it's not going to be a permanent or long-term home. If you get a class 3 system with a static link to another class 3 system, then stock up as much as you want, because you're going to be doing your neighboring class 3 rather than your own. If all you're planning on doing is running your residence until it's used up and moving on, don't bring a lot of excess ships.

You'll also want multiple characters with covert ops frigates and probing skills. You might well have to scatter them out over 2-3 wormhole systems, to make sure everyone can find a way if a hole collapses.

Madam Frost
Posted - 2010.01.12 15:06:00 - [3]

Still looking for creative ideas.

Gordo Fartis
13th Squadron
Posted - 2010.01.12 16:23:00 - [4]

First asume that everything you move into W-space is disposable.. Build the ships you need using an array using minerals from W-Space. Only bring in what you cant get and use your Orca to get stuff out. have a mind set of being self sufficient and plan acordingly

Madam Frost
Posted - 2010.01.13 06:26:00 - [5]

back to the top! still looking for inventive ideas!

Deep Space Innovations
Posted - 2010.01.13 07:12:00 - [6]

I'm not really sure what you are doing or asking to be honest.

I think you are trying to figure out the best way to move from wh to wh? It seems like you anchor a POS, kill sleepers, then move on?

From my experience, C3's aren't all that empty. I think I've found about 50% are but those were all linked to a C2. So I guess it could be different.

What I don't understand is why you don't just stay in WH space without a POS. Just kill the sleepers and use a cloaked iteron to store your stuff. There isn't going to be that much in the way of loot after you are done with combat or even radar/mag sites if you do those. Then just scan down the exit or connection to another C3, and move on. Much easier. Why do you need the POS?

Also, it sounds like you have a pretty dedicated corp. Why not just set up in a C3 and run missions in the wh or to the connecting wh's? Be much easier than moving around all the time. Either that or set up in a C4.

Oh, and on the POS, if you are just using it to stage ships and sit around, then you don't need an orca? Just the same or another iteron? You can launch a small really fast and a cargo hanger if you really needed, but still not getting the reason why you need it. If you are going to be gone in a few days, not really anything to be worried about.

Agent Known
Posted - 2010.01.13 17:57:00 - [7]

Edited by: Agent Known on 13/01/2010 17:57:30
I'm for the cloaked itty idea. When I used to run WHs with a corp, I would bring in a cloaky hauler with a tractor beam. When corpmates needed to restock on ammo, I would pop out a can and stay aligned to a planet/moon/safespot and they would "keep at range" to the can while restocking. This ensures that any unwelcome visitors wouldn't be able to pop the hauler while restocking. On the downside, it violates the rule of "EVERY ship should have a probe launcher just in case", but it's very mobile.

If you insist on bringing spare ships in with an Orca and using a POS to store loot/ships, bring along an X-large ship array instead of a corp hanger. It will hold much more than a corp hanger. For a typical operation, you can even get away without using a POS at all and instead logging off the orca pilot at a safespot when not doing sites (or cloaking when it's not needed at the time).

Farming wormholes is all about making yourself as "hidden" as possible. A POS signifies that you "own" said WH and people will try to take it from you, while being mobile with cloaky ships makes it less likely you will be camped in or have bored pirates drop in and destroy everything you have earned in the WH.

tl;dr: If you want the WH to be your "home" for more than a few days, use a POS. Otherwise, do without one. One will make you more vulnerable to attack but is convenient. It's up to you if you want to risk being attacked. YARRRR!!

Posted - 2010.01.24 01:01:00 - [8]

If you are just running the combat sites in your local WH and moving on to another when that is depleted i really dont see the point in having to go through the time sink of deploying and taking down a pos. Unless ofc it is taking you a few days to clear the system (but with T3 and BC's I have no idea why its taking that long).

My advise to you would be to look for a more permanant home and farm the linked WH. Find yourself a system with a stactic kspace WH and a static WH to whatever class of system you want to run combat sites in. Once the combat sites are done in the linked WH system, just collapse the WH and get yourself another (takes 20-30mins using 2 unfitted BS).

Once you have a large POS with basic defenses you are pretty much safe (just makes sure the system is not occupied beforehand) in a C1/C2/C3 system as long as you have a static link to kspace. The time and effort it would take to remove a Large POS from a WH system that is linked to hisec makes the chances of you coming under anykind of serious attack next to zero.

The benefits of doing it this way is you have an endless supply of combat sites to run without the hassel of relocating every few days. The system you settle in will become your new home and if hostiles show up, or you find some in the linked WH you can just collapse it.

I have been living in WH for over 6 months now with my main with a setup similar to the above, it has grown to us having multiple pos's, carriers and dreads (our home is in a C2 lol) it might sound like overkill, but i'd love to see someone try to evict us now. I'd go as far to say this is the safest system in eve for our corp.


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