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Sig Sour
Posted - 2010.01.08 18:27:00 - [1]

Wormhole space is now populated enough that I feel I need to come up with a strategy on how to assault wormhole inhabitants and keep my corp from falling apart.

To keep my corp from falling apart, I need to be based out of a station my people can resupply from, so this means I need to keep my base of operations out of empire space. To assault a wormhole corp, I will have to siege their pos. With the wormhole restrictions this will have to be with battlship gangs. The real problem is stront in w-space towers, as wormholes do not last long enough to return to a reinforced tower from the original staging area.

So the idea here is to find a wormhole with a corp to assault, plop down a tower, move in the BS fleet, reinforce the targeted tower, shift into a PVE mode till the pos comes out of reinforced mode, finish off the tower, pack up and get back to my initial staging area.

The tricky part here is a platform to do this from. I am unsure about taking a freighter into w-space since it can not fit a probe launcher and I am not sure about the restrictions on wormholes. I think the orca would be a decent platform to do this from. It can fit a cloak and probe launcher and I think it could carry the pos, pos modules, and a weeks worth of fuel. The down side is that it requires mining skills, it does not have a jump drive for when you get back on the map, and from what I understand is it is more limited now that a lot of its storage is confined to ore only.

A carrier would be the perfect platform to use here, except I think it is limited to only the top two classes of wormholes, and if your exit wormhole is to high sec it really puts a damper on your desire to keep playing.


Does anyone have any good ideas on more efficient ways of attacking w-space players?

M. Corp
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2010.01.08 18:50:00 - [2]

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An Orca would be a decent ship to use as an ammo dump and for resupplying and sleeper loot. It will not be able to bring your battle ships in since it's ship maintenance bay can only hold assembled ships and has a 400km3 capacity. Its corp hanger and normal cargo bay has 40km3 and ~55km3 capacity. This would be plenty of cargo for a tower of your own, fuel, ammo, and loot.

I am assuming your BS would be RR so you would be setup nicely for the sleepers while you wait for the stront timer to run out. Amarr BS with lasers are probably your best option though since they do not require extra ammo, (unless the tower is resistant to therm/em) because if not you will need a decent amount of ammo to take out a pos with just a few BS's.

If you plan on entering/leaving from High sec a carrier is not an option. The WH portals are too small to allow them through.

The biggest concern you will have will be the number of BS's that you can bring in. Do your research first, because I doubt you want to get half you BS fleet stuck in the WH when it closes. This will be an even bigger concern if you are using an Orca since it has a massive size.

If you don't bring enough BS and the pos is gunned you will just be wasting your time. But a small pos should be able to be taken out with a few pilots if it is lightly gunned in a sane about of time.

For a med or large that is decently gunned I doubt you can get enough BS's in from high sec to take it. If they are un-gunned, well then, its just a matter of time then.

But if the size of your fleet is of critical need, you can just bring in all you can from the high sec WH, collapsing it, then hoping the next WH that opens is to high sec known space, and have the remaining group of BS's fly to that connecting system.

Also if the pos is not gunned at all, you can bring in several stealth bombers with a cloaky hauler for ammo and just use torps. You will be able to bring in a significantly larger number of bomber in than BS's. But of course you would not be able to take on the sleepers while waiting for the stront timer, if there is one.


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