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Quallity Assurance Business Unit
Posted - 2010.01.04 14:37:00 - [1]

Edited by: Aeneidae on 04/01/2010 14:37:20
First things, first. I am a noob regarding industrial and production. To be honest I'm a noob with allot of things, even my newly acquired Golem. However i have this dream that i'll someday be able to earn a living in EVE by building ships. (Crowd goes *rolleyes*). Although my L4's are more then enough to pay for my monthly plex, i feel this hunger to produce and sell ships and be good at it. So, long story short, i begun, slowly to go towards this goal, while missioning.

I've bought a Caracal BPO. I was so amazed at it. It was beautifull. It was a BPO. MINE! Cheap also, at 40 something millions. I've raised my fist at the monitor in anger at the ME research slots in high sec, but i queued it up for ME10 research. It entered the production in 1 month and it took 1 more month to finish up the job. And 1 week ago, after Production efficiency finished training to V, i went and built one Caracal from all the mins i reprocessed from L4 loot. I put it on sale for 3.800.000, which is about 900.000 more then the mineral cost in my area, and it sold in 5 minutes. With eyes glinting, i've queued up 10 more Caracals, eating another small portion of my L4 loot reprocessed minerals (around 30 million tritanium at the moment, which is to say allot about how many mins you get in normal L4 loot). I've put them on sale, however none have sold untill now. Which got me thinking that i should diversify, and sell those in more stations then just the one i had.

I started thinking also at how to keep production up for that 1 line of Caracals. It eats 3 million tritanium a day, disregarding the other stuff. If i want to be safe, this means i have to constantly buy at least a 2-3 days production quota, so i don't haul every day. And that's for 1 line only. What if i'd have produced from all my 3 lines? What about those guys with 10, 20, 90 prodution jobs going on all the time? This is insane! I realised i'd need a freighter, if only to haul my ships around to hubs and the minerals to production lines. I realised i'd better get at least 2 more BPO's for my 2 remaining production slots, however i also realised that those should be a different ship the Caracal. Diversify, they always say. And if i want to be real smart, i have to produce various things in various places, to ease up on the hauling. Which means buy orders all over the world with bpo's scattered in hubs.

I know it's almost a mad man's ramblings, however here is the conclusion:

Starting industrial, even as a small timer, is hard. Don't take it easy and underestimate it. You need at least 1-5 T1 frigate/cruiser bpo's. You will need to calculate your production line consumption on a 24h schedule. You will need to make sure those mins are used 24/7, and you have to think also: do i keep producing the 50th Caracal in this station which sells 1, maybe 2 a day or haul them in my freighter to other hubs?

Thanks for having the patience to read this. I just felt i need to share what my thoughts are on this subject, based on my limited experience, and maybe we can hear from more people who care relate to this.

Wasserette De Tarthorst
Posted - 2010.01.04 15:19:00 - [2]

Make sure you keep having fun though, or you'll burn out on it soon.

Baljos Arnjak
Posted - 2010.01.04 23:26:00 - [3]

Don't forget that you have two other character slots on your account (if they're not already used up). You could use them to put the ships up on order or as price/inventory checkers and save yourself some jumping around, especially if they're stationed close to multiple regions. Or if so inclined, you could train them up for hauling/contracting/market if you don't mind putting the skill points on them.

Also, don't forget to factor in your market costs(i.e. transaction tax, broker fees etc.) when you calculate profit. All that stuff will quietly eat away at your profits and it's easy to forget to add them in.

Anyway, good job making a profitable profession even more profitable while at the same time giving people something to get blown up Laughing


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