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Posted - 2010.01.03 18:40:00 - [31]


Originally by: Derena Del'thul
Sure, I'll sign this. However, I would also like then to implement the option of turning the Tourists and other 'livestock' you can get into slaves. Perhaps on a timer, so you can only do it every so often, and only in lowsec/outlaw areas.

Only fair, as well.

Orgust Brem
Posted - 2010.01.03 18:51:00 - [32]

It's complete other thing to enslave someone then to unslave someone.

To enslave someone is more complex and will have some dependencies, which may be discussed maybe in a new idea?
for example:
- enslave on a high-sec-station would be an illegal act (try enslaving Amarr tourists in Amarr room Wink)
- enslave while not docked on a station may be an idea, but: I want to see the person enslaving 50 tourists/marines/janitors or even 1 without a fight, especially while you're just in a frigate. So you need some troops to enslave people. And this will increase the enslave-idea to be much more complex. I would like to see this in another thread, because this thread does have a lot of clear votes (and less whinings) - this idea may be implemented

Intaki Security and Intelligence
Posted - 2010.01.03 18:56:00 - [33]

Maybe a right click menu specificaly for this item like "Free slaves" and it makes the item disapear, such as the "Trash it" option, if they are in your hangars? That should be enough for all RP purposes.

Lord Maximullis
Stillwater Corporation
Posted - 2010.01.03 19:02:00 - [34]


Posted - 2010.01.03 20:18:00 - [35]

Edited by: Mystified on 03/01/2010 20:17:58
Freedom should be a Right to all. Unfortunately, it also means that players should have the right to create slaves as distasteful as it is.

Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.01.03 20:36:00 - [36]

Edited by: Tetseptus on 03/01/2010 20:43:08
I support this petition.

I have long wanted a system for this. Perhaps there should be an option to 'Liberate' or 'Press Into Service' for the Amarrians and other slavers to slightly increase their net worth.

A running count of both could even be in the character sheet, perhaps publicisable.

A genuine dilemma for a pilot:

'Liberate' and gain nothing except some fractional standings rise with anti-slaver movements and your own peace of mind.

'Press Into Service' for a little ISK and slightly higher standings increase for a a genuine benefit.

I will, of course, always Liberate any I find. ISK and standings can be gained anywhere. A Freed Slave only comes from one place. Ever.

EDIT: POS modules called Amarr Enslavement Camp and Minmatar Liberation Camp have been hinted at. Also, there is the added complication of Vitoc-dependance to be accounted for.

Seraphim Risen
Seraphim Holdings
Posted - 2010.01.03 23:40:00 - [37]

I support this.

Qaol Yendawin
Du'uma Fiisi Integrated Astrometrics
Posted - 2010.01.03 23:51:00 - [38]

/signed. Great idea, i've always felt a little guilty 'cus I could never actually 'free' slaves.

Seth Ruin
Ominous Corp
Posted - 2010.01.04 00:26:00 - [39]

Absolutely agreed. Being a Minmatar pilot, this has bothered me for quite some time, actually.

Jenna Sol
Posted - 2010.01.04 00:32:00 - [40]

Just remove "trade items" that have very little use to the game, like slaves and such.

Frees up the database with little to none market repercussions.

Fantastulousification Inc.
Posted - 2010.01.04 00:55:00 - [41]


Lana Torrin
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2010.01.04 01:12:00 - [42]

You know you could just rename the 'trash item' options for slaves.. I don't care if CCP does it or not, if I 'trash' them im freeing them in my mind.

Seekers of a Silent Paradise
Posted - 2010.01.04 01:56:00 - [43]


Seidhr Ellis
Posted - 2010.01.04 02:02:00 - [44]


Knights of Kador
The Black Armada
Posted - 2010.01.04 02:03:00 - [45]


Inara Subaka
Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.01.04 02:08:00 - [46]


Though, I'd prefer if it worked both directions as well (aka, were able to make other "passenger cargo" into slaves).

Ze'ev Sinraali
Ataraxia Pharmacies
Posted - 2010.01.04 02:11:00 - [47]

This would go wonderfully with planetary interaction. Let one put up a 'reintegration facility' in their district or some such.


Misan Pal'taek
Loke's Shadow
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.01.04 02:15:00 - [48]


Tomahawk Bliss
Fates Assembly
The Final Stand.
Posted - 2010.01.04 02:15:00 - [49]


Shae Tiann
Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.01.04 02:32:00 - [50]

I support this petition. With as much emphasis as there is on slavery and freedom in Eve, it only makes sense that capsuleers could free -- or enslave -- the 'little people'. Aria's suggestion of a standings change makes sense in this context.

Time Bandits.
Posted - 2010.01.04 02:56:00 - [51]

Supporting this if someone could find a reasonable way to do it that didn't require some sort of expansion in and of itself. I dunno. Maybe the adding of NPC slaver convoys through Amarr space that you could raid if you wanted, or the ability to right click and turn slaves into 'freed slaves.' Not sure.

I don't really feel that this is a huge issue considering so many others facing the game, but it is definitely something to think about. I would put forward that this encompasses a wider topic than just freeing slaves though - give RPers more interactivity with the NPC factions and such. Right now RPing with regards to the empire factions is rather like talking to a brick wall for all the good it does.

Aloriana Jacques
Royal Amarr Institute
Posted - 2010.01.04 03:33:00 - [52]

I support this.
....As long as I get a method of turning homeless into slaves. >:)

No Mauk'Ob
Murientor Tribe
Posted - 2010.01.04 03:46:00 - [53]

supported absolutely. these poor souls hang around my hangar need to be freed.

Plentyn Annwn
Posted - 2010.01.04 03:53:00 - [54]

I heartily endorse this product and/or service.

Hame leGrey
Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2010.01.04 03:54:00 - [55]


Posted - 2010.01.04 04:03:00 - [56]

I support this request. I'm not the biggest RPer out there but in the RP games I have come across they already have implemented systems to deal with these quirks.

Lets stop half assing the RP aspect of EVE shall we CCP?


Percussive Diplomacy
Posted - 2010.01.04 04:07:00 - [57]

To have thousands of players base their playtime around freeing such slaves.... it would only make sense to allow them to achieve that goal one way or another aside from just freeing them in their own heads(pretending)

I support this thread 100%

Kaneye Havit
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.01.04 04:08:00 - [58]


Could I carry them around in my ship long enough for them to count as "tourists"?

Lt Psyco
Posted - 2010.01.04 04:14:00 - [59]


Heathen Legion
Posted - 2010.01.04 04:24:00 - [60]

Sounds good. Moar RP tools please.

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