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Zedah Zoid
Adhocracy Incorporated

Posted - 2010.01.23 04:03:00 - [121]

/me signs this

Serpents smile
Posted - 2010.01.23 07:50:00 - [122]

No active account should mean all ingame activities should stop (after a day or 2-3 like current training does)

Posted - 2010.01.23 11:55:00 - [123]

Ramon Wilco
Psycho Corp
Posted - 2010.01.23 13:14:00 - [124]


Van Haulen
Posted - 2010.01.23 18:45:00 - [125]


Even though I profited from it when I recently re-actived my account. In fact, I couldn't quite believe it...

Morgan Oakenwolf
Posted - 2010.01.23 18:54:00 - [126]

As someone who unknowingly did this, I 100% agree that all activity for an inactive account should stop.

I recently got back into eve after 2 years and found that my research agents had kept giving me research points. They are only level 2 so it still was not that big of a deal. However, CCP made a change in corp standing while I was inactive and now I can't get access to one of them to get the data cores. Just haven't bothered to grind missions to get it back up.

This should definitely not be allowed.

Uronksur Suth
Posted - 2010.01.23 22:45:00 - [127]

I'm surprised that this issue even exists. Supported.

Black Thorne Corporation
Posted - 2010.01.24 01:44:00 - [128]


Vortex Incorporated
Posted - 2010.01.24 11:06:00 - [129]

Karma supports.

Scoos Mei
Posted - 2010.01.24 23:46:00 - [130]


Titus Vulso
Ministry of War
Posted - 2010.01.25 03:59:00 - [131]


irion felpamy
Assisted Genocide
Unprovoked Aggression
Posted - 2010.01.25 13:44:00 - [132]

Games are for playing not for investing.

Erika Bronz
The Wyld Hunt
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2010.01.25 14:15:00 - [133]

Maxsim Goratiev
Imperial Tau Syndicate
Posted - 2010.01.25 16:13:00 - [134]

i do support this, although i have little to do with this ,it seems unfair to me.
Although, CCP should be the first one to care about it.

Reverend Book
Posted - 2010.01.25 22:06:00 - [135]

When I spent a summer contemplating putting my account on hold for RL financial reasons I asked in some channels about this. The answer I remember most clearly was "I hate it when people answer this question. It just competes with my own datacore prices."

That tells me right there that someone likes abusing this and doesn't want it to be a commonplace thing. I have no idea how prevalent a practice it is. But a stable of latent characters should be just that: latent. If this change causes someone to not want to use their research alts anymore, they are still able to be sold for a boost to isk just like any other account. The isk they have already generated since 2003 has paid out billions to those who've been around. Just my own active account has made close to a billion isk in datacore sales in two years.

Passive income is nice. But this is beyond passive. This is comatose. I don't understand why CCP didn't stop RP production the same as SP accumulation in inactive accounts. And I do believe that market orders and contracts should be affected as well. But this certainly needs addressed.

Republic Military School
Posted - 2010.01.26 10:18:00 - [136]


Angharad Aerten
Posted - 2010.01.27 14:08:00 - [137]


Fengo Marr
Tenacious Tendencies

Posted - 2010.01.27 15:15:00 - [138]


Posted - 2010.01.27 15:34:00 - [139]

This is an exploit which undermines active players. Supported.

Serpents smile
Posted - 2010.01.31 12:55:00 - [140]

Bump back to front page since this needs to be dealt with.

Tulisin Dragonflame
Posted - 2010.01.31 17:49:00 - [141]

Edited by: Tulisin Dragonflame on 31/01/2010 17:49:53
Supported. Overall, research could probably use a revamp to make it more of a profession and less of a passive income thing.

Durnin Stormbrow
Posted - 2010.01.31 19:34:00 - [142]

Posted - 2010.02.01 07:36:00 - [143]

Make it so CSM!

Jagga Spikes
Spikes Chop Shop
Posted - 2010.02.08 16:42:00 - [144]

either re-enable ghost training or disable ghost datacore farming. it's same logic.

Space Tide Syndicate
Posted - 2010.02.08 16:43:00 - [145]


This really needs to be sorted out sooner rather than later.

Daneel Trevize
Posted - 2010.02.08 16:53:00 - [146]


Posted - 2010.02.08 17:45:00 - [147]

Sile Suirghiche
Gaidhlig Technology
Posted - 2010.02.08 18:04:00 - [148]

Originally by: De'Veldrin
If a person's account goes inactive all activitity on that account should be pulled at the next downtime. All market orders, all agent rewards, all contracts, everything.

Hello Kitty Fanclub
Posted - 2010.02.08 18:08:00 - [149]


Jimi Tetro
Vanquish Inc
Posted - 2010.02.08 21:47:00 - [150]

Edited by: Jimi Tetro on 08/02/2010 21:50:04
I can't see this happening across the board. Manufacturing Slots, Queues, Failed Jobs etc would all be at the mercy of the billing System and rectifying mistakes might be more hassle than its worth.

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