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CCP Zymurgist

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Posted - 2009.12.21 16:54:00 - [1]

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Forum Specific Rules

  • NPC alts and Corps with under 10 members

    Posting with an unidentified alt in this forum is prohibited. Players in corporations with under 10 members may not post in CAOD.

    If you wish to participate in the discussions here, please be sure to have the "Show Corporation" and "Show Alliance" checkboxes ticked in your forum settings. Note that players in NPC or alt corporations are also subject to these rules.

    The term alt for the purpose of these rules also includes anybody in an NPC corp or corp made for alt posting on this forum.

    This forum is for players involved in Corporations and Alliances, members of NPC corps may post in the Crime and Punishment forum. Players in corporations with under ten members are encouraged to post in the Warfare & Tactics sub forum.

    All alts are more then welcome to mail if they hear an interesting rumour or wish to share any corporation and alliance related gossip.

  • External Links & Chatlogs

    Posting external links, chatlogs and information is permitted on the Corporation, Alliance & Organisation forums however the material linked/posted must be within the forum rules and the rest of the CAOD specific rules.

    In addition, the material linked to must have a constructive purpose. This means that some kind of constructive text worth of a discussion must accompany the external link/chatlog.

    Threads with no comments or with the intention of flaming/trolling will be locked and/or deleted, as is the norm with threads of this nature.

  • Killmails

    Posting killmails, killboard links or screenshots of killboards will be considered as trolling or off-topic, and subject to removal or warning. We advise all players that posting a full battle report is much preferred as it provides everyone with an overview of what took place, who was involved, how it all happened and what the outcome was of this battle. Rule updated 07, April, 2010. Navigator

    The discussion of accuracies or issues related to killboards is prohibited in this forum.

    It has been proven that such discussions inevitably invite ill-spirited comments and off-topic issues.

    It is recommended that you contact the administrator of the private killboard where an error is perceived.

  • Spam

    Posting 'first' or any derivative, 'in before the lock' (ibtl), 'in after the lock' (iatl), or any variations of the above is considered spam and may lead to a warning or forum ban.

  • Press Releases Banners

    Banner images for your alliance or corporations may be posted in an official Press Release, the size limits are as follows:

    • 450 pixels Max Width

    • 200 pixels Max Height

    • 40kb File Size

    All banners may only contain Corporation or Alliance name and logo and OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE printed on the bottom right of the image.

    Press releases are only necessary for major news regarding a corp or alliance that addresses everybody, people making press releases that are not authorised to do so by their corporation or alliance may be issued a warning for trolling.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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