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Atomic Geese
Posted - 2009.12.20 13:10:00 - [1]

Edited by: AnonyTerrorNinja on 20/12/2009 13:10:57

A 1-day GTC that can be purchased for a very small amount of money and/or be purchased in-game and sent to an account as a website-accessible and thus usable item on the account management page.

Intended use(s)

  • Reactivation of a suspended account

- For the purpose of applying a PLEX to the account or to receive the account's latest API information
  • Ability to add individual days to an already active account so that it can be brought in line billing-cycle wise with other accounts the player may own

Required limitation(s) to avoid abuse

  • No assets; personal wallet, corp wallet, personal assets, corp assets can be removed from the characters on an account under this 1-day 'activation' period

  • Skills cannot be trained; to avoid abuse of 1-day time application, 72 hours of training, suspension, reactivation, 72 hours of training, suspension etc

  • Inability to fly anything but a shuttle or rookie ship; to prevent the moving of ship assets from one location to another; upon a player entering a station where there is no rookie ship, one is provided to them - if there is no shuttle, none is provided to them with exception to 'gifts' from other players

  • Inability to buy anything but PLEX using isk on any of the characters on the account; selling of the PLEX is not possible, neither is it possible to contract it off of the character

The intent with this item is to replace the need for petitions and the associated waiting to get a suspended account temporarily reactivated to apply a PLEX to it. A hoped side-effect is a lessened strain on customer support for account reactivation, shorter petition queues (even if only slightly) and the ability for people to manage exactly when they begin the reactivation of their account so that they can get into a cycle they are comfortable with.

Severe restrictions would need to be applied to accounts in order to avoid abuse as outlined above; if there are any items that are important that I missed, please outline them.

*edit* I realise this item would require a massive amount of coding in various departments to implement, and that it is more of a niche item; but if it is up for consideration, I think it is something that may well be appreciated by many players out there (I know I would Wink)

Universalis Imperium
Posted - 2009.12.20 13:33:00 - [2]

At the very least, the ability to apply Plex from the account management screen Wink

Krathos Morpheus
Legion Infernal
Posted - 2009.12.20 14:29:00 - [3]

Too much programming to do with such restrictions, better to use those resources in something else.

Terminal Insanity
Convex Enterprises
Posted - 2009.12.20 15:30:00 - [4]

Edited by: Terminal Insanity on 20/12/2009 15:31:35
If you login to the eveonline website, and file a petition, the GM's will grant you a day-pass so that you can activate your PLEX. I've done this on a couple of occasions.

CCP is sexy like that

Atomic Geese
Posted - 2009.12.20 17:45:00 - [5]

Clearly you didn't read all of the original post in the thread ;p

I know one can get an account reactivated using that method; it's one of the reasons I'd thought of something like this, as it's a tedious system for players to use, doesn't have a guaranteed 'turn-around' time and contributes towards petition queues.

The idea behind this is to find a way around having to wait anything between hours and a week to get an account temporarily reactivated, as well as allow players to bring their accounts to the same date billing-cycle wise, as there can and often does end up being some skew between accounts, not to mention a skew between pay-day for those working with real money and when they have to next sub up their EVE account(s).

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2009.12.21 04:56:00 - [6]

You have a bunch of features to address, why jam them all into one suggestion?

Bringing accounting periods "into line" could more easily be done using an "N-day extension" similar to buying a GTC, which simply adds the number of days specified to the account's subscription period.

Allowing people to log in so they can buy a PLEX could also be addressed by allowing any 0-cost contracts from characters with high standings to be automatically accepted. Thus you could get your friend to contract your expired character the new PLEX, at which point it would be automatically accepted. Then through the web interface, you get to redeem the PLEX that is now in your hangar.

Alternately, get your friend to send you the ISK for a GTC, which you can then buy and apply from the EVE web site without having to log into the game as that character.

Atomic Geese
Posted - 2009.12.22 16:34:00 - [7]

Edited by: AnonyTerrorNinja on 22/12/2009 16:44:44
Not everyone will have the ability to contact a friend that trusts them enough to spend 280mil isk for a GTC, after being away for several months, and then contract it to their account for 0 isk - especially not with the possibility of characters being bought in the interim by someone specifically looking to abuse such a 'feature'.

Applying a PLEX from the website is all good and well provided the player thought to leave one on the account before he let it suspend - in which case there'd be no issue as it would use the same system as the 1-day reactivation thing; the difference here is that as with the PLEX, unless one has been left on the character before it was allowed to suspend, the player becomes limited to sending a petition to have their account temporarily reactivated, buying a GTC through the forums (which can very often lead to dead-ends thanks to players that don't monitor their threads - or even be impossible as the player may not have as much isk as they thought they did), or paying for a normal sub using real money.

For those that forgot to buy a PLEX before letting their account suspend, but that know they have enough isk (let's say avg. 300mil for a PLEX) in-game, they can buy one of these 1-days out of game or activate one they bought and stored before their account suspended, allowing them to either buy a PLEX once in-game, or review their finances and decide on where to go from there.

As assets and market orders cannot be created, or modified, only deleted, and contracts cannot be used while on this 1-day account, the player would be limited to good-old-fashioned begging, contacting an in-game friend and asking them to send them some isk or cancelling market buy orders they may have to get back the escrow placed on market for those, providing them with the isk they need.

As isk cannot be sent off of the 1-day account, and items cannot be 'moved', whether via in-station trade or otherwise, using such a method to 'break into' an account, get isk out of escrow, buying a PLEX and then 'giving' it to another account wouldn't be possible; only application to that specific account would be.

Another use of these would be allowing an account to suspend where you plan on getting the character sold or giving it to a friend at some point, but are unwilling to keep paying for the account. If and when you need to, you can do an activation via the 1-day, and then review the assets and skills either manually or by API, allowing you to better calculate the value of the character, as well as be able to sell the character via the forums - this would allow people to better manage when they 'get rid of' a character, rather than having to waste most of a month's sub with a useless account because their character sale concluded later or earlier than they expected.

Having a 'purchase N-sub' option would require a scalable billing system as well, not to mention require a multiple-item system assuming it had to become an in-game item; as game time essentially exists for those that only buy time using ISK, it would become unfair for there to be the option to bring accounts in-line using out-of-game currency rather than paying for it in-game as with PLEXes.

With the option to extend active accounts on a per-day basis, this kind of item could also have a variety of other uses as far as game-time management is concerned.

One other concern with this, I guess, is the potential for having 1-day spies; maybe a no-local policy for accounts being reactivated? (ie: they see no local, as with wormholes).

*edit* I accidentally the whole...


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