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Ix Forres
Righteous Chaps

Posted - 2009.12.18 23:18:00 - [31]

Signed. Mostly.

The API needs redesigning carefully; nothing needs to be taken away, some things need adding and adjusting to make more sense. With COSMOS in the works I imagine redesigning the underlying code to use the framework created for that (Nexus) is already underway for performance reasons and to enable more data to be accessed. There are lots of things the API could do that it currently cannot. I do not object to the current implementation; indeed I think it is important to keep the API simple and accessible. RESTful interfaces using XML and JSON are the way to go right now.

The API does need to be stable however. The stability of the API is crucial to services using the API, to corporations, alliances, and more. In some cases, API downtime can mean total standstill for an alliance- you can't reverify someone's authentication status every day if the API is offline, and forums go into lockdown, tools become unusable as wallet transactions fail to be loaded, lotteries stop, EVEmon and Capsuleer users cry out in frustration.

CCP is sending out a terrible message by treating the API this way. But the underlying problem in my opinion (without knowing all the details) is that insufficient resources are being spent on the API. Last time I checked, the API team was a few people who had it as part of their responsibilities. We need people whose sole function is to work on the API, improving and maintaining things for the third party developers who in some cases have spent hundreds, even thousands of hours on API applications. For all the work people like myself and other third party devs do for your community, for free, it's not a lot to ask in return.

X-Factor Industries
Synthetic Existence
Posted - 2009.12.18 23:20:00 - [32]

Signed by Entity, Lord of the Items™

That's right guys, a genuine Entity "signed" post! Print it out and frame it!

Nym Qyamara
The Executives
IT Alliance
Posted - 2009.12.18 23:23:00 - [33]

I endorse this product.



Hel O'Ween
Men On A Mission
EVE Trade Consortium
Posted - 2009.12.19 00:10:00 - [34]


Not necessarily the data format change, XML is fine with me. But the reliability (and documentation, if I may add that) surely would benefit from improvements.

saras fortrox
Posted - 2009.12.19 00:50:00 - [35]

Edited by: saras fortrox on 19/12/2009 00:51:04
Edited by: saras fortrox on 19/12/2009 00:50:28 oh and json whould be great

Bel Amar
Sudden Buggery
Situation: Normal
Posted - 2009.12.19 01:02:00 - [36]


Casiella Truza
Ecliptic Rift

Posted - 2009.12.19 02:08:00 - [37]

Originally by: LaVista Vista
Lets make it simple. CCP needs to get the message that the API needs to be looked at. We need a new API that we can rely on. We can't with the current one.

Without getting too far into the weeds of the technical widgets and such that are needed, this alone makes it worth supporting.

Ever Flow
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2009.12.19 02:45:00 - [38]


Opiboble Inte
Hard Rock Mining Co.
The Jagged Alliance
Posted - 2009.12.19 04:17:00 - [39]

I agree a better API format is needed, or atleast improvements on the current system to make it more stable after major patches at minimum.

Lamb Federation Navy
Posted - 2009.12.19 09:23:00 - [40]

Arous Drephius
Posted - 2009.12.19 09:27:00 - [41]

Thatim Roid
Posted - 2009.12.19 09:44:00 - [42]

Edited by: Thatim Roid on 19/12/2009 09:46:39

Miss Greed
Posted - 2009.12.19 09:46:00 - [43]


CareBear Bookmarker
Posted - 2009.12.19 09:47:00 - [44]


Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force

Posted - 2009.12.19 09:48:00 - [45]

A lot of people have come to rely on the API working properly almost as much as the game itself working properly.
It it wholly unacceptable for the API to be down this long.
API needs a separate, stable server for itself.


Minmay Minmay
Council Of Internal War
The Paganism Alliance
Posted - 2009.12.19 09:50:00 - [46]

agreed =]

Locin WeEda
Red Frog Investments
Posted - 2009.12.19 09:52:00 - [47]


Garoun Investment Bank

Posted - 2009.12.19 09:59:00 - [48]

Although I understand that theres alot of work needed to get everything right there are no words to describe how much I agree with the ops post.


Nareg Maxence
Posted - 2009.12.19 10:07:00 - [49]

The format needs some polishing. JSON seems to be all the rage with the kids these days.

Roemy Schneider
Vanishing Point.
Posted - 2009.12.19 10:09:00 - [50]

Originally by: Entity
Signed by Entity, Lord of the Items™

That's right guys, a genuine Entity "signed" post! Print it out and frame it!


yes, we may be spoiled now but so is CCP; outsourcing basic stuff such as oog char-sheets, pos fuel stuff etc...
everybody will 4) profit!!!

Solarwind Interstellar Mining and Production Ltd
Posted - 2009.12.19 10:22:00 - [51]

Supported ! And about time, too!

The German Star-Fighters
United European Star-Force
Posted - 2009.12.19 10:23:00 - [52]


Reclamation Industries
Posted - 2009.12.19 10:47:00 - [53]


Opus Vitus
Posted - 2009.12.19 10:47:00 - [54]

Absolutely signed.

Mashie Saldana
Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.12.19 10:56:00 - [55]


Mr Epeen
It's All About Me
Posted - 2009.12.19 11:13:00 - [56]

Well, there has to be one in every crowd, and I am that one.

Doesn't bother me with my four accts in the least to have the API down once in a while.

Meh, I just play the game, not live EVE when I'm not actually logged in. I have no real need of EVE mon/sheet/board/FT or any of those things for the most part. And since I think KBs are the bane of any game I'm fine without having them.

Maybe...just maybe, with the API off line, more people will play the game on the server and not in the forums and other offline aps.

Mr Epeen Cool

Serpents smile
Posted - 2009.12.19 11:20:00 - [57]

Fix it Fix it Fix it. Very Happy

Damien Arcuri
Empire Black Market
Posted - 2009.12.19 11:34:00 - [58]

I support this product and/or service.

I don't understand how the API can be going down so much. Isn't there a cache between the database and the public API interface? There can't be that much load on the database. But as usual CCP says nothing about the nature of the problem so we are left guessing.


Keep API data in a separate lighter-weight database, and use a cache in front of that, if that's what it takes. The amount of data in the API seems like it would be relatively small compared to in-game world data, and separating the two might make both more efficient.

It might even allow the forums to stay up during expansion deployments. Win.


Posted - 2009.12.19 12:04:00 - [59]


Posted - 2009.12.19 12:14:00 - [60]


As an alternative i'd like to suggest that CCP opens up the API for a limited time per day. That way we can at least get important data daily. A downtime of 3+ days seriously effects my activities.

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