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Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.12.15 23:24:00 - [1]

Edited by: Kythren on 15/12/2009 23:24:40
Roughly 300 NC forces entered BND via 4-c gate, while not loading grid the NC got killed by camping atlas forces(roughly 200-400). As I heard you are investigating this matter and to support this i made the following screenshot after a few minutes.

Honestly you should rollback changes in JC- and BND- since it is impossible to engage any force which is holding a system with more than 300 people. Once you have 300 friends camping a gate, no fleet will be able to jump in through that gate without being rendered helpless to enemy attacks. You can have 1000vs300 while 300 defend the system, and the 300 will win always. This is just the old bob tactic.


Posted - 2009.12.15 23:41:00 - [2]

this lag getting bad day by day. we are pvp players. we jumped to bnd- and nothing happened. grid didnt load. i could see my shield getting down. i wait 10 or 15 mins but no grid there. then i logoff the game. after 30 mins i was in my home station in my pod. btw there is no km in my losses.
can u explain this.

Navy of Xoc
The Remnant Legion
Posted - 2009.12.16 00:02:00 - [3]

COmpletely agree the Fights shut down an entire COnstellation of movement but if your sitting on grid and loaded you can just enjoy the show and shoot everyone. Numbers dont even matter cause the entire incoming fleet gets bogged up beyond recognition and cant even defend themselves against ships half their size, or a fleet a third their size

Caladain Barton
Navy of Xoc
The Remnant Legion
Posted - 2009.12.16 01:52:00 - [4]

Edited by: Caladain Barton on 16/12/2009 01:52:41
I've been (well, attempted to be in) several large fleet engagements post dominion. (100v130, 250v330, 300v500) Each one has either
a.) crashed the node. Everything gets booted to login
b.) crashed the grid. He who is on grid already has a turkey shoot for 30-40minutes without getting return fire. (See Atlas's killboard for an example. I don't care we lost ships (it happens) but rather post this here to show an example of the turkey shoot. EVEN as failnc, we should have killed more than a single hac, and the majority of our fleet couldn't even get in system)
c.) Aweful lag we all know and love..manually cycling guns, etc..but *playable*..sortof..kindof..

CCP...are you guys aware of this? Just reply with a yes..let us know..

If you need to see an example of it, ping me in game (with a gm character first so i know it's you guys), and i'll get one of your characters into our alliance happily, and you can fly with us for a single engagement or however much you need to see the lag. I'll supply your ship, ammo, everything..just come and see how horrid it has become..


Posted - 2009.12.16 02:06:00 - [5]

mmm 22:11 - 23:24 120 WI ships killed. That HAC was killed at 19:19. So that makes it 120 - 0 rather than 120 - 1 by my reckoning

Caladain Barton
Navy of Xoc
The Remnant Legion
Posted - 2009.12.16 02:10:00 - [6]

Originally by: Iguanoid
mmm 22:11 - 23:24 120 WI ships killed. That HAC was killed at 19:19. So that makes it 120 - 0 rather than 120 - 1 by my reckoning

ah, so it

Posted - 2009.12.16 10:07:00 - [7]

The kill summary doesnt add up either!

this shows 257 against 126. We where much more than that in the fleet. Yes it lagged soo bad. I wonder what CCP will do. And what they are going to say. I hope they come with a statement soon. But their statement needs to be well. Or they may lose many good players from this game....

Kar Stoertebecker
Posted - 2009.12.16 11:20:00 - [8]

at least i think the video are nice done
EVE Online: Dominion Trailer
From: CCPGAMES | 24. November 2009 | 357.700 Aufrufe
EVE Online: Dominion is the next free expansion for the MMO EVE Online, coming December 1st 2009.

Dominion is true power born from the broken hulls of a thousand starships, the genes of the ambitious and the hubris of the greedy. The Dominion trailer looks on as one such tale unfolds.

suprise suprise again fleetbattles dont work
even a gm tells me there was 2k ppl on the node
i dont care
i pay for the game and i like to play it like CCP promise it in the trailers
but they are far away

i rly rofl if i see this kill loss ratio
i was in the system for 30 minutes waiting to load the grid on a jb
at least i had fun in local chat
so far in the moment reaction on large attacks is not pos in the moment
so CCP reached the goal for unblob
the one who jumps in will loss if the opteam is not informed
so better is do to nothing becouse the one who starts the first blob will for sure not inform the opteam becouse he have easy kills

and the most funny thing will be the anwsers from gms for the petition's
wonder if they have new textblocks to copy in or they use the old ones :)
what i remember it is all the player fault systems works fine
and i lol again after whatching the Dominion trailer

have a nice vacation CCP

ps:no i dont give my stuff away i dont quit the game
cu on lagfield

maddmaxx III
Sons Of 0din
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2009.12.16 14:26:00 - [9]

False advertisement ftw!!


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