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Posted - 2010.01.03 04:11:00 - [271]

Originally by: CCP Soundwave
I've actually been thinking about "non-lethal" ships lately, since the whole idea of just scaling damage bores me to death, so this thread is pretty well timed Cool

Let's have a little fun with this. Let's say you could put a ship into the game. Everyone gets one attempt in this thread, and your suggestions must follow these rules:

just an idea maybe a cruiser size vessel tht emits some kind of burst tht uncloaks cloked ships within a certain distance

The Greater Goon
Clockwork Pineapple
Posted - 2010.01.03 06:35:00 - [272]

What EVE really needs is a kamikaze frigate.

It would need to be a t2 (or even t3) frig and fairly pricey. Requires quite a few skills so people can't make noob alts for using them (like 10-20mil sp; prereqs would be skills seasoned pilots would already have). It would have 2 modules, a MWD and a kamikaze pulse generator or some rp crap like that. When the kamikaze pulse generator is activated, any ship the kamizaze ship bumps into will take a crapload of damage. In turn the kamikaze ship will be destroyed, and a penalty applied. Maybe kamikaze skill points lost and definitely the pilots pod should be destroyed.

tl;dr - A kamikaze ship that does damage to a single target which it collides with, killing the kamizaze ship and the kamikaze ship's pilot's pod.

I'll take my beer in Florida CCP HQ YARRRR!!.

United Pod Service
Posted - 2010.01.03 07:23:00 - [273]

Edited by: Tamahra on 03/01/2010 07:34:06

Im thinking of carrier-sized ships that can spawn phaenomenons, which have various (system-wide)effects on the stats of every ship within the same solar system. Can only be used in low sec and Kspace-0.0, or only in Kspace-0.0.

The pilot would have several different phaenomenons at his disposal, depending on which "phaenomenon-launcher" he would fit. These ships also have the ability to deactivate other player-launched phaenomenons. (Could attach a minigame to the deactivating of other phaenomenons)

Only one phaenomenon of the same type can be active in a solar system at once.

To activate a phaenomenon, you would have to launch some device first, and then anchor your advice and then activate it. Cannot be anchored within 1 AU of any POS bubbles.

The device would be probeable, and can be destroyed (it doesnt have many hitpoints). But only a Phaenomenon-Ship can deactivate other phaenomenons, without having to probe it out first.

The reuse timer for the Phaenomenon-Laucnher would be 10 minutes.

Those ships also have a focus-device on-board, which can focus the energy of those anomanlies and doubles the effect for those ships which are within 200km range of the phaenomenon-ship, as long as the phaenomenon is active.

Spoon Thumb
Khanid Provincial Vanguard
Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2010.01.03 10:54:00 - [274]

Sorry I'm late to the party!

Name: Momentum Stopper
Function: Throws up a forcefield 'wall' that instantly stops ships that run into it

An alternative idea to the "web bubble" ship, where enemies can still get around the forcefield. Could stop ships getting back to gates using MWD if used correctly

Could also be used for stopping people dead as they eject from stations.

Ship would only be able to use it in low sec and 0.0 and would have speed -100% whilst the 'wall' is turned on

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2010.01.03 11:18:00 - [275]

I'd like to see a ship that's immune to racial ewar. You can't neut, web, tp (lolminmatar), jam or dampen it. cruiser is probably the best size although frig or even destroyer might work. Its 'role' is fairly open ended but I imagine people would like to tackle irritating recons with it.

Alternatively just let us fly concord ships because you know it would be spectacular and horrible at the same time.

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2010.01.03 11:24:00 - [276]

Oh. Also a ship that hides you from local, or hides someone else from local.

A ship that disguises either itself or the ship beside it as another type of ship completely. Especially awesome would be disguising someone as a miner.

Jim Luc
Rule of Five
Vera Cruz Alliance
Posted - 2010.01.04 02:52:00 - [277]

How about a ship that can detect and scan the location for cloaked ships? It can be pricey, and of course be a t2, but would be used primarily for system security. I don't want to nerf the cloaking pirate gank of course, but it does seem ridiculous for those of us in 0.0 that have sovereignty to not be able to adequately keep our systems clean. I'm not a miner, but all it takes is for a cloaked ship to warp in, send a couple bombs, warp out, and there goes a fleet of hulks. It's ridiculous that cloaked ships can't eventually be scanned out of hiding.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2010.01.04 05:03:00 - [278]

hm, out of the box, how about this:

A new type of Logistics ship:
-Cruiser sized
-the new ship can beam Ammo and scripts into the hold of other ships (if that pilot accepts it) like an inverse tractor beam
-1 or 2 high slots which uses some kind of new logistics core that makes the ship unmovable and allows the following:
-up to 4 other Cruisers can attach themselves to this new ship and get their Shield/Armor/Hull repaired automatically when docked at it.
-while docked the ships can refit their ships with access to the new ships bay

So what's the idea behind that:
A lot of alliances use a Carrier at their POS as a fallback repair point, but when you are on a roam you only have front-line logistics support. With this ship you can create a mobile fallback point which allows repairs and even better gives the ability to refit the ship for a different tactic, imagine a sniper HAC gang that turns into a close range HAC gang.

+ in long Ops you have the ability so support your guys with additional ammo with the inverse tractor beam.

This ship would create a whole new role, is non lethal and could bring up amazing new roam tactics because of its refitting ability

*I can already taste the free beer from Soundwave* :-)

Dolgozo Lany
Posted - 2010.01.04 09:22:00 - [279]

My idea is the T2 shuttle for quick travelling.

I use simple covert ops to run around high sec and manage lot of activities requiring my attention, but cov ops are not designed for simple travelling. I use it because I need the speed, the fast warp capabilities and not for the cloaking or scanning capabilities.

I remember the time, when I joined, and could only warp to 15 km to the gates, everyone was copying Region bookmark sets. Everyone hated it, but everyone hated wasting time even more.

Yesterday I have spoken with a new player, who started 2 months ago, and although for high skill point characters the universe became smaller (especially in 0.0), New players still hate the travel time... and this is in my feel still one of the bigger negative points they encounter, when they start the game. New players don't have jump clones, carriers, multiple hauler accounts... they usually only have 1 character, with which they want to explore and manage this game.

Now here is the idea: T2 Shuttle.

T2 shuttle piloting would be a rank 1 skill, requires only warp drive operation lvl 3 to learn.

Only 1 set of Bonus as no frigate requirements are included: Could be Warp speed (+1 AU warp speed per level), Max speed, cargo... pick your favourite.

No slots. No drones, EW part is just like the T1 shuttle. 100m2 cargo. 6AU warp speed, plus the skill. Max speed 500, plus the skill.

Invention should be easy:
Use Shuttle BPCs, but use the equipment formulas.
Target manufacturing cost should be around 1 or 2 million ISK.

T2 shuttle would serve not only as a quick travel ship, but as a shopping car, when you want to pick up something 5+ system away for your ship.

Marlona Sky
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.01.04 12:25:00 - [280]

How about a drone boat where all the bonuses are for drones...

...and throw in some drone implants and some new worthwhile drone rigs.

Sorry but I am really tired of this game not having a drone dedicated ship. Crying or Very sad

Hardiel Da'le'mei
Posted - 2010.01.04 14:05:00 - [281]

How about a ship that is built to take damage?

Idea - Missile decoy ship - all missiles fired in a certain distance, depending on skill, re target this ship and go for this instead.

Obviously wouldn't be built for speed and could quite suicidal when not protected, and even then could go boom.

Aphoxema G
Posted - 2010.01.04 18:47:00 - [282]

Originally by: Vantlor
How about an anti-fog-of-war ship? Could also just be a mod to fit to cov ops ships (or other ships). Remote eyes of sorts. I see 3 ways of implimenting it. 1 using it like probes (movable etc, or perhaps just where u drop it at too). Or without them and u can choose where to look (overpowered lol). Also could be used to interface with any other fleet members system to view as if from their ship.

Idea would be like so. Take a ship, drop one, run away, use it to remotley directional scan and have its overview (as if your ship was there). Or pick a celestial and be able to view it as if there in your ship. Or choose a fleet member as described above.

Could be usable 1 or 2 systems out or be limited similar to jump drives in distance. Could be usable only in one system. Potentialy unable to cloak while in use. Probes wouldnt necessarily be lockable, but could be smartbombed. Probes could be imobile (balancing). Limit the number of probes out at one time. Have a cooldown or a duration or both.

Provides intel for an FC in a different way than before while requiring less risk to cov ops and less man power. FC could even use the tool to FC from a participants view and not be vulnerable to being primaried etc. Indirectly offensive, fitting the mod or flying the ship means you have a unique roll and probably wont do much else. An FC or maybe just the intel guy would be more informed of the battlefield or multiple battlefields.

Doesnt add firepower; arguably by slot use or ship use removes damage.
Very unique; not just faster or better or easier to use probes.
Needed in game; cov ops on grid dont always provide the best intel and being the FC in a cov ops isnt always the best option.
Adds a new play style to the game, or rather compliments the current cov-ops pilots role.

Feedback welcome.

I heartily endorse this product and/or service.

It could be as simple as having a "camera" window, like with the ship previews.

This would be great for a ship but it might be more interesting for a module on any ship, a "Fluid-Router Camera Probe Launcher" for specific probes, with the probes themselves being targetable entities with an extremely low signature radius and the operator could be warned when the the probe is being targeted like they would be.

Suicide Kings
Posted - 2010.01.04 20:04:00 - [283]

Originally by: Spoon Thumb

Sorry I'm late to the party!

Name: Momentum Stopper
Function: Throws up a forcefield 'wall' that instantly stops ships that run into it

An alternative idea to the "web bubble" ship, where enemies can still get around the forcefield. Could stop ships getting back to gates using MWD if used correctly

Could also be used for stopping people dead as they eject from stations.

Ship would only be able to use it in low sec and 0.0 and would have speed -100% whilst the 'wall' is turned on


AoE webship + HIC = unpassable gatecamp.

Escobar Noreaga
Rionnag Alba
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2010.01.04 20:51:00 - [284]

an advanced intel remote camera ship is a fantastic idea, infact i would like to see camera probes with timers like the regular ones.

would need skills for ship itself and high slot camera mods for live intel dirrectly off intel ship.

then leadership skills for remotely accessing the camera probes that the intel ship deploys that can be viewed in a slideshow format.


Acrid Acid
Posted - 2010.01.04 22:11:00 - [285]

Edited by: Acrid Acid on 04/01/2010 22:12:32
Battleship sized hull;

1 high slot
8 medium slots
8 low slots

Bonus per battleship level;

15% range and strengh to stasis webifiers modules
15% range and strengh to warp disruptors modules
15% range and strengh to tracking disruptors modules
15% range and strengh to remote sensors dampeners modules.

Its basicaly a big debuffer, think of it as the bard of space.

I would suggest a big bulky apearance. More similar to industrial ships than battleship. And perhaps had electricity effect all over it... kind of like the hovercraft from the matrix.

Thats mah idea. Very Happy

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2010.01.05 09:16:00 - [286]

Edited by: McEivalley on 05/01/2010 09:28:04
Well, I didn't suggest an original ship design myself - just complained about the existing - so here goes nothin':

A BC sized t2 hull that can mix EWAR effects in its ammo of choice. Use the tier 2 BC hulls for it. A new module will be born for this purpose, located in the hi slots of the ship. The ship may fit up to 3 of those. Only one can be activated at any given time. Once it activates, it will supplement the ammo with a packet on the warhead that upon detonation will create an ewar effect.

The EWAR effect will have 3 basic requirements from the ship bonus design:

1) No bonuses to damage (including ROF)
2) Range bonuses to weapons.
3) A bonus to racial ewar will be applied to each ship for using a certain racial appropriate new hi slot module. i.e. the Minmatar version would be more efficient shooting webbing or target painting supplemented ammo, while the gallente version would be better at sensor dampening and warp scrambling ammo. On the other hand, usage of EWAR from an opposite race will be penalized. This has nothing to do with the weapon used but rather with the ship circuitry which supports the incorporation and usage of the new module. So gallente blaster version of the ship will still need ec-300 drones if it wants to jam its target while the caldari missile spam would still reamin a poor tackler.

Note that delivering 0 damage is the equivalent of a miss and will not apply the ewar effect. So if you apply 0 damage on an interceptor with webbing or scrambling ammo will not slow it down/shut down its MWD.

Some more balancing with the applied ewar can be found by giving the "weaker" EWAR AOE effects (e.g. a 5km burst of target painting/sensor dampening/tracking disruption).

Debatable: The ship will join the covert pantheon. It might make it over-powered.

Tech 2 resistances? Check. Overall hps (shield/armor/structure) will be less than the average BC hull. Improved targeting range and locking time compared to BCs (I'd go with the top t2 cruisers scan res as a baseline). More speed? yes. Will be nimbler as well. Reduced sig rad? check.

The hi slot modules can be scripted to emphasize a certain EWAR effect as per ewar modules.

Another balancing tweaking could be that major ewar effects (such as scrambling) can only be used with the shorter range ammo types (i.e. if you want to scram something

Basically we're looking at a more nimble platform that can screw up with multiple targets while delivering some damage. After all - ewar doesn't kill - damage does.

Reasoning: There is no spoon. Also, it's cool. It will add flavor to the pew pew and can be justified by the neuting ammo the sleepers apply. That technology is so sophisticated that its adaptation requires significant dedication of engineering resources in the ship's design - i.e. it's a tech 2 hull rather than t3.

More to the point, there is a need for it in larger fleet fights. EWAR is almost completely absent from fleet fights, apart from tackling, which basically comes down to bubbles. This ship will be a significant contribution to large fleets, a multiplier both for individual remote tackle and for blinding/damage subversion/augmentation effects. E.g. if a block of ships gets target painted, suddenly dropping down primaries becomes faster and the overall performance of the fleet increases. If you can prohibit an out-of-the-bubble target from warping at a "safer" distance, you're also cool.

The ability to have more than one such special hi slot module fit will give the pilots the ability to switch effects as well as the chance to use the most useful ewar to a given situation.

Edit - errata I located.

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2010.01.05 09:45:00 - [287]

Originally by: Cailais
Edited by: Cailais on 14/12/2009 01:07:27
Edited by: Cailais on 14/12/2009 00:55:26

My 'dream ship' in EVE would be one that mirrors the theme of the Blackhawks in Peter F Hamiltons 'The Reality Dysfunction'.
*clipped stuff*

The particulars of your suggestion are horrible but the idea is more than sound (and I <3 PFH too!)

I would still suggest to make the WH effect a bit more coherent for the price of enlarging the ship to a BC hull (minimum). I don't think that it is sound to scram into a dessie hull that kind of tech while there are black ops out there in the game, especially since you create a WH that other ships may travel through it.

The control I'm suggesting will not determine destination, but rather the stability and mass allowed. I would also allow the ship's operator to determine the target const. (but not system) as well as inhibit it to moving more than 1 region away.

Well played!

Shiroi Kiba
Posted - 2010.01.05 14:06:00 - [288]

T3 Frigate hull

Role: AOE Cloaking field.

This ship when equipped with the AOE Cloaking device enables an entire fleet to be cloaked. The fleet suffers no penalty for being cloaked but cannot fire while within the field.

Any ship that enters the field will become cloaked and will make the ship use more fuel.

The AOE Cloaking device uses fuel to run based on ships within its cloaking field.


5% less fuel use per level
5km increase range per level of cloaking field.

Posted - 2010.01.06 03:44:00 - [289]

late to this party !!!

i want beer.

2 things iv been pondering on for some time now.

multi pilot ships. anything you like but require 2 active pilots to fly them efficiently. roles for each pilot much be pretty hands on to stop people jus using there main and there alt to do the job. perhaps combined with my second idea. dunno tbh its an afterthought il be honest

command ship. new breed.
with focused gang link modules which must be directly targeted towards your allies vessels. these shoulh have the ability to fit a new breed of gang links. think like the new t3 system with subsystems but projectable subsystems with the effect focused onto ships within your fleet. they should be highslot fittings mebe..... perhaps some of the others things suggested in this topic that ships could do could be implemented as gang link modules which would have to either be fitted b4 flight as per usual or perhaps in a multi pilot ship they would have to be fitted on the fly somehow...

Cecilia Syal
Blood Inquisition
Posted - 2010.01.06 05:01:00 - [290]

Idea's i've not seen yet.


Fuel Carriers ?

Make all ships use some sort of built in fuel for gate jumping, so after so long you need to dock or let it slowly replenish from internal bussard collectors. so long combat missions you need to bring logistics support to keep your ships fueled. & moving along fast.

Long combat missions would be reduced to the range of the internal fuel tanks, maybe 20 jumps then you need to dock to a station or wait a few minutes. or get a refuel?


What about Ferry's ?

Ships that can if your in their gang, allow you to dock into the ship, your pod now locks into it. and now your being moved around by someone else.

These ships are like industrials, and maybe have a jump drive or can go to "transport hubs" that only allow that ship class, and inside you fly maybe 100km to a jump gate short cut.


Medical Vessels?

Industrial's, that allow you to make clones from biomass. and once a pod is in range, a clone made from that pilot inside the vessels cargo bay, then can be moved to anywhere in the universe and docked for them somewhere. and installed into a medical facility, but not able to jump to/from the actual medical vessel.


Suicide Kings
Posted - 2010.01.06 12:34:00 - [291]

CCP has stated they cannot carry a pod within a ship, there are programming issues that arise if the carrying pilot logs/DCs or if they get blown up... it was one of the reasons motherships couldn't dock when they had a clone vat bay.

Posted - 2010.01.07 18:41:00 - [292]

Since i am wormhole runner , my mate and i need a true logistik support ship !!! The cruiser class can not survive against sleepers !!! One volley and they will die quickly . So we are thinking about subcapital ship that can be used ONLY in wormhole . It can be built only in w-space and move on w-space as for its production requires energy from wh cand hisz engine requires also wh enegy !! It can fit also clone vat and it is the only capital ship that can activate the clone in wh !!!
Its like other capital ship : as in his presence sleeper pops additionnal fleet ( 6 bs + 10 cruiser + lot of frigate with HUGE survival tactic and dps )

Conceptor : ORE and DEEP CORE MINING
Name : INTI ( precolombian god )

Base hull : ORCA

Needed Skill : Tactical Fleet Support Ship ( leadership 5 , advanced spaceship command 4 , logistic 4 )

Base Price > 500 M isk

Tactical Fleet Support Bonus:
1,6x hull repair amount bonus per level
5% bonus to hull repair cycle time per level
150% bonus to Shield Transport,remote armor repair and Energy Transfer Array range per level

Role Bonus :
98% reduction in cpu need for shield transporter, remote armor repair and enegy transfer array
98% reduction in powergrid need for shield transporter, remote armor repair and enegy transfer array
99% reduction in CPU need for Gang Link modules
Can use 3 gang link modules simultaneously.

CPU 530
Powergrid 810
Calibration 300
Low Slots 3
Med Slots 5
High Slots 4
Rig Slots 2
Rig Size Large

No Drones

Structure 45 000
Cargo Capacity 30 000
Mass 250 000 000
Volume 10 250 000
Inertia Modifier 0,16
Ship Maintenance Bay Capacity 400 000
Corporate Hangar Capacity 40 000

ArmorHP 8 250
EM Resistance 50%
Explosive Resistance 10%
Kinetic Resistance 35%
Thermal Resistance 35%

ShieldHP 6 500
Shield recharge time 2 100s
EM Resistance 0%
Explosive Resistance 50%
Kinetic Resistance 40%
Thermal Resistance 20%

Capacitor Capacity 4 200 GJ
Recharge time 512s

Maximum Targeting Range 60 000 km
Max Locked Targets 5
Scan Resolution mm 75
Magnetometric Sensor Strength 15 points
Signature Radius 550m

Max Velocity 60 m/sec
Ship Warp Speed 2,70 AU/S

With this ship you can use 2 new modules

Protection Sphere :
Role : Allow Inti to absorb all impact due to fleet mate within range
Look Like an pos shield bubble
Base Range : 20 km
Bonus : + 5 km per ship skill level
Can be load with script to reinforce its resist in particular type of damage
4 type of script : 30% resist with t1, 50% resist with t2 ( need lvl5 ship skill )
2 type of script : ( 15% kine , 15% explo ) ( 15% em , 15% therm ) with lvl 2 this resit up to 25%
Capacitor Need : 400 GJ
Activation Time : 15s
Use Mid-Slot
Cpu 2
Powergrid 3
Can be fitted only on Inti

Fleet Support Reinforcer :
Role : Reduce Capacitor Need For particular Fleet support module ( shield Transporter , remote amor repairer , energy transfer array )
Use Mid-Slot
Cpu 2
Powergrid 3
Can be fitted only on Inti
Must Use with Script for its effectiveness , one script type per field ( shield , armor , energy )
only one module active

PAX Technologies
Posted - 2010.01.08 17:40:00 - [293]

A ship that can project a force field, freely placed around the ship in a 30km -> 100km range around the ship, freely angled and can be shrunk-increased in area (basically 'flat' in size). The force field could be set to do a number of things: decrease incoming damage, forcibly stop ships (can be shot down in this mode), deflect ewar, cut off locks, provide stealth against scans. Each time the force field is 'hit' it drains cap from the ship.
The ship should be a) small, weak, nimble and reasonably fast. Not that many slots since most of its hull would be used for the gigantic (for its size) cap core.

And when we're talking new game mechanics could you pretty please introduce warp trails? I'd really like EVE to have more of a free roaming model inside the system that doesn't include scanning people all the time. Arbitrarily flying to 'wherever' inside a system and have warp trails from enemies that just fled from my wrath sounds so much cooler than: 'Wait a minute sir (or 5) while I scan down this scumbag!' at which point the intented victim moves to another spot. Cat and rat in a terribly boring chase. Stealth hidden hideouts instead of perma-safe POS would be a neat change as well.

Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2010.01.09 19:25:00 - [294]

Edited by: Istvaan Shogaatsu on 09/01/2010 19:27:21
- Small ships equipped with a tactical warp or jump drive - capable of warping/jumping at sub-150km ranges where other ships would have to approach on thrusters. Simply click a target, be it player ship or whatnot, hit 'warp to' and it does.

- A ship equipped with an omnidirectional de-cloaking thingy.

- A ship with PVP capable tractor beams, for improved crowd control. Taranis orbiting you at 500? Push him out to 50,000. Kiters sitting just outside your optimal? Yank them closer.

- Don't know how possible this is, but it's been a wet dream for ages: A ship with locator agent capabilities built in, allowing a pilot to stalk another pilot without having to keep an alt at a station with a locator.

Aedon Savaar
Posted - 2010.01.09 22:39:00 - [295]

Hull: Cruiser class size
Role: tactical wormhole reinforcer

Though i am very fond of the safety that the wormhole mass limit provides, it would be nice to be able to "trade off" some mass limit for decay time. This would provide large tactical advantages for those who have a sense of precision.

This type of ship would utilise a special module that sends a beam into targeted wormhole increasing it's mass limit in expense of natural decay time, each level deacreasing the ammount of cap consumtion and decay penalty.

Suggestion: the blueprints for both the ship type and the stabilisator-type module could be aquired exclusively through reverse engineering objects found hidden in alien structures.
This would give extra tasks for exploration and research teams specialized in wormhole ops.

As a side note:
From earlier suggested ship classes, my favorite has to be the science vessel.
Instead of adding a new combat role, it adds a whole new career!
As it is, research is even more boring than asteroid mining, and that says quite a lot!
Studying annomalies and artifacts for development of new weapons and modules could be a lot of fun, provided there be more exotic and hard-to-find installations that could be investigated for a good cause other than curiosity.
The role of copying blueprints while mobile is ofcourse also a nice addition.

Posted - 2010.01.09 23:03:00 - [296]

well u said a non lethal ship. so this is my momentto push for a new class of ships all over. let s go with explorations hips created by ore that specialize in the wonderful world of exploration. and before someone says get a tech 3 ship may i ask why would i want to be exploring wormholes in a tech 3 ship where i run a mad risk of getting jumped while hacking a site or salvaging a perimiter camp. instead give use 3 ships the first one built on a battlecruiser design the second built on a battleship design and then a sub capital exploration command ship. cause a battle sruise can handle all the lower wormholes and what not(i know this from soloing perimeter camps in my myrm with all tech 1 items) and then a maurader build with more high slots to fit the salvadger probe luancher and tractor beam plus a decent amount of guns. and a capitals hips setup for cordinating exploration efforts in wormhole space. no really many guns but bonuses to all the RR and cap trasfer. a godly bay to hold ammo/drones/capboosters/loot and maybe a small ship bay for salvaging ships. so that way when u enter a WH u dont have to keep bouncing in and out to unload the transport or get more ammo or what not and give this ships a bonus for entering wormholes like where there mass affects the WH less then othre ships

Allaya Ebonclaw
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2010.01.12 12:06:00 - [297]

Tug Boats (New T2 Logistical Ship)

T1 BC hull used.

Fits a Tractor Beam as normal, Ship role bonus allows it to be used on sub Capital hulls and can pull a ship in a straight line towards it effected by ship mass

Death to Station huggers and also very usefull for moving ships you cant fly in a POS etc.

Zaiyo Modi
Posted - 2010.01.12 21:34:00 - [298]

Edited by: Zaiyo Modi on 12/01/2010 21:35:44

Deadspace accelerator ship

Hull size: Capital

Having the ability to propell ships into deadspace areas (if people could find such areas, and settle down inthere, being accessible only via a locked gate).

It would also be able to propell itself, into a deadspace area somehow :).

An invasion force would have to rely on this logistical thing for both attacking, and sustaining any assault further in, on deeper levels.

Appearance: Looking like some kind of mix of a ship and an accelerator gate.

It would be as fun to fly as a freighter, but at least it would be important and useful. Have an alt fly it.

Posted - 2010.01.18 04:20:00 - [299]

Edited by: Keilas on 18/01/2010 04:38:42
I love the idea of a T2 Shuttle - could be used as entry-level / tutorial-level Invention!

My idea is keeping it simple - a straightfoward variation on the Warp Disruption Field Generator.
The ship hull can be of variable size, but I think the Destroyer needs some love, so we'll say it's a wee ship.

The ship's role is pure buff/debuff.
I envisage bonuses to Projected ECCM, *maybe* Projected ECM (Cause who really uses that module on carriers, really?), and a new module:

Signature Alteration Field Generator

Default - Signature Nullifier
Effect: Reduction in signature radius.
Benefit: Harder to scan down, reduction in launcher and turret damage.
Counter: Target Painters / sensor boosters.
Use: Gang warfare. Roaming safe-spots, covert fleets. Protects friendlies / logistics by making them harder to target and take less damage.

Script - Signature Amplifier
Effect: Increases signature radius for all in the area of effect.
Benefit: Effectively target-paints all ships within radius. Increased missile and turret damage. Easier to scan down.
Counter: None.
Use: Gang warfare. Making ships easily detected (bait). Mass-TP'ing enemy gangs.

Dr Cedric
Orbital Industry and Research.
Posted - 2010.01.19 06:01:00 - [300]

I'm posting twice, you can't stop me!

How about a ship-class (destroyer or cruiser sized) with weapons that don't deal damage, instead they offline other ships stuff?

Wouldn't that suck if you were w/ your buddy, busting up on some poor, defenseless ratters, when one of their buddies shows up and POW! Half of your guns and one of your Heat Sinks goes offline (for a timed duration) and you're now shooting less than half damage.

At least your Armor Rep didn't get smoked, like your pals. Now he's dust and those "defenseless Ratters" just got away!

Just a suggestion : )

I suppose that it would require a new module/skill combo. It would also give rise to another destroyer/cruiser T2 variant w/ Bonuses specifically designed to maximize off-line timers (maybe a better name, like modular de-sync timers!)

As I think about it more, this could be the fix to the cloaking "problem" that I've heard people talking about. Start flying around to planets and moons, launch your area of affect "module de-synchronizer" and if you're lucky, BOOM! Decloaked AFKer!


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