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Posted - 2011.08.10 08:05:00 - [481]

As a Suicide ganker among other things,

I feel Concord response is waay too fast and needs to be slowed down . That or the ganker to have the ability to escape from concord, however that will probably never happen, nor will I ever be able to bribe concord to raise my security status. (which would be nice, but again would probably never happen).

The reason I and others go on suicide ganks is mainly because the wardec system is broken. If I wardec another company as an aggressor, the players simply leave their corps or stay docked and evade hostility when they realize the war is lost on their terms. Thus, leaving surprise attacks in the form of suicide ganking the only real option to bring about destruction and demoralization to an enemy that would otherwise hangout in an NPC corp or bounce between an alt corp and another to avoid hostiles.

Given this logic its also very common to see other corps paying gank corps/pilots to also target enemies
for surprise attack. Still yet, I and others sometimes suicide gank just for the lulz and half the time I don't even insure my ship. If I need to cover the cost of a destroyed ship I simply make up for its loss by other means most of the time. If insurance was nerfed today, that still would not stop me from committing surprise attacks . Frankly, regardless of how much time you put into carebearing, the reality is you can be attacked at any place any time .

I can agree that insurance payments to criminals and fraudsters seems wrong, but don't you also think its pretty stupid that concord doesn't just capture my pod and arrest me in high sec? Or ground me completely from certain systems ? I've never heard of a navy that lets pirates escape justice after blowing up their ships . .

I propose a new skill type that allows for limited concord evasion and yet another to bribe concord to fix security status . These skills would take time to train and would allow greater rewards to dedicated outlaws while filtering out temporary alts and beginner outlaws from being nearly as successful. Likewise fixing the bounty system and allowing the transfer of kill rights to licensed bounty hunters would also make for entertaining play.

Lastly, fix war decs. Disallow players leaving a corp for the duration of a war, or if players do leave
a corp during a time of war, grant the corp they leave kill rights on them for a week for leaving. Also give the ability for aggressors to kill former members of said war dec'd company for up to a week under the same premise. This would also mean a boost in private security corps in eve as well.

Jacob Menard
Pure Evil Warriors
The Devil's Warrior Alliance
Posted - 2011.09.08 17:14:00 - [482]

Look at it this way. Life insurance pays out for every type of death, except suicide. Anytime someone gets Concorded, their insurance should be invalidated. Also, I think insurance premiums should be adjusted based on sec status. The lower your sec status, the more you pay, the higher your sec status, the less you pay. This means you will have to also take into account how they recover their sec status, as they could just get the status up again before insuring a ship. The lower your sec status, the lower the benefit you get from your ratting. Make it take much much longer to get it back to good standing.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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