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The Scope
Posted - 2009.11.18 20:21:00 - [31]

Shocked That was f***ing scary...

Doctor Dodo
Dalek Tactical Industries
Posted - 2009.11.19 12:00:00 - [32]

It just goes to show how hard the eve universe is.

It did give me an idea for a mission type for when you have walking in stations. You have to hunt down a facial "volunteer", stun them then drag em back to your agent for a reward.

Posted - 2009.11.20 14:51:00 - [33]

Excellent story.

It is not even all that far fetched. I just read about a sickening parallel with RL: Gang Abducts People to Drain Their Fat and Sell it to the Rich

(copied and pasted from the thread on part 1 where i accidentally posted this first)

ellena allente
Posted - 2009.11.20 19:55:00 - [34]

creepy story, New Eden is sooo messed up

Posted - 2009.11.20 21:47:00 - [35]

So can I gun down my own face, tractor in the frozen corpse, take it to the nearest med facility and get his face burned on to mine? Twisted Evil

Awesomeness Escalated
Posted - 2009.11.20 22:14:00 - [36]

Edited by: Celanti on 20/11/2009 22:13:59

Kaito Rei
Kentucky Fried Capitals
Posted - 2009.11.20 22:20:00 - [37]

Originally by: Anubis Assassin
Originally by: K'uata Sayus
Part two was a bit anti-climactic, I half expected a strange twist where Gilea would end up in prison and the face she selected set free to assume her identity....

I kinda had the same thoughts here... F***ed up story though :/

i second to that and was kinda disappointed that it didnt go that way, but when it would've, then it wouldnt be that dark and evil eve.^^

Posted - 2009.11.20 23:35:00 - [38]

Edited by: Lusulpher on 20/11/2009 23:38:06
Edited by: Lusulpher on 20/11/2009 23:37:01
Originally by: Angry Poster
Edited by: Angry Poster on 18/11/2009 08:56:09
Originally by: Myyona
Btw. Abraxas, does podpilots store their original body, the one the carries the scars from their childhood and youth, -stuff--

Couple questions though, who really runs these things? what the hell did these people do to end up in these prisons? Something tells me they didn't do something that bad... maybe it's the fact the picture makes the victim look sorta like an angle.

In a place where money rules the world I'd assume that prisons and penal services would have been privatized long ago. So the prisons are being run by companies that wish to maximize their income and minimize their expenses. And if a few lousy prisoners have to lose face over it (literally) then so be it.

In real life prisoners were/are also often used for medical experiments and other such research - it's just that these prisons and experiments were usually state-sponsored but in a place like the caldari state where the "state" basically is run by capitalist companies ... why not?

Don't let your conscience stand in the way of profit. Wink

Preach on!

When it comes to the empires/RL, the philosophies define the bad guys vs. good guys, the methods are far from the ideals.
Fair and expedient trials in Gallente space...waterboarding, foreign-based prison camps run by secretive police.

Liberated slaves going home to rebuild...chaotic tribal governments conflicting with each other. Even stealing food and committing genocide/discrimination against their own refugees based on how much they fear their former overlords.

Communist, Socialistic utopia in Caldari space...corrupt, dictatorial/obligarchy, capitalistic China/Russia/Cuba/Cambodia.

Religious beacon of the crumbling Universe in Amarr...corrupt, gluttonous Catholic establishment from the Crusades.

Jovians secretly monitoring everyone to see how much Humanity they can glean before erasing the rest...2012.

See a pattern? Take that pattern and assume all of those places are super-Capitalistic and spaceships are like Fords.[And space is like pudding. And there is no cyno warmup. And rockets suck.] Surprised

Also, liked how you toned back on the shockingly, shiny words. It did not break my immersion to the very end. 4.5/5
You still have more poetic and traumatic stories in the older Chrons. And I'm glad I read them all. Keep this up.

Posted - 2009.11.20 23:44:00 - [39]

Originally by: Jngar
Excellent story.

It is not even all that far fetched. I just read about a sickening parallel with RL: Gang Abducts People to Drain Their Fat and Sell it to the Rich

(copied and pasted from the thread on part 1 where i accidentally posted this first)

Ummm, who is buying this "secret, rare human fat"? WOuld they like to purchase the rare stuff in my exotic "driveway"?

People, being killed, for cosmetic purposes only.
New low? Or same ****, new toilet? Rolling Eyes

Vor Nofos
Posted - 2009.11.21 19:54:00 - [40]

Originally by: Mashie Saldana
So this explains how pod pilots can change their portraits, which means I'm as guilty as Gilea then. Shocked

Actually, there's an artificial process as well which was presented in the first part :)

Posted - 2009.11.23 13:33:00 - [41]

Good read. Me likes.

Tara Maroo
Posted - 2009.11.25 04:30:00 - [42]

Awesome, I've never teken the time to read any of the EVE Chronicles. I may start after now :)

Hazel Lynn
Posted - 2009.11.25 12:30:00 - [43]

This story has just killed a tiny portion of my hope for mankind.

Studly McStudderson
Posted - 2009.11.26 17:11:00 - [44]

I thought it was going to turn out like the Orson Scott Card Story Fat Farm.

If you haven't read it, I recommend it. you can find it in Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show"

Sex Money Guns
Posted - 2009.11.27 00:21:00 - [45]

Excellent story Abraxas, possibly one of your best. The pacing and creepiness are perfect. I'm really looking forward to reading your book when Amazon get it back in stock.

Serenity Steele
Dynamic Data Distribution
Posted - 2009.11.27 22:21:00 - [46]

Excellent story, I really like the writing style. Reminds me very much of the book Spares by Michael Marshall Smith., although your writing style is more Grim.

This was the first chronicle I've read in about 5 years .. good starting point, I'll have to go back and read part one!

Tyrone Bighams
Tactical Command Sector
Posted - 2009.11.27 23:43:00 - [47]

ohgod. creepy as anything. good story though.

Terra Mikael
Horizon Dynamics
Posted - 2009.11.28 03:02:00 - [48]

She didn't want that face anyway

Posted - 2009.11.28 22:42:00 - [49]

I think my character would appreciate a new face. He sure could use it. If he had any vanity that is.
Great read.

Isaac Starstriker
Frontier Venture
Posted - 2009.12.05 07:02:00 - [50]


^ that mostly

Good read, a bit creeped out and now I'm curious about your mental state (lol jk)


Anmaris Voeld
Posted - 2009.12.28 03:02:00 - [51]

Edited by: Anmaris Voeld on 28/12/2009 03:10:17
Great chronicle!

I think it's probably safe to say that we don't really know that governments (or at least all the governments) are behind the secret prisons and masked ones. The marketing guy Vertan did tell his client that the victims were government prisoners, and for all we know the prisoners themselves might think they are held in government custody, but who knows the truth of it.

It seems a little unlikely that four separate empires would develop nearly the same technique for dealing with forced-face transplants (only the shape and form of the masks differ). You'd think one might keep the victims on ice, another might kill them, still another might actually use operatives in their intelligence services to disguise spies, etc. The fact that the prisoners are basically given the same treatment and employed the same way - in cheap, unskilled labor, suggests some amount of coordination across empires.

It's more likely that a single corp or organized crime syndicate is behind this program. They might buy prisoners from government black sites, unscrupulous private prison operators, and corrupt local officials, some others might be kidnapped from pirate raids or bought from pirate groups, others might be pulled from the Amarrian slave trade, others might be sold to the syndicate by impoverished families, still others might have just been grabbed off the streets in some slum based on their attractiveness or some wealthy capsuleer's particular order.

The syndicate could certainly have good relationships with all the empires or even be controlled by one of them. They'd also have a network of "legit" public facing clinics plus good contacts in the capsuleer medical community.

IRL these things are always much more complicated than they appear....

Killskull Bonerot
Posted - 2010.01.10 09:23:00 - [52]

No wonder those "special container" courier missions pay so well.

Katsu Masanori
Posted - 2010.03.17 15:35:00 - [53]

Very strange. Never knew those ideas that are coming true now about face transplants would give rise to a story like this one.

Kavin Alavandar
Extropy Dianoetics
Posted - 2010.04.20 06:15:00 - [54]

Edited by: Kavin Alavandar on 20/04/2010 06:36:57

That's inefficient.

I'd like to introduce New Eden to self-replicating nanorobotics. It may have heard of it. An order of magnitude faster, cheaper, safer and more humane for any possible task, including cosmetic surgery. Just saying. No reason to rip faces off.

Though I suppose the implication of the first part is that this is done for the client's 'thrill' rather than because the same appearance couldn't be achieved by other means. Bleh.

Dereck Drebin
Posted - 2010.07.12 14:16:00 - [55]

Personally, I find it rather odd that a rich and (presumably) somewhat famous non-capsuleer is shelling out money to have her face replaced with that of a political prisoner. Not for the inherent moral implications, but rather the fact that the source of the "new" face is someone who, for whatever reason, is incarcerated for life. What sort of electronic records about both parties involved exist? What would need to be altered to reflect this cosmetic surgery? Could someone who underwent such a "transfer" be mistakenly arrested for the crimes of their "donor"?

Also, a concern specifically related to capsuleers. Although the artificial facial modification is not as much of a problem, I wonder how the issue of cloning will be handled. If a capsuleer were to have their face grafted in this manner, the tissue would not represent their DNA, thus the new face would remain with the old body upon pod breach, or even a clone jump. Therefore, the best option for capsuleers would be artificial modification, by which all clones can be updated, perhaps even at the genetic level.

Even so, this is quite a disturbing story. Perhaps this sort of story mechanic can be incorporated into in-game missions, as in a kill mission where the objective is to destroy an illegally operated prison colony or underground cosmetic facility (or both). Not necessarily for morality's sake, but rather that these facilities are unregistered with the authorities and/or their operation cuts into the profits of the corporation that hires you to destroy them. The applications to Incarna, however, are obvious, so those go without mentioning.

Adecus Horizon
Posted - 2010.09.08 12:44:00 - [56]

Hearing a story like this makes me want eve to march a fleet to save the harmed slaves and destroy the facilities that do those ops. It adds an interesting morality driven side to the game. Brilliant story.

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