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Mr Pikey
Posted - 2009.11.10 18:52:00 - [1]

One of the complaints I’ve seen in the major thread about Dominion is the lack of thought given for corporations trying to settle in 0.0 and other corporations in the outer regions of space trying to move stuff ™ to and from Empire. Also a re-occurring complaint is ‘what is our isk we pay to get sov in a system being spent on’.

I suggest an NPC free transport fleet of freighters.

It would work like this;
Each corporation would have to designate 2 pilots to handle the logistics, one in 0.0 and one in Empire.
Each pilot would have to purchase and train a new skill called ‘Freighter management’.
This skill would allow said pilots to load and unload the freighter when docked, it could also be linked to a ‘distance factor’ so each skill level allows the freighter to travel into lower security systems until at skill level 5 it might be able to travel to a destination in low sec.

Each corporation would have to purchase a ‘Free Trade Docking Unit’ to attach to the Infrastructure Hub.
The FTDU would have to be deployed, and on-lined to work. Once the FTDU had been on-lined for a set time (hours, days whatever) one (1), NPC freighter would dock at the unit.

However many FTDU’s are purchased, only one can be deployed in a system, you can only have one freighter per corporation (subject to the level 5 upgrade later).

Each freighter can only carry GSC’s and can only carry a maximum of 3 containers (stops corporations from exploiting this and shipping ships and big stuff ™ to 0.0).

A level one upgrade will allow you to carry one GSC in the hold, level 2 two containers and level 3 the full three containers, but, at level one the return journey cannot be started for 3 days after loading, level 2 two days and level 3 one day, at level 4 the return journey starts as soon as loaded.

At level 5 the corporation can purchase an Extended FTDU which will cost an arm and both legs, but will allow the corporation the use of two (2) freighters.

So your FTDU is up and on-line, your freighter is docked, what happens next.
Your designated pilot fills the can with stuff ™ for Empire, he then right clicks the freighter pilots name in the station guest list and from the context menu selects ‘load freighter’. The can is then moved from the corporation’s hanger into the freighters hold.
Next from the same menu he will ‘Set destination’ (must be in Empire above 0.5) to where you want the freighter to arrive and after the appropriate delay the freighter will depart and fly ‘gate to gate’ along your chosen route into Empire, it will dock at the closes station to the last gate it passes and if close to downtime will dock at any station (friend to all) until downtime is passed (it will wait one hour from TQ Start-up to undock, just in case).

The freighter is either, not targetable and so cannot be destroyed, or could be made so hard it would take a big gang to destroy it (remember all the freighters will look the same so you could be destroying your own freighter lol).
On arrival the pilot in Empire would fly to the station and using his skills reverse the above to unload the cargo. What you do with the cargo is up to you this is only about transporting it. The pilot would then fill a new container and send the freighter back to the FTDU.

Each container could be password protected and/or you could have a password protected cargo hold to prevent theft while in transit.
Using GSC’s will help prevent corporation from shipping large ships etc into or out of 0.0, you will still need a jump bridge network to do this and limiting the number of trips per week and amount carried should prevent overload on the server and exploitation by bigger corporations.

Also once a jump bridge is installed in a constellation the FTDU(s) in that constellation will (all) stop working until the bridge is taken down or destroyed, so the Free Trade freighter cannot dock.

If you deploy more than one FTDU in a constellation (remember only one per system) the freighter will dock at it’s home FTDU and wait 8 hours, if no-one loads it, it will undock and fly to the next FTDU dock and wait again for 8 hours and so on, flying to each in turn until loaded and given a destination. It might be best if this roaming is limited to a single constellation.

This suggestion would make a case for ‘this is what you get for your isk’, allow small corporations as part of a small alliance to ship small amounts to and from Empire, I’m thinking of refining materials to Empire, ammo, skill books, fittings etc back to 0.0 and mitigate the distance factor for a corporation out in the back of beyond who need to get stuff ™ transported ‘on the cheap’ to/from Empire. The small everyday bits and bobs it’s not worth using a jump freighter to transport.
Arranged this way it could also grow with the corporation and not be exploitable by an alliance as only a corporation could set this up.

Thoughts anyone?

Rhinox Heavy Industries
Twilight Military Industrial Complex Alliance
Posted - 2009.11.10 18:57:00 - [2]

My thought is that NPC haulers can be killed in high sec with essentially no repercussions...

Mr Pikey
Posted - 2009.11.10 19:00:00 - [3]

The freighter is either, not targetable and so cannot be destroyed, or could be made so hard it would take a big gang to destroy it (remember all the freighters will look the same so you could be destroying your own freighter lol).

That was the reason I put this bit in Wink

Ace Adventure Corp
Posted - 2009.11.10 19:03:00 - [4]

Kinda no. Not in favor of invulnerable haulers. Or, really, vulnerable NPC haulers. The whole points of moving in and out 0.0 is that its dangerous.

The SOV tax goes to paying the peons (NPC non capsuleers in the background) who run your stations, mine your moon goo, etc. You didn't honestly think magic unicorns did it for free did you?

Aurelius Valentius
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2009.11.10 21:00:00 - [5]

So what I should do in light of a FTDU option is
1. Self-Destruct my Providence
2. Stop trying to be a professional hauler for corporations, and the networking and the cooperative game play, and the building of references to "try" to get people to use a service I am offering, since most will not seem to use haulers.
3. Forget about team MMO play and simply Solo-Greif play in EVE as it is the only truly solo-option after people make everthing have an NPC option to get a task done.

NO, this is a very bad idea for EVE, if nothing more then for the sake that 0.0 being openned up should make people have to cooperate to achieve goals, CCP should make sure that nothing, NOTHING, can be done in dominion 0.0 solo, that would be the great undoing of the upgrade. People have to be forced to move from the idea of "solo" single player play to "group" play where survival is dependent on your mates and your ability to work with others - not be a shut-in trying to play single player style in a multiplayer game.

Kell Braugh
Dawn of a new Empire
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.11.11 21:35:00 - [6]

Luckily, its an idea so absurd and unbalanced that even CCP wouldn't ever implement it... maybe.


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