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Veto Corp
Posted - 2004.11.04 23:27:00 - [31]


I just received the points where GSC sues EVE Radio on:

1: We accuse EVE Radio of being responsible of broadcasting a low quality mp3 stream which no one in their right minds would assume to be high quality CD rips which he then continues to rip off the stream and spread around the internet using a peer to peer program.

2: We accuse EVE Radio of bringing free commerciality to our clients songs through 24/7 broadcasting to about 300 people at peak times, which is a huge infringement on the "we want free commerciality rule" and brings us hundreds of dollars of profit.

3: We accuse EVE Radio of being responsible for the fact that we can't prove that they use illegal music records at all, and so we have to sue them because we want to shut down what ever proof we might get that says otherwise, seeing as this legal mumbo-jumbo is total wackness itself in the matter of us being total ****s in a way that ****es most poeple off for their total lack of respect for volunteer work that keeps a few hundred people entertained.


Now, could someone tell me which player had the audacity to get EVE Radio this treatment? Or is that GSC collaboration going to say that they found this broadcast in total coincidence? A broadcast which is only listened to by a select group of people.

Can anyone see my point?

I'll put down 10 euros that those sollicitors are american.

Dalmont Delantee
Shiloh Technologies
Posted - 2004.11.04 23:30:00 - [32]

These people are sick, they are getting more money from sales of cd's and mp3's that eve radio actively 'tell' people to guy (got this from hmv online etc etc) the diversity of the music means that more people hear more bands/singers and mean they realise they like a whole new different type they never thought they would.

If I could swear on here I would be turning the air bright BLUE.

Eve-radio is an important part of EVE for me and would ruin my enjoyment of this game...

DJ Daddy
Posted - 2004.11.05 00:20:00 - [33]

It always annoys me when some rich group of idiots crack down on the little guys.

If we did pay these guys, they probably wouldn't even notice the difference in their bank balance. They probably spend 10x our monthly costs on a delivered sandwich lunch for their board meetings.

We peak at around 300 listeners, we don't get paid a cent for this (not even ISK) and the quality we broadcast at is hardly conducive to musical theft.

All the money we bring in is to keep the servers running, so we can entertain Eve players (and ourselves, of course).

I find this situation annoying, because I enjoy DJing for you guys (despite the fact I suck at it like Doby on Blades' teat) I enjoy giving away stupid amounts of ISK, and I enjoy enlightening you with some of the finest tunes the world has to offer. (Thank you Rolf Harris)

I hope we can get this sorted out, and I hope we don't have to cut back on quality or service to accomodate the undoubtedly ridiculous demands of these vultures/leeches.

Anyway, to end my post on a self-pimping note: Tune in on the 10th November 1900GMT to hear my Fanfest special, where I will be playing my awful travelog entries, and interviews with a couple of players and a handful of devs in various states of inebriation, and possibly me being insulting to various unnamed players. Hopefully, I'll be able to edit the huge wads of footage I have into something suitable for broadcast, but knowing me, I won't. We had some rather generous donators recently too, and I hope to be able to give out a rather well kitted out battleship during the show too, if I can think of a decent way of doing it, that doesn't involve me, a bottle of whiskey and a breathalyser.

Join in, and help me kick the arse out of Blades and Doby's highest listener counts Very Happy I promise to play a couple of good tunes, too. Wink

Electus Matari
Posted - 2004.11.05 00:21:00 - [34]

I hope you guys get this straightned out, this is total crap. I have only listened in a few times, but it is still a nice thing that you guys (and gals) do.

Originally by: Reiisha

I'll put down 10 euros that those sollicitors are american.
And as for you.....screw off.... Evil or Very Mad I get tired of folks that just LOVE to bash others for the sole sake of making themselves feel better.or whatever the hell gets your twisted mind off....Rolling Eyes

Rinny Wee
Posted - 2004.11.05 00:35:00 - [35]

Please don't turn this into a "omg American lawyers are such scum" argument, it's pointless and I'll get snarky. And FYI, I believe the law firm involved were British, not that it makes any freaking bit of difference where they're from, the point is they're trying to milk us for cash and/or shut us down.

Let's focus on the essentials, guys.

Guiding Hand Social Club
Dystopia Alliance
Posted - 2004.11.05 00:47:00 - [36]

You guys know we're behind you :)

Posted - 2004.11.05 00:59:00 - [37]

Lawyers suck.

Disclaimer; im inteligent, but as educated as a chimp in these regards.

So say they continue being all shirty. Bow down in awe at thier legalese, then route it through some country with less laws than mars.

Aye's to the right?


Empire of Destiny
Posted - 2004.11.05 01:40:00 - [38]

Sad, very sad. Corporate greed will not stop until all things we love are attached with a royalty fee. I don't think it matters what nationality these GSC meatheads are, they're the lowest form of life as far as I'm concerned.

But hey let's not stop at shutting down non-profit internet radios, don't forget about all those ppl that sing at Karaoke night, or sing in the shower, or hum when waiting for a bus. They must be costing the industry billions alone, after all they are infringing on copyright material. I just can not sleep at night knowing that ppl are stealing music from those starving Record Labels and Artists. How will they eat?


There is no Justice in this world if you shutdown! Evil or Very Mad

EVE-Radio I give you mad props for all the entertainment you have provided, the DJ who put their time in the best MMOG radio ever, and if you do shutdown, I won't forget. Laughing

Posted - 2004.11.05 02:27:00 - [39]

It doesnt have to mean end of eve radio. In case its about some copyright issue. then just stop playing that artist songs (who sued). Most of artists dont mind if their songs are played in net radio and lot of new artists actually hope making name for themself if their songs are played in net radios.

I say find out who sued and why and stop playing his lame *** music, so we dont have to listen him.

Kamikazee Joe
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2004.11.05 02:53:00 - [40]

Tis probly all the Tallica i request, Lars is not a happy camper!!! Very Happy

Posted - 2004.11.05 10:33:00 - [41]

Edited by: Nyphur on 05/11/2004 10:42:17
Originally by: Rinny Wee
Let's focus on the essentials, guys.

Right. Have a peek at this:

EDIT: I removed my reccomendation of Live365 after reading their Pricing scheme and Terms of Service. It's an absolute joke...

Posted - 2004.11.05 11:36:00 - [42]

Best get this one nailed down fast in case you get slapped with a massive legal bill amounting to hundreds of thousands. Some legal firms charge 1500.00 per hour so that could be a legal fee of 12k per day and you will have to pay them if you lose the case.
If it is dragged over months or even years this could utterly ruin you and result in homes being repossessed and other assets taken by bailiffs to recover the legal fees.

what country are you in/operating eve radio from ? And see yer lawyers as fast as possible.

freelancers inc
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2004.11.05 12:08:00 - [43]

its just sad that some ppl would try to stop a group of internet gamers (nerds) from listening to music while playing a game....its all about 1 if the blood sucking lawyers and there virus host the record companys dont have enough money .... sad world we live in Sad

Freedom Confederation
Posted - 2004.11.05 12:36:00 - [44]

Edited by: Rustbucket on 05/11/2004 12:39:47
Like all these things, people see people having fun
and then try and put a stop to it. Its a tribute to eve radio for what a fantastic job they do and how professional these people are that do it for free an d the good of all of us here.

I hope some of the professional radio stations will give eve radio some advice over this properly, so that the DJ of the future and turn the tables and we can enjoy there brilliant music. Maybe they could get sponsored by these raido companies who knows.

When some adminstrator shows and cries it just show how good they have become.

There is a lot of new up and coming bands in europe that would cry for a slot on eve radio and im sure they would not be worried about any copyright issues about there own content just be glad to get on air to a big audiance.

Slacker Industries
The Boat Violencing Initiative
Posted - 2004.11.05 13:38:00 - [45]

Can you at least let us know which recording label (or whatever other business) is behind all of this? Just so we can make damn sure not to buy any of their stuff from now on Twisted Evil

Dalmont Delantee
Shiloh Technologies
Posted - 2004.11.05 13:53:00 - [46]

I've just realised I'll be right near the solcitiors on Tuesday...I might leave a little message outside their door..a nice steaming one. *innocent whistle*

Posted - 2004.11.05 15:32:00 - [47]

maybe you could play nothing but Doby specials.. there's nothing illegal about that Razz

IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.11.05 15:54:00 - [48]

Originally by: Soren
maybe you could play nothing but Doby specials.. there's nothing illegal about that Razz

There should be, tbh. Laughing

Posted - 2004.11.05 16:23:00 - [49]

I broadcasted on for two years. They handle all of the royalty issues for you, which eliminates a major headache.

Their pricing is competitive, especially considering the face that the fees include the royalties. Play what you want and you'll never get one of these "cease and desist" letters.

The Live365 fee could be easily defrayed by donations from listeners, which is allowed under the Live365 Terms of Service.

I highly recommend them.

Rinny Wee
Posted - 2004.11.05 16:28:00 - [50]

Thank you for the suggestion, Wormfoot, it will be added to the growing list of ideas. As for which record company are doing this, I don't have that information and tbh, I am not even certain it's a record company.

I will endeavour to get some more information asap and update you all.

Kitten Hearder
Posted - 2004.11.05 16:29:00 - [51]

And in other news "Fun" has been outlawed.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.11.05 17:22:00 - [52]

Edited by: OffBeaT on 05/11/2004 17:26:48
GSC are just the name of the solicitors (Who specialise in broadcasting law) who are acting on behalf of a client.

Tell them too kiss your ass and like it..
i wish i owned eve radio. i tell them im already in debt and take a number. there just bs-ing you. i say they wont sew..

The Littlest Hobos
En Garde
Posted - 2004.11.05 17:26:00 - [53]

Check this site out.

I read about this a few years ago. Basically this guy bought an old World War II British gun platform off the coast of Britain, but just inside International Waters. The British government then tried to extend their territory and annex him, forcing him to obey all UK laws. He took them to the courts and successfully won the case, claiming they were effectively invading etc, and was granted status as a sovereign state, known as Sealand.

He set up the platform as a web server and offers space to people looking to avoid any Imperial....*cough*....British entanglements.

Might be a solution to your issues: no restrictions, still close to UK and hopefully better service and equipment reliability than basing in a far away riskier country.

Eve Radio Corporation
Posted - 2004.11.05 18:07:00 - [54]

Urghh, someone said Live365.

I actually started my 'net broadcasting through them and stuck it out for a couple of years before it all became too unmanageable. Without going into details, an operation live Eve Radio would not work within Live365's infrastructure.

And the first person to suggest I'll crucify on tuesday.

PinK Tac0 ReasearcH
Posted - 2004.11.05 18:24:00 - [55]

We in the EVE community will just have to start submitting our own homemade songs. Maybe I'll dust off my guitar tonight and think of some lyrics while getting it back in tune or something.

"and number one this week, for the 4th straight week, is Dirtball with Your Momma Flys A Bestower"

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2004.11.05 21:15:00 - [56]

lol dirtball - i'd play it :)

Posted - 2004.11.05 21:45:00 - [57]

I hope you win, and you should. After all you're making no profit here.

Port Royal Independent Kontractors
Posted - 2004.11.05 21:59:00 - [58]

im sure there plenty of EVE-Radio listeners that have some....errrm.......interesting skills............ i wonder what GSC could do if they didnt have working computers Twisted Evil but of course it would be illegal, so forget i said anything Wink

Canthus Prime
Posted - 2004.11.05 23:37:00 - [59]

A suggestion to CCP.

There was talk of m0o being made a new npc pirate corp, forget that, how about GSC pirate corp ? That way we could could shove a salvo of torps up their fat money grabing a@@@@@@@s.

Dust Puppy
Posted - 2004.11.06 00:26:00 - [60]

Well this sucks Sad

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